Daily Check In January 12, 2019

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Re: Daily Check In January 12, 2019

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good late afternoon all,

Last night, I used my $5 off Home Depot coupon to get more termite poison stakes. I calculated I would need more to finish the house perimeter. When I was there I saw evergreen bushes that looked very nice. But I must be careful of big box store plants. Many times they won't grow in Florida. So I came home and checked and yes, they will. These are called Arizona cypress. They form huge Christmas tree trees and grow rapidly. They are more resistant to cypress diseases than some of the popular cypress. They are short lived, about 20 years. But then I won't last much pass that myself. And they grow rapidly. So I went back today and bought 2. That was all I could get in my car. As I surveyed their future location on the hedge line between my house and the neighbor, I noticed there was ugly black mold growing on her outside a/c unit and wall. I called her, but she seemed unconcerned. She was out shopping and she would look at it when she got home. She didn't thank me. She is a snowbird and I don't know her very well. But she just seems a bit rude in my opinion. Her back fence blew down during Hurricane Irma. She blamed my compost pile that was against my adjacent fence. I briefly considered going haves with her on a new property line fence. But after she blamed me, I decided it was best to keep my old chain link and mind my own business.

It is a lovely day here in Florida and a great day to rake leaves. I can get 8 to 10 32 gallon trash cans full of leaves from the south front yard and ditch about every 2 weeks. And there are still leaves hanging on. Wow. I leave the leaves in the back yard for the birds to hunt bugs under. The big tree in front of the house is still full of leaves and may not drop for a couple of months.

Yesterday, I worked on the back patio and I did the same today. I am ready to fill the area with marble chips.

Today, I am grateful for this lovely day. have a good evening all

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Re: Daily Check In January 12, 2019

Post by colonialgirl »

Hi all -
We are snowed in cozy and warm. Our direct tv is offline because of the storm. Like Janet - if it is snow on the dish - well it is 22 feet in the air - so that is the way it goes.

We are watching some movies I have taped. Upset I am missing the playoff games. I didn't sleep well last night so didn't get up to get my chili on So I think I will make spaghetti. If I don't do that - we will probably make pancakes and eggs and bacon.

Any Aldi's shoppers - have you tried their buttermilk pancake mix? It is da bomb. It makes the best pancakes I have ever had - better than homemade and all you add is water. OMGosh they are so good. Better than my homemade and even better than my mama's. I grabbed some for a quick breakfast at Xmas time and I bought 3 more boxes yesterday for use and the pantry.

Well no news here - so I better get started on - well nothing. Have a great evening all!

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Re: Daily Check In January 12, 2019

Post by alliesmama4 »

MackerelCat wrote:
Sat Jan 12, 2019 3:47 pm
Janet, do you have any leftover potty pads you could put down for Teddi? That is admirable training he has!

Our corgi did not like snow. Even five inches was too much for him and his stubby legs.

The handymen finished with the new chimney cap today, so the house is dry and back in one functioning unit. The final cost was $2,800 -- eeeyow. But it was a huge job and they even cleaned the mahogany paneling when they finished. Our living room ceiling will never collapse again!

We will be frugalizing a couple of notches upward for a while.
Teddi came potty trained.. Poor baby use to spend up to 11 to 13 hours in a crate. I do not know how he could hold things as long as he did. Here he is allowed to go out every couple of hours up to bed time for him at 10:30 PM. I did shovel out an area by the driveway near where he goes at night and he went out.. However we have had more snow since then. I will just keep a spot open for him to go to . He is really good about not going in the house except twice when he first came here and I left him out of his crate while I was gone. Janet Alliesmama

Good to hear you house is repaired but ouch on the cost. Janet Alliesmama
Janet Alliesmama

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Re: Daily Check In January 12, 2019

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Where did the day go? I have been fairly busy today as I had let my laundry get behind and even tho I don't like to do any housework on the weekends it was bothering me so I did it today. The last load of towels are in the dryer so that's off the agenda.

It's rained all day so couldn't get outside to do anything, but have enjoyed the crackling fire on my den TV that I get from youtube with jazz music playing. They have so many relaxing video's that play for hours, like the crackling fireplace, falling snow, blizzards, softly falling rain, wave sounds from the beach and thunderstorms. I probably enjoy that most about my ROKU box. My master bedroom is at one end of my home and the den is on the other end and I like to put the same video on in both rooms and I can hear it all over the house. With my essential oils diffusers emitting their wonderful smells, I am totally relaxed.

I am having sweet & sour green beans, chicken cutlet and mashed potatoes for dinner tonight. I decided tonight that instead of waiting for a 3 oz piece of chicken breast to thaw that I will start tenderizing the pieces before I freeze them. I buy the larger chicken breast and cut them into the size I want them before freezing, but if I will use my meat tenderizer before I can just take and bread them and toss them into the skillet frozen. Sometimes, it takes awhile for the light bulb to come on.

Since every piece of clothing that I own is clean for a change, I'm going to begin next week by decluttering things that I don't wear and take them to GoodWill. I feel so good when my house is organized. I have several name brand, really nice pieces that have hardly been worn that I will take to the consignment shop or maybe will sell on E-bay. I don't have any experience selling clothing on E-bay, but I will look at some ads to see what all I need to put into an ad.

Next week will be a busy week with two Dr. appointments, but I will be glad to get them out of the way, hearing test and dental visit. I have such a good dentist until I really don't dread a visit with her. I mailed my form today to get my $50.00 WalMart gift card from my insurance provider for having my 360 Checkup last week.

You all know I love my knitted dishcloths, but I was at DollarTree the other day and I bought one of their dishcloths because it had a net backing and thought I would try it. I love it, it is light weight, good for scrubbing and also it dries quickly. $1.00 well spent. Sometimes, after knitting a dishcloth I think it's so pretty until I don't want to use until I have company or to give as a housewarming gift.

Hope everyone has a great week-end and those of you in the snow area's stay safe and warm.

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Re: Daily Check In January 12, 2019

Post by Mrscreative »

Just popping by to wish Gayle a very Happy Birthday!🎂🍰🎈

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Re: Daily Check In January 12, 2019

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Yes I buy that pancake mix, I also buy their buttermilk and use it instead of water. I also use it to make buttermilk biscuits. I love my Aldi's.

just back from supper at dads, beef stew, breaded tomatoes, salad and biscuits...it was so good. The leftover stew is going to be the basis for veg soup later this week. I am determined o get every bit of taste and value out of the food I buy. I could just eat beef stew warmed over but dad doesn't eat leftovers...I have to make them into something else.

I think we got between 6 to 8 inches of snow today, it looks real pretty , plowing and shoveling are done for now, but with this wind there is some drifting already.
So far my satellite is still hanging in so an evening of mindless TV watching.

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