Daily Check In January 15, 2019

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Re: Daily Check In January 15, 2019

Post by itspennyc »

I have dresses in the washer, my dishwasher is going.

I think I have everything gathered that I will need to pack for the night at My daughter’s.

I have a different bag packed for the surgical center. Mostly medical history, medication list, meds and my iPad. And of course my bunny.

My daughter is planning to be here at 11 am. I need to be at the Surgical center at 1 pm. But I need to go to the library first to renew my card. It expires this week.

I edited the pattern for the penguin, I won’t be able to try the changes I made for a week or so. Time will tell.

I think he came out very cute.


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Re: Daily Check In January 15, 2019

Post by LWolfT »

Good morning ....

It's 27 ... looks like we had some light snow overnight. Also some chance of freezing drizzle this morning ...

Woke up about 2 a.m. ... could have sworn I head the doorbell. I didn't hear it again, so went back to sleep. Snow around the front door/sidewalk wasn't disturbed. Very strange ... hoping it was just a dream.

Thoughts with Jackie and Penny today ...

Did get one set of my Christmas napkins cut out, so just need to hem them. Will have enough material left over to use in my tree skirt project. (Found a modified log cabin pattern that I want to try.)

Mostly household chores today ... got through most of the dishes last night, but still some things to clean up. Mount Washmore is rising again. Have a pineapple to be cut up, too.

Libby, I have a question for you. Think you've mentioned doing the order online/pickup at Walmart. Do they actually bring the food out in those blue tote bags? If so, do you get to keep them? We see the ads on TV and just wondered.

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Re: Daily Check In January 15, 2019

Post by clemencia2us »

Chilly grey morning. Slept well. The pups behaved and didn't wake me up too many times.

Going to do a couple of little chores such as clean the fridge.

I did lots of laundry yesterday. Almost didn't put it away, but I forced myself to do that :mrgreen:

Still in pajamas and starting my second cup of coffee.

I miss the Christmas movies on Hallmark. Its back to the usual detective shows. But then I will probably start loving those too

Have a great day all

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Re: Daily Check In January 15, 2019

Post by MackerelCat »

Safe travels and prayers for a good outcome, Jackie and Penny.

I am taking a short break at work to drink some orange juice and enjoy the temporary quiet. Need to go the bank later, but for the moment I am caught up.

Discovered that I need computer glasses as well as reading glasses, so I have to make a call to the optical shot. The optometrist, who I had never seen before, didn't ask me what I do for a living and they were very busy that day. You live, you learn, and sometimes it costs a bit!

DH and I did get a whopping $285 back from insurance after spending $2,800 to repair the ceiling and chimney damage to our house. We had a terrible time getting the adjuster to turn in his report and are really dissatisfied with the service.

After all that, it's been a frugal week. It's the coldest part of winter here, so we're happy to stay home and save money. :-D

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Re: Daily Check In January 15, 2019

Post by rinty »

Prayers said for Jackie. x

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Re: Daily Check In January 15, 2019

Post by rinty »

floridacatlover wrote:
Tue Jan 15, 2019 7:27 am
Jackie, safe travels and I hope that everything goes well.

I’m up early for me because I’m meeting a friend for tea. This is the friend who invited me for Christmas dinner. I have all her “leftovers” containers to return, also.

Later this morning I’ll meet the lawnmower service guy at mom’s house. I thought I would be able to put off the lawnmower issue until Spring but we’ve had such warm weather that the back yard will need cutting soon. I decided to try to get the lawnmower repaired before buying a new one. This service business is the one mom used and they pick up and deliver.

Because of the warm weather, the electric bills for my house and mom’s house were both under my budgeted amount. Between the two, the bills were $35 lower. I have only had to use the heat one day at my house, early in the season. I do have the heat on at mom’s house to take off the chill.

Today is Brexit day. The Prime Minister Theresa May will almost certainly lose the ‘meaningful vote’ of her negotiated deal by a lot and then no one knows what will happen to Britain’s plan to leave the EU. The vote is at 2 p.m. (7 p.m. London time) so I may be home to watch. I’m still a PolySci student at heart.

Have a good day.
FCL I wish I wasn't working today so I could be outside parliament with a placard..............just going to throw some laundry in the machine then sitting in front of the TV news.......

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