Daily Check in January 19, 2019

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Re: Daily Check in January 19, 2019

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Good afternoon all,

A beautiful Florida day here. Last one for awhile, they say. Friday, the handyman was supposed to come over and put in some cheap windows on the south side of the screened porch. The wind out of the south in the summertime is usually hot and since the south end of the porch is going to be my summer cooking area, I don't need a hot wind. However, he didn't show up. His lady friend was going to a procedure, nerve burning in her back in the morning and he imagined he would be over here in the afternoon. I asked him to call when he was on his way. No call, so I expect the procedure was more extensive than they imagined. Well, I rushed around and raked leaves and moved things so that he would have easy access. Well, it is done and all of my trash cans are full of leaves again, ready for next week's pickup.

I got to talk to my deployed son via Skype. He likes being deployed. He sounds happy. His happiness made my day happier.

Today, I will take a walk with hubs. He is now post op 4 days and his eye looks quite good. It may get close to 80F and light winds, so a good time to catch a bit of vitamin D sunlight. Later, I will remove the shutters from the north windows for some air flow. Tonight, rain and then tomorrow, I will put them back up as the cold weather seeps back in. I plan to add some more rocks to the patio area in the back and maybe mow a bit of grass. See how that goes. Home all day, so no spending, frugal day.

Today, I am grateful for this warm day. I love living in a warm climate. Have a good day everyone.

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Re: Daily Check in January 19, 2019

Post by littlemiss63 »

alliesmama4 wrote:
Sat Jan 19, 2019 10:56 am
Libby I love your tablescape. I use to love to do things like that back in the day when I could entertain. We use to have a luncheon periodically for our former stroke/nuero patients to return so that we could see how they were doing. Myself and Sister Stephanie use to do the table decorations and I loved doing it. I love the idea of switching out the themes on things with stickers from Dollar Tree. I will have to look in to that. I usually just go there for food and household stock up items and the occasional card. Enjoy your friends and your luncheon. Janet Alliesmama
Janet, I hope the idea of the stickers work out for you. I inherited my Mother's round white milk glass pedestal cake plate when she passed away and I just finished putting a row of the red felt hearts, with the rhinestones in them around the edge where I'm going to serve my cheesecake from and I think it's adorable.

I threw away the package count, but I think there were around 30 pink and red ones in the package for a $1.00 and you can't beat that for decorating. I put some on an apothecary jar in the living room, on my white lanterns in the den. and the glass utensil holder for the buffet table, $.25 per item. I've done this before for St. Patrick's Day and Christmas and they are easy to remove and toss after you no longer need them. It's possible I guess that you could save them and put on a piece of wax paper to reuse. I may try that with these cute felt rhinestone hearts, I think the glitter ones would be to flimsy to save. Will try that this year. The felt ones were of such good quality I don't know how they afford to sell them for a $1.00.

I found Mr. B a really cute Valentine Card there too for $.50.

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Re: Daily Check in January 19, 2019

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G'd day frugal families!

The white stuff has arrived and things are starting to look snow covered out there. My town is on the fringe of the storm so the forecast is for about 4 in. The track is just south of the lake and a few miles is making a difference in the amount as suggested. Here near Toronto 4 in; Buffalo not far away is expecting 12 in. It's a warm indoor day and I think most people are staying in; there's little traffic out there. I know it's cold 'cause I can see the furnaces working overtime.... exhaust from pipes on roofs.

My volunteer job gave me butter chicken, rice and salad for leftovers so that will be dinner tonite. Till then, I'm crocheting on the baby blanket with Downton Abbey on to listen to in the background. There might be a brief nap in there sometime due to my sleep being interrupted last night. The snow clearing contractor's noisy vehicle woke me at midnight while he put down salt on the parking lot and sidewalks and I didn't sleep again til 3.

I'm feeling pretty thankful today that I have all that I need and want right now Contentment comes in retirement. Being frugal helped to get me here.
'til later,

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Re: Daily Check in January 19, 2019

Post by rinty »

Well, I'm in a foul mood here.

Frustrated for DD ( who uses private healthcare BTW) Second op needed and she will be in hospital all weekend at least. DGK very upset. I had suggested we take DGK somewhere and DH thought not........shame as he needed the distraction. I'll come up with something tomorrow.

Snuggling with DGK now, need to make dinner in a minute.

Prince Philip has been seen driving today (TODAY!!!) because he is a moron and his minions obs haven't got the guts to take his keys away. But you can ask me how I really feel about Royal Entitlement if you like.............

Brexit drug stockpilers causing problems...........for no reason.........mindless. One of the main drugs being stockpiled is fluoxetine ( Prozac ) Give me strength.

Brexit in all its forms. Not impressed with parliament trying to highjack democracy frankly.

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Re: Daily Check in January 19, 2019

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Hello everyone,

I laid in bed a while this morning until I got a text fro DDIL saying that DGS5 wanted to visit with me today. His Daddy was working a side job So they came up. played for about an hour then we met the Great-grandparents for lunch and came back and played a bit at my house until the little one was so tired he was unable to keep his eyes open.

My area is still above the freezing mark but it is raining steadily. It is supposed to turn to freezing this evening. Then the Arctic cold comes in tomorrow night.

Have a great day,

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Re: Daily Check in January 19, 2019

Post by floridacatlover »

Hello again.

LWolfT, I’m happy to hear about your health insurance.

Rinty, (((Hugs))) for your DD.

I’m home from genealogy club. The speaker was so-so but I loved the tour of the genealogy library. A number of years ago, all of the libraries in our county decided to centralize the genealogy resources at one library. In addition, there are many resources provided by the genealogy society. He said it is the third largest genealogy collection in Florida. The focus is on U.S. states east of the Mississippi but they do have some Canadian resources. There is a small section on New Brunswick that I’ll check out before my trip in the summer.

I did run into Dollar Tree for the birthday card. This is a larger DT. I looked at the $1 cards (big spender) and was very impressed with the number of “friend” cards. They were Hallmark and the envelopes were good quality. (I specifically checked this after Ohjodi’s warning.)

Good luck to all of you facing frigid weather.

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