Daily Check In October 13, 2015

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Daily Check In October 13, 2015

Post by Jackielou »

Good morning frugalites

Off to get some coffee after getting rid of well, you all know what. Need to wake up a bit more. Talk to you all in a few minutes.


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Re: Daily Check In October 13, 2015

Post by Vaeagen »

Good morning all,
Back to work today after the 3 day week end. Yesterday we took dmil to the neurologist for her Alzheimer's check up. The Doc was fine but the crazy red tape of the medical insurance is just a killer. That is all for another time...and it ended well. Dh heard of another Rx that is a patch that dmil might be able to tolerate w/o stomach upset. So she will try that. Not that any of the med.s really do much, they can't slow the progress of the disease but will just make what function she has work better. I guess it is better than nothing but that is all it is. I hold out little hope that it will do much. She still functions well in her daily life so I am grateful for that but I know we are entering a very long and very dark tunnel.

Today, dh, dfil, dmil and dd are travel on a day trip to Conn to see a dear friend of dmil. She really can't do an overnight trip (her choice, I think she would be too confused sleeping somewhere other than her own house). I am afriad that this maybe that last time she sees this friend in person as I don't know how well she will be in the spring or next year at this time, when they normally visit. That leaves me and ds for dinner. We are both at work today and after ds has speech so we will be getting home about 5:3pm. Probably will put on hamburgers and eat leftover sweet potatoes that are in the fridge. I will also make up the meals for the rest of the week and continue sewing for craft fair and Halloween.

Hope all have a great day!


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Re: Daily Check In October 13, 2015

Post by Jackielou »

Good morning again

Brr, just above freezing outside today. It is going to be chilly delivering Meals on Wheels unless the temperature picks up a bit. Seems like I always get the colder days. Perhaps next year it is time for a change of date.

Today I am up early, mostly because I need to get a great deal done before I head out the door. So far I have done nothing but get rid of some pesky posters...

Frugality wise I hope to take my early morning walk even though it is very chilly. Just need to dress a bit warmer for the task. I think I may be moving my fall/winter wardrobe into my room very, very soon. Thinking this weekend as I should have gotten a few smaller tasks out of the way by then. I should be able to declutter it at the same time thus getting closer to the 750 items out of my home or recycled.

I hope to start a loaf of bread early this afternoon and still talking about food I plan on using up a bag of frozen turkey from our Thanksgiving meal. There will be leftovers of the meal I make, but those will be used up as well sometime later in the week.

The rest of the day will be spent working on the pj pants. Still have two pairs to sew, but I am hopeful of finishing them both very quickly. Once they are done it is quilt time!!!! Keep your fingers crossed that I complete everything that needs to be done this month.

As I said previously a bag of frozen turkey will be used to make our meal today. The turkey will be made into Turkey Tetrazzini, along with some sliced tomatoes and cucumbers should be enough to fill us up.

Today I am grateful that both the DSs came home for a bit and both made it safely home again.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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Re: Daily Check In October 13, 2015

Post by AnneX »

Good Morning

Had a very pleasant Thanksgiving Day with family yesterday. The colourful foliage was beautiful on the bus ride to my sister's town. It was warm enough to sit in my sister's garden, and there was good food and good company. my sister is hosting her book club this week, so I left her the remains of the cheeses, cookies and other nibbles I took

it's quite a bit chillier today. i'll layer up before i head out for Tai Chi. if my friend is there we'll go for coffee after. i'll come home for lunch and then go to Zumba.

Also need to go to the library to drop off some items and pick up a couple of holds and to the art store for some paper.

later today I will work on some art and listen to more of he audio book for my book club this week.

Take care,

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Re: Daily Check In October 13, 2015

Post by itspennyc »

I am feeling better today, I think I was feeling terrible because of the coming front. I hate being so weather sensitive.

Last night I started knitting a bear cub, it is the cub from the Mama Bear Cave in Super-Scary Mochimochi. I still need to knit the second i-cord for the other 2 legs.

I just spent half an hour cleaning up spilled coffee. It was only a little bit, but what a mess, it went over my TV remote, it stayed on the tray table, and best of all no where near my computer. I did have to rinse off my mouse pad. The mouse didn’t get it either.

I hope that is the excitement for the day. I had to rinse off all the coasters on the tray table to get the coffee off. I have lots of coasters, they are all from Dollar Tree, their coasters are nice, of course the pretty ones go fast.


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Re: Daily Check In October 13, 2015

Post by clemencia2us »

Slept well last night. Did have to get up a couple of times, but managed to stay in bed until after 8!

I did a lot yesterday, so doing minimal today. I pulled out a small tree that was not fulfilling its potential and a rosemary bush that I am just tired of. It had some dead parts and not growing in a nice shape. I've tried fixing it.

In their place I planted my Meyer's lemon tree. I'm getting all the plants off the porch. I hate watering them. Just one more to go. Then everything will be in one location close to one outside faucet. All plants will be fruit or veggie bearing.

I'm a little sore from all the sawing and digging. Had to cut through roots to get that tree out.

So relaxing today. Have a good one.

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