Daily Check In February 9, 2019

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Daily Check In February 9, 2019

Post by Jackielou »

Just starting us off this morning.

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Re: Daily Check In February 9, 2019

Post by Jackielou »

Good morning fellow frugalites,

Woohoo, it warmed up over night. It is now only -29C with wind chill values of only -38C. Things are looking up!!!

Today is going to be another stick close to home day. I am actually enjoying being able to get things done that have been put on the back burner for so long. My unfinished project pile is getting smaller, and I am crossing items off my goal list which makes me happy. It is also enabling me to use up my fabric stash (and truth be told some of my yarn stash as well). Since the beginning of this month I have been concentrating on fabric and yarn use it ups and seeing a bit of a dent (okay slight bit).

I made the apple turnovers/strudel yesterday, and is it ever tasty. It enabled me to use up a container of frozen apple pie filling from the basement and the phyllo pastry from the fridge freezer. I will post the recipe at some point today in the recipe folder.

Frugal happenings today will be the usual cooking from scratch here at home, using what is on hand (I have until the middle of next week to get the fridge freezer in order), using up where ever I can.

I am not sure if I will walk today as my one ankle is slightly sore and I don't want to aggravate it anymore. Perhaps resting it would be a good idea. Though if I walked a bit slower and for a shorter length of time it would probably do me some good.

Thinking of making some cookies today. I could freeze them and bring them out when DS comes home next weekend (weather permitting). I haven't made sugar cookies in a very long time and just might make those in the shape of hearts. Might even ice a few to use as a gift for Hubby.

The rest of the day will be spent as frugally as possible, doing the usual frugal things that I do.

Supper tonight will consist of a bag of frozen leftover chicken from the fridge freezer. I plan on making some kind of casserole. Better pull out the recipe books and see what new and interesting meal I can make.

Today I am grateful for warm coffee and time to enjoy it.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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Re: Daily Check In February 9, 2019

Post by Dgflorida »

Good Saturday morning,

Weather here in Florida is excellent and why I was so glad to come home after living in Texas for employment. Texas temperatures do go up and down a lot. A spring tease and a plunge back into winter. Thanks to the insulation and windows, the house stays at a nice house temperature all the time without the furnace. I am looking forward to seeing how it works in the summer and hopefully less ac use.

Cat is feeling poorly. She got this way last year about this time. The vet last year never figured out why, but gave her medication. I still have some of it, so I am giving it to her. It is to stimulate her appetite. I also have decongestant if her allergies act up. Maybe I should have started it sooner, but I wasn't sure that she wasn't eating somewhere else. We have a couple of people in the neighborhood who feed homeless cats. Well, do what I can. Glad the weather is so nice for her. She loves to sit in the warm sun.

Today is more leaf raking and yard work. I hope to get more done than the last few days. I may start using the outside fireplace. In the winter, it is too cold to be out there. In the summertime, too hot. But this is perfect weather to sit out and enjoy the evening without mosquitoes.

Doing Jackielou challenge on the pantry and freezer. I hope to have it mostly cleared by mid March and then a defrost. It is an old freezer and it is a manual defrost. Clearing out the canned goods from the last hurricane season stash. Most are near their expiration, so a good thing. I gave the still good canned fruit to my neighbor to take to her church pantry.

My knee is still improving. How weird that the cap popped out of place. Glad it popped back in. Well, I still don't feel up to ladder climbing, but everyday things are just fine.

Hubs is still waiting on a few more 1099 for the taxes. I expect that we will submit online, so it will be done and maybe he will stop worrying about it. Only a few more days of medication for hubs cataract eye.

Today, I am grateful for the beautiful Florida weather. Have a great day everyone.

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Re: Daily Check In February 9, 2019

Post by LWolfT »

Good morning ...
It's 10 degrees here, but the sun is out. We're supposed to get rain/snow/freezing rain tomorrow.
Last night we took a small road trip to a historic theater to see "Casablanca." (The theater's old enough that it probably showed the film when it first came out.) Anyway, a good crowd which appreciated the movie.

Today, I need to do a bit of shopping. We need eggs and milk and some odds and ends (maybe light bulbs if they aren't crazy-priced.)
Also need to get my dishwasher sorted ... it's not cleaning well. Sounds like jets may be clogged. Not sure how to get to the filter .... Anyone have any luck with the commercial dishwasher cleaners?

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Re: Daily Check In February 9, 2019

Post by floridacatlover »

Good morning all.

LWolfT, your trip to the historic theater sounds like fun. I still have not made it to the historic theater in my area.

Janet, how was Teddi’s vet visit?

Today I plan to go to a Depression glass show. I’ve been several times over the years. The dealers often have some of the 1940s china I collect, LuRay Pastels. I don’t need anything and I’m just going to look. I still have the three green Depression glass plates I put in my decluttering pile a year ago. Sigh. They are not worth much. I’ll put them in my car today and if by chance I think a dealer might be interested I’ll have them there. I know the patterns. The only Depression glass I really like are two fragile pink drinking glasses I use regularly in my bathroom and also Depresssion glass coasters which I use throughout my home.

I discovered a problem with my a/c. I noticed a wet spot on mulch near my front door. When the a/c is running it drips slightly from the roof. A clogged pipe I imagine. I wonder if this is due to sloppiness from the roof workers. Maybe not. My a/c is old. I’m just glad it is not dripping in my house but wonder if the pan might overflow. My air handler is in the attic. The a/c company will check it out Monday. I turned my a/c up from 78 to 80 so it won’t run as much.

Home Depot only had gallon-sized plumbago so I’ll check at Lowes on my way home from the glass show. I bought a switchplate for mom’s kitchen tile backsplash but was not happy with the selection so will again check Lowes.

Yesterday I moved furniture at mom’s house. One thing for sure is that older, wood furniture is heavy. It was just end tables that I moved but of course I moved one and was not happy and moved it back and then had to move the heaviest one (a doebox) a second time. Looks really nice now, however. The mom of an old boyfriend once hired a decorator who focused on “use what you have” moving furniture and accessories in new ways. This is my philosophy, at least for now.

Finally put TV cable on seasonal hold starting today. I’ll see if I miss it. I don’t think so and that will be $37/month saved.

Have a good day.

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Re: Daily Check In February 9, 2019

Post by alliesmama4 »

Good morning.. We have (12 F ) (11 C) with a wind chill of ( 4 F) (-16 C) with a wintry mix moving in around midnight.. Wolf we seem to share a similar weather pattern.

I wrote a daily yesterday but it disappeared.

Took Teddi to the vet yesterday. The vet did a careful exam but he did not indicate any pain.. I asked for her to check his spine with an x-ray and it was normal thank goodness. She did feel he has a slight subluxation of his knee in his left back leg. This is the leg my aide said she saw was crooked when he came back down from trying to jump up on his chair. She said he might have a soft tissue injury that is causing him a problem from time to time. So he is on a short course of doggie IBP. Also I will be putting him on glucosamine and condrotin which is for arthritis in humans but there is a doggie version. Just need to find the right product by price and effectiveness. It was over $230.00 for his eval, x-ray, and medicine but I am relieved that basically he is still a healthy little dog with time and treatment he should be ok.

We are expecting a wintry mix starting around midnight and I have everything I need for myself and Teddi except one RX at Walgreen's. I actually have enough on hand so not a problem but it was time to re-order. I will pick it up late morning and then head home. I am so glad I keep everything well stocked and do not have to make the mad dash to the grocery store like a lot of people do. They call this french toast weather since the first things to leave the shelves are bread, milk, and eggs... lol.

Have a good and frugal day everyone. Janet Alliesmama
Janet Alliesmama

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