Daily Check In February 9, 2019

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Re: Daily Check In February 9, 2019

Post by Mrscreative »

Good morning everyone,

Jackie, I'm glad it has "warmed" up for you! We're still pretty cold here too but at least lovely, bright sunshine for today. I do notice the days becoming much longer. Janet I am so happy there is nothing too wrong with Teddi, your precious little fur baby. And Floridacatlover, I can't help but be a bit envious of your heat! Our furnace has been on pretty much since I woke up. We turn it down to 17 C when we go to sleep at night.

This morning dh and I will be going to the gym. I always feel great afterwards - it's motivating yourself to go in the first place that's hard. Dh and I try to encourage each other.

In the afternoon I must go out to pick up some printer cartridges. This is the only expense I've had this month outside of groceries and routine household expenses. No avoiding those! I do think dh will have to replace our 28 year old snow blower pretty soon. He's been looking around for a well rated brand on sale. It's too much for him to be lifting that heavy snow up over his shoulders with the recent shoulder dislocation and I don't quite have the strength to lift it that high. This is a necessary expense and our old machine has served us well.

Have a relaxing day all!

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Re: Daily Check In February 9, 2019

Post by Jackielou »

I decided not to walk on the treadmill this morning. The ankle is not feeling that great, so today will be a day of rest from that frugal exercise. Still have to walk around the house, so will be getting a few steps in.

Off to work on my to do list (though it is a short one) and have decided to make cinnamon buns instead of a loaf of bread this morning.

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Re: Daily Check In February 9, 2019

Post by clemencia2us »

Another chilly day.

Don't think i will leave the house until mass time. There was a benefit i was going to attend, but they might not miss my money? I hope.

Question - is it wrong to not want to give? I am judging these people because they make bad money decisions? I feel guilty. But I see what happens when i do this and i see what they continue to do and i get mad.

So is it wrong to want to stick to helping animals?

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Re: Daily Check In February 9, 2019

Post by itspennyc »

It is a cold drizzly day. Today is shopping day. I have a much longer list than last week.

I bought a pork center cut roast. I have it in the oven for dinner this noon.

Most of my shopping was for basics. Like milk and eggs.


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Re: Daily Check In February 9, 2019

Post by LogicsHere »

Hi all,

Cold morning; temp says 28 degrees feels like 14; feels colder than even the days we had - windchill because it's so windy. Looks like a messy week as it shows 3 to 4 days this week with snow and/or rain.

Recently got letter about newspaper subscription saying they were dropping one of the best sections of the paper and increasing prices and adding more "global news" online. I'm now paying $33.50 a month for a Thursday to Sunday subscription. Thinking that it might be cheaper just to get Sunday paper delivered and the all access online, I checked the subscription rates. The rate shown in the paper is $32 a month and for what I currently have $54 a month. I apparently am "grandfathered" in as a many years subscriber. Guess I'll just keep what I have . . . it's not like I can't afford it. I could drop it altogether and just pick up the Sunday paper every week, but I guess I'm feeling just plain lazy. I don't spend my money on much else anyway.

Yesterday I put together a 3-week meal plan of dinners so far to take me through the end of the month. Today I will put them in the WW point worksheet I made up for myself for tracking. When I finish that, I can put in the other meals which is pretty much brunch as it's not often that I eat 3 meals a day.

I'm not big on NYC, but think I will take a look at what is playing in the theater. I mentioned to my nephew that I think he might enjoy it and he says he's never been. I looked at local theater but the only thing that I would seriously consider is "Newsies". At the end of this month, one of the local high schools is again allowing seniors to attend their dress rehearsal free of charge. They give a light supper and then the play. I went last year with my friend, Lois who is no longer in the picture for whatever reason (her choice, not mine), and had a nice time. But that won't stop me. I will definitely go unless of course it turns out that the weather is bad.

Supper tonight is going to be a slice of pizza and a salad. I bought 2 slices last night, but after finishing one thought it best not to stuff myself and I didn't want to leave just half a slice.

Not sure what I want to do today but have more than enough to keep me busy. Have a great day all.

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Re: Daily Check In February 9, 2019

Post by littlemiss63 »

Good Morning Everyone,

It's a beautiful sunny day and I'm enjoying it to the fullest, I didn't need the week-end to recuperate. I went to sleep about 7:30 last night and woke up at 8:00 this morning and I feel like a new person. Don't know when I have slept through the night like that, didn't even get up to go to the bathroom. Tells me that maybe hard work is good for us.

I have put away all my serving pieces and the two silver holders I wrapped in saran wrap as it definitely keeps them from tarnishing. As I was polishing the two pieces I had to laugh at a memory of the last time that I had a party using those pieces. Mom was here visiting with me after Daddy died and I was having a Christmas Open House. Mother never used profanity of any kind and she's sitting at the kitchen table polishing away and she said, "honey if this "dam" stuff belonged to me it would be sitting out on the side of the road with a FREE sign on top of it". She loved the beauty of it, but only if someone else did the work of polishing it. I love the stuff and really don't even mind polishing it that much. One of the episodes of Downton Abbey showed the servants looking at an entire table of it to polish while the family was away on a vacation. I don't think I would like having to keep it polished for everyday use, but that is the way high class families lived back then I guess.

All of this sun has inspired me to do some little painting jobs that I need to do here in the house. I want to repaint some woodwork trim in my kitchen that I've scuffed up hitting with my vacuum, noticed when I was cleaning the baseboards a couple of weeks ago and I want to paint the trim in my office also.

So glad to have that heart monitor off, I don't know why having things like that attached to my body bother me so much, but they do. I'm a little claustrophobic
and it seems to intensify when foreign objects shouldn't be there.

Janet, I am so happy to hear the news about Teddi. My goodness, taking an animal to a Vet is as expensive as going yourself isn't it? I admire all of you that take such good care of your animals.

Logics, that would be wonderful if you and your nephew could attend a play in New York together. I have been to New York twice and love that town. I wouldn't want to live there, but to visit is wonderful.

Jackie and Creative, you two little eskimos stay warm. I know it's beautiful there even with the cold, but I will take the rain in Tennessee over that cold weather.

I am off to see what I can get accomplished, my house is still so clean and shiny, but I'm really going to be vigilant in following Fly Lady's zone cleaning and it will stay this way. Everyone have a wonderful day.
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