Daily check-in Feb 11, 2019

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Re: Daily check-in Feb 11, 2019

Post by littlemiss63 »

Good Morning Everyone,

Another rainy morning in Tennessee, gloomy without a hint of sunshine in sight. There are errands to run today, but really don't feel like getting out in this mess to do them. Haven't made up my mind completely yet, but I may not go until tomorrow or even Wednesday as the rain is predicted to be here another day. I need to mail my Valentine Card to Mr. B today, but I can drive my car to the mailbox if need be and not have to walk in the rain.

Had planned on going to the bank to renew the CD and start another one, but I have a few days before that is a must. Need to make a deposit as well, but I can hide the money in the house too. I don't like having a $1,000 sitting around, we have to many home invasions around here to feel comfortable during that. I don't like to let anyone know that I ever have cash in my possession. I don't think a renter would rob me, but I make a point in my conversation of saying that I'm dropping it at my bank on my way home. I use a PO Box on my leases so they would have to look for my home address to even know where I live. I have tried an internet search of my name and I don't show up either, it's DH's and they don't know his name anyway to find me. That sounds a little paranoid, but honestly I don't think you can be to careful as a single woman.

Slept really good last night and was asleep before 12:00. The wind was howling, but it didn't stop me from dropping off to sleep fairly fast. I see lots of scrawny limbs down in my front yard today so it must have had a little force in it. The weather pattern has been rather crazy here in the South so far this year.

Still eating leftovers from the party, but should finish them up today. I am thinking I will make myself a pot of pinto beans today. Still have several frozen servings of mashed potatoes in my freezer that will go good with the beans. It's so easy to do with my Ninja cooker, love that thing. I like having my countertop completely clear of appliances and I removed everything so I could use the counter for serving space for the luncheon and I'm going to make space in my storage closet to put these appliances and only bring out when I need them. I love the KitchenAid Mixer, but as large as it is it really takes up space. My kitchen isn't that large and it's amazing how much larger it looks with no clutter on the countertops.

I liked Erin's daily menu planner and I'm printing off one of them to use for meal planning this week. I really find, even with it being only me that planning meals save me money and make me eat much healthier than merely going by the seat of my pants. I hope everyone has a wonderful, warm, safe day.

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Re: Daily check-in Feb 11, 2019

Post by colonialgirl »

Gayle I hope you feel better.

FCL - amazing what just having a light functioning will do I keep turning on our staircase light in awe - haven't had one in 5 years.

Well what is the old saying - Want to see God laugh? Make plans. Today was to start my frugality count down until I woke up to a 60 degree house. Yes my furnace was broken down. Luckily the guy came out within a couple of hours and the blower motor had to be replaced and $500 plus later he was gone. Told us our furnace was installed in 1991 so that we may not have wanted to put that $ into it. I just wanted heat - but now we need to plan on having a new one put in sometime when it is warm. I don't want to be sitting in a polar vortex next winter with no heat. So now the priority is a furnace savings plan. ah well - just need to be glad I have heat.
PS - LM - you are right. You cannot be too careful!
Cleaning ladies were here today and with all this going on I have accomplished nothing. Leftovers for dinner - so no cooking. I am heading upstairs to unpack and haul down the laundry and start it. Party on Garth.

Have a great frugal evening all!

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Re: Daily check-in Feb 11, 2019

Post by BevMoore »

Hi frugals,

We also have the ridiculous water bill, most of it rent on the meter we did not want in the first place! No real way to cut back on that bill. Same with our trash and sewer bills, they are fixed utilities so no way to cut back there either.

Today is my daughter and son's birthdays. DD lives out of town so it will just be DS and I today. I went to the store and spent some money on things he wanted and also a few things I like. Mostly junk food but it should last awhile. I love those Eggo waffles and there was a good sale on them. They do help treat my sweet tooth (since the dentist will not pull it out) without too much damage.

Nice quiet day today and very cold so I am glad to be back from the store and inside. Tomorrow I am subbing for a co-worker. Since it is forecast to be cold and rainy the rest of the month I have not picked up any work. I just want to stay indoors and cocoon.


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Re: Daily check-in Feb 11, 2019

Post by Jackielou »


We cancelled the prayer shawl meeting today as it was blowing and drifting pretty good. Now we have a pretty heavy snowfall started. Glad to stay in and get things done. Today I started and finished sewing the skirt. Just msy have to cut out those last two pieces of knits and get them made up this week as well.

I have one last load of washing to fold and the garbage can to haul to the front for pickup tomorrow. Household chores will then be completed.
Edited to add.

Hubby got his truck started!!!!

Will check in again later.

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Re: Daily check-in Feb 11, 2019

Post by Jackielou »

Still snowing like crazy. I think we will get more than the 3" that was predicted. Glad I cancelled prayer shawl ministry today. It could have been a problem for one of the ladies who lives out of town to get home.

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Re: Daily check-in Feb 11, 2019

Post by clemencia2us »

went and did the laundry.

Came home and relaxed.

I am finally setting up the new ipad. I've had it for at least four months now. The old one came back to life. But now it is doing what it was doing before and i'm in the middle of an investigation and i need a reliable tool - :mrgreen:

Its a murder suicide case from san antonio. Well the friends and family refuse to see it that way and the sheriff is dawdling on a final ruling even though the ME has said M/S.

This stuff can be addictive. Never knew so many people follow this kind of stuff. This will be the only one for me. Takes up too much time.

Have a great evening.

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