Daily check-in Feb 11, 2019

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Re: Daily check-in Feb 11, 2019

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Good evening everyone,

I've had a really fun and productive day. Ran a LOT of errands this morning including grocery shopping, got everything stored away and enjoyed lunch at home with dh then headed off for snowshoeing. It was really nice weather for it today but yet more snow is starting to fall. We literally have no where to put it and the snow removal team in our city has had to work non stop!

Floridacatlover - I had a chance to watch that Rick Steves video on cruising the Mediterranean after dinner. I found it really interesting and informative and it makes me want to visit there all the more!

Tomorrow I must go for my mammogram in the morning but have the rest of the day free. Walking club is in the afternoon - I'll see how I feel as to whether I go or not. My friend who I've been encouraging is currently on a trip to Florida with her hubby. I may just stay home to get caught up on household chores. The bathrooms and hard surface floors need scrubbing.

Hope you had a great day!

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