Daily Check-In: 2/12/19

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Re: Daily Check-In: 2/12/19

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Good afternoon all,

I did yard duty this morning and even though it was cloudy it didn't rain and still has not rained. The forecast is for lots of rain, wind and possible flooding in low lying areas tonight through Friday. I do not plan on working. From what I can see of the jobs listing there are a lot of people who don't want to work in the wind and rain either. Lots of jobs available and if they aren't picked up soon the phone will start going crazy from the smart find robot. I just ignore it.

I am not scheduled for a work assignment until next Tuesday so I hope to be able to get some things caught up around here and binge watch some tv shows. There is nowhere I have to be except bowling so I am holding on tight to my purse strings. I am working on building up a money stash because there are maintenance things to be done round here I cannot physically do so will have to pay to have them done.

Well that's about it. I sent DS to Costco to gas up one of the vehicles so waiting for him to come back with the receipt.


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Re: Daily Check-In: 2/12/19

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It started snowing again earlier, now snow with lots of high winds. Sounds like a train out there.

Supper was good, DD was able to find some ripe Haas avocados to top our salads....so good. She stopped at a local Mexican grocery, if you try to get ripe avocados in regular stores they are always super green and hard. That's because the produce people pick them over and ripe ones are removed as "unfit for sale".

Now DD has the symptoms I had yesterday, they keep passing it around at her office and I guess it's her turn again.
Might make a peach pie tomorrow, need something sweet but trying to use up stores of what I have instead of buying more ingredients. I have peaches.
Off to read and relax.

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