Valentines Day....Doing Anything Special???

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Valentines Day....Doing Anything Special???

Post by Jackielou »

Just wondered if anyone was doing something special for their Valentine come the 14th?

I think I will be having a clean out the fridge night, but I will make Hubby (and myself) a cream pie (not too good for my cholesterol). Going out to eat is a pain when the weather is this cold, and unless you have made arrangements way in advance just can't be accomplished.

What do you plan on doing?

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Re: Valentines Day....Doing Anything Special???

Post by floridacatlover »

Not really for Valentines Day, only a coincidence, but my friend and I have an outing planned for Thursday. A local university offers a completely free 3-day World Affairs Conference. We are just going to the Thursday afternoon sessions. We went for an afternooon last year and loved it, very intellectually stimulating.

Before the conference my friend is treating me to lunch at a nice restaurant nearby. This is her thank you to me for helping her write and edit a recent story.

So a fun day.

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Re: Valentines Day....Doing Anything Special???

Post by colonialgirl »

My plan (let's see if it comes to fruition) is to do dinner for hubs in the dining room with the red table cloth, china, silver, etc. Have steaks to grill and am hoping Aldi's has some lobster tails this year. If not I may pop for a couple at the seafood place. Will do some roasted asparagus and I have a package of cherries in the freezer for a cherry pie.

Keep in mind I plan and fantasize way, way, way better than I implement and follow through. We may end up going out. We don't really do gifts - but I will get him a little something from me and the baby - not sure what.

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Re: Valentines Day....Doing Anything Special???

Post by Dgflorida »

We are going to have a store bought, $4.99 rotisserie chicken. I cook every night. We don't eat out. So this will be a treat for me. Hubs likes this too and there are never any leftovers. I won't add vegetables because we eat so many all the time. Probably our regular sugar free jello with whipped cream for dessert.

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Re: Valentines Day....Doing Anything Special???

Post by littlemiss63 »

Nothing special going on here on Valentine's. I got Mr. B's Valentine card in the mail yesterday, but since we want be together this year we will celebrate it when we spend the week in Gatlinburg the first week in March.

Usually, I would go out to eat with a girlfriend, but since I am watching my sodium intake I want even be doing that this year. I've not been inside a restaurant since the first week of December. All meals fixed at home, but that's ok I can tell the difference in how I'm feeling.

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Re: Valentines Day....Doing Anything Special???

Post by nbeaver »

We HATE going out to eat on Valentine's Day itself because of the crowds, so last year I did a tablecloth, candles, mushroom/cheese stuffed chicken dinner in the living room for DH and me. This year we have 3 foster kids, and the younger two are very, very difficult. So DH will be coming down to my work for lunch and we will have a special steak and shrimp meal cooked in the cafeteria here. I'll make some special dessert for the kids for supper.

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