new packaging

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new packaging

Post by delighted99 »

This doesn't have much to do with frugality but what item's packaging changed in your lifetime that you did not like.

I'll go first. Chewing gum. Most gum nowadays is sold in a sturdy, plastic container. WHY? Bugs me from an environmental standpoint. Although they may be recyclable..

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Re: new packaging

Post by itspennyc »

I know of several:

Bread used to be wrapped in wax paper, now it comes in plastic bags.
Milk used to come in glass bottles, then waxed paper now depending on brand and type plastic bottles.

When I was a child orange juice was either fresh, that is you squeezed it yourself or canned.

Frozen food came in boxes with wax paper wrapping.

Women's sanitary items were wrapped in brown paper and behind the counter you had to ask for them.

Shampoo came in glass bottles

tooth paste in metal tubes

I am sure there are others I can't think of now.


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Re: new packaging

Post by ohjodi »

I hate how so much stuff is encased in the hard plastic shells that are nearly impossible to open. Scissors will break your hand. I try slicing through it with a box cutter, but even then you have to slice three sides of it and the plastic is still hard to pull back.

I tell myself to just take an item to customer service and have them open it, before I leave the store, but I always forget.

And I hate bottles and jars that have that hard plastic shrink wrap on them. Even if I find a score line, I till have to pry under it with a knife, and then the plastic usually shreds instead of coming off in one piece. Sometimes you can take a knife and just cut under the edge of the bottle cap, and unscrew the top. Usually the plastic on the top comes off, but then the top doesn't want to screw back on right unless you remove the plastic on the bottle of the neck.

It's also often hard to peel off those paper/foil seals on the lips of bottles and jars. There isnt enough of a little tab on the sides to get a grip on them. I take a knife and just dig the seal off from the middle, lol

I'm only49, and I can see and don't have arthritis, and these are difficult. Someone could make a job of visiting old people and just opening their packages and groceries for them lol

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Re: new packaging

Post by GMPG54 »

The blister packs meds come in are another one.
Every time I start stabbing at one,I think thanks,Tylenol poisoner,(70s-80s)for all the tamper proof crap:(

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Re: new packaging

Post by ohjodi »

I wish yogurt containers still had lids.

Remember when Hershey bars, and some other candy bars, had wax paper wrapping under the paper label sleeve? And then they had foil paper wrapping. But they now are sealed in a single plastic package, and I swear the chocolate does not taste the same. The wax or foil actually let the chocolate dry out a tiny bit. And you could keep part of the bar in the wrapper and slide it back in the sleeve. Well, ok I rarely did that because I just ate the whole thing lol

I'd cry if Tootsie Pops ever stopped using the little wax paper wrappers. Sometimes you do need to wrap an unfinished one! lol

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Re: new packaging

Post by nbeaver »

I'm curious, Penny, about why you see the last three as negative. I would see those as positive changes. Ojodi, I agree about the difficulty of getting those hard plastic packages open!

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