catalog shopping

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catalog shopping

Post by delighted99 »

Did you catalog shop in the days before online shopping took off? Which catalogs did you shop out of ? Do you still shop from those companies now?

I am fairly new to purchasing clothes online. I am starting to do this more frequently and I'm surprised at how successful I have been. For example, I just ordered some shorts and they actually fit me. Granted they were elastic waistband. I am still too nervous to try to order jeans online.

I never ordered out of catalogs in the past but oddly I do now occasionally. I like to shop Lands' End (especially when there's a discount code) and one more catalog that specializes in address labels and gift wrap. I can't remember the name of that catalog at the moment.

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Re: catalog shopping

Post by Jackielou »

Did buy a few things from catalogs but it was more toys.

I haven't tried shopping online for clothes as of yet.

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Re: catalog shopping

Post by Dgflorida »

I don't shop from catalogs. I do buy online when I can't get it from the store. But I buy mostly tools and construction type supplies and such which isn't the same as buying clothes and such.

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Re: catalog shopping

Post by clemencia2us »

I think i did

I do almost 99% of my clothes shopping online.

I stick to two stores so i have learned to know what will fit. If something doesn't work out, i can return it.

A person might say that that is a hassle, but in my case, i wouldn't return something i bought at a regular store anyway so i don't worry about that. I know my level of laziness!

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Re: catalog shopping

Post by Quilter51 »

I do almost all of my non food shopping online. Tools, clothes, machines, decor. I only shop in small local stores like my fabric and independent book stores. Otherwise I order online and I even do Walmart grocery delivery online.

When it comes to clothes I shop from a couple online sources where my size is sure and they have in store returns which I rarely need.

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Re: catalog shopping

Post by ChristmasTrees »

I am very rural, so have been shopping by catalog for many years.
Now, the mall closest to me....almost an hour away... has just about and online for me/

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