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Kitty advice please

Posted: Wed Sep 02, 2015 1:50 pm
by GMPG54
A young female cat showed up with a baby in tow.
Got the tiny one homed and am keeping mommy.
Question,I already have a 4 year old spayed,female nicknamed the Diva,needless to say she is less than thrilled about our new roommate.
Any suggestions on speeding up the peace process.
Momma has a vet be fixed next Tuesday.
The Diva and I just recently moved so that already is a factor in her current state of unhappiness and it's a small place so there's not a lot of room to separate these two.
Also,the diva has no front claws.
Thankyou in advance for any and all advice,

Re: Kitty advice please

Posted: Wed Sep 02, 2015 2:09 pm
by Debbi64
I have tried the following a few times and it seemed to have worked:

Just research and read reviews....

Re: Kitty advice please

Posted: Wed Sep 02, 2015 5:52 pm
by Devoted
congratulations on your new girl! she's very lucky to have found you.

i use the feliway comfortzone diffusers in my house, two diffusers for the square feet in my house. i've used it for well over 4 years now. it can take up to 60 days to start seeing positive results with feliway diffusers, but i started seeing positive results after about a week with my two cats.

i just integrated our jaspurr with my snick, relatively recently. it took us about 6 months to the point where i considered snick and jaspurr pretty much fully integrated. ours was pretty fast, as integrations can tend to go.

i'll see if i can include a link to a cat website which has articles about integrating cats -- ... mate-guide

and a link to a thread i started, which chronicles my snick and jaspurr's integration -- ... ion-thread

my advice would be to take your cues from your two cats, as to how slowly to proceed in their integration. look at it that you're laying the groundwork for how well they get along with each other pretty much for the rest of their lives together, so take things slowly and carefully. treat your diva as 'the queen', because it's her home and her person you're asking her to share with this new girl -- things like always serve diva's meal first, then serve your new girl's meal. and it's not a disaster or a failed integration if your girls need to move back to a previous step in their integration.

Re: Kitty advice please

Posted: Thu Sep 03, 2015 4:33 pm
by GMPG54
Thank you so very much!!!!
It hasn't been awful so far,some hissing,a little growling but no fistfights,lol
I am definitely going to get those diffusers,what a great idea.
Again,much thanks
Pat,Bella(the diva)and Brooklyn

Re: Kitty advice please

Posted: Thu Sep 03, 2015 4:44 pm
by MackerelCat
Feliway is awesome stuff. Our old cat, who is not declawed and has a massive bad attitude about everything, will be calm and quiet in his crate to go to the vet if we spritz it with Feliway about 15 minutes before getting him into it. He used to fight us every inch of the way. He still does not like to be handled there, but we can manage.

I used some of it on the furniture back in January when we got DS's half-grown kitten, so that the calming, safe zone smell would be in the house. As long as both of them had their own safe places to retreat to, getting them acclimated to each other wasn't too bad. The kitten mostly lived in DS's room for the first couple of months. We put a gate on the door of his room that only she could fit through, so she could get away from the old cat. The old cat has now become accepting of her being the laundry room, where his bed is. He sometimes grumbles, but he rarely swats at her.

Re: Kitty advice please

Posted: Fri Sep 04, 2015 10:15 am
by GMPG54
Thank you!
Pretty much the story here,a lot of grumbles and rumbles,only 2 episodes of actual fighting.
Bella lived with my landlady's cats so pretty sure once the territorial fuss passes she will be happy to have a playmate or I hope so....