LOL feeling not valued at my acpuncturist office LOL

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LOL feeling not valued at my acpuncturist office LOL

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so, in Nov 2018 I started going to the chiropractor, I found him on a Sunday, I was in so much pain. I feel very comfortable with him and he has helped me :D

The office is run by (and owned by) the acupuncturist, and now I'm getting treatment to lose weight, and a wonderful side effect is that I'm sleeping so well.

Now DH is seeing the chiropractor, for the most part we go in twice a week.

So last Sat DH and went and the chiropractor was not there, he had a planned day off, fair enough, but our appt was at 2pm, it was known all day, and before that, that he would not be there. We were told that he was suppose to find someone to fill in for him, but he didn't or maybe that person didn't show up, either way I think that we should have been called.

To make up for it the acupuncturist offer DH a massage and a acupuncturist treatment. I encouraged DH to take both, I did want him to try the acupuncture anyway.

So he got a massage and we both had a acupuncture treatment. ok

I pay in advance for the treatment, you save money by buying 10 treatments at a time. When we checked out , she put his treatment on my "card" :roll: ok. there was no charge for the massage. ( I really didn't mind being charged for his treatment, but I was surprised. )

So today DH was not going to go in, but I was, my appt was at 2pm, I was called at 12:30pm by the acupuncturist and she asked me to change my appt to 3pm, I didn't do that , personal reasons, I had other chores that I was planning to do today and it would have left me out late and in traffic, plus I made the appt a couple of weeks ago.

we are thinking that when we have finished the paid for sessions we will find another place to go.

If she had given me a reason, then maybe, but I am more comfortable getting stuff done early in the day, for me even 2pm is late (personal problem I know)

Not the biggest thing is the world, but ~~~~ I do not feel valued by her office.

And no, I am not going to tell her, she controls the needles after all :roll:


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