Politics ????

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Politics ????

Post by Debbi64 »

Okay Erin and Jackie ~ we are NO LONGER under About's umbrella. Does this domain, have restrictions on Political Discussions?

I care about ALL members ~ but when discussions surrounded Politics ~ not necessarily the SITUATION ... discussions got NASTY!

Way back "when" ~ there were 3 TOPICS that I spent days researching that cited non-political sites! I "think"(?) I may be the only remaining "member" (from those discussions)???? ~ Why? I did NOT have the intellect to any more than "cite" ~ and those members who were educated ~ far exceeded my innocent "wonderings"! They were so EXPERIENCED in their knowledge and when they were "somewhat" attacked ~ (unlike me)...they realized(?) their time was worth more ELSEWHERE????

Is there a "way" to discuss THE POLITICS (or actually, REALITY), regardless of "designation", but informational topics for others to LEARN and BE EDUCATED???

Personally, I was so "attacked" from way out in "left field" ~ I don't think those who were so horrible actually knew their attack to me (and, maybe(?) others)....

Maybe? Leaving Politics OUTSIDE ~ and just discuss "our" world...would be beneficial for those of us that need to learn???

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Re: Politics ????

Post by ErinHuffstetler »

Sorry, Debbie. Somehow I overlooked this thread until now. I don't mind if politics are discussed, as long as things stay respectful. I disagree hugely with some of my friends about certain topics, but we remain friends because we respect each other's opinions. That's what I'd like to see here.
Erin Huffstetler
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Re: Politics ????

Post by evecan11 »

I must admit I enjoyed some of our heated debates, and honestly learned a lot from them, they added spice to our daily discussions. There is no accounting for how we feel about things and I do not think we are responsible for other people's feelings but would never go out of my way to deliberately hurt anyone by nasty personal attacks.

Just enjoyed getting many sides of one subject, being it politics, religion or women's rights. We all have opinions and I think it is healthy to express them but not to the extent where someone is deeply hurt.

Thanks Debbie and Erin


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Re: Politics ????

Post by Debbi64 »

Erin and Eve ~

Thank you for understanding! There is so much going on in the world ~ and though "some" may be political "driven" ~ a lot can be learned, if "some" remain civil and not personally attack!

In another topic ~ Rinty and FloridaCat Lover have opened a door that is so heartbreaking and Jackie has added to that "conversation"!

Love, Debbi

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Re: Politics ????

Post by Crimestopper »

I am really, really, really hoping and praying that we can stay far away from politics on this Forum and stick to frugal living. There are enough places on the Internet to discuss politics be they left, right, center or just off the wall. I noticed in the past that the political discussions would often result in forum members insulting each other, or getting turned off by members whose politics were not like their own. We can be much better friends if we just stay on topic with frugal living and all that goes with it. Please!

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Re: Politics ????

Post by colonialgirl »

Sorry Deb,
I totally disagree with you.i don't think things got totally nasty. Some folks got angry or hurt when they stated opinion as fact and then were unable to back up what they said. Besides when things started to become heated, Jackie or Erin shut it down. Like Eve, I respect the political opinions here on this forum more than almost anywhere else and I have learned more politically here than any where.

But the biggest thing is, if one does not want to read and/ or participate in politically themed threads, then don't read or open them. It is that simple. I have to note they always seem to be the highest number of views and participation of all threads, so someone must be interested. Besides you have the option to block individuals so you don't have to listen to anyone.

I don't like threads on weight loss or child care issues because they don't in any way interest me, even though the weight loss should! But should they be banned because I don't want to see them? No.

Just my two cents. I think the forum has functioned very well over these past years and don't see any reason to change a lot of things because we have moved.

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