Prices are Rising

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Prices are Rising

Post by 2dogs+someCats »

Greetings Friends,

This is probably not news to most of you - but I have noticed price increases lately, particularly in cat food and produce. Has anyone noticed increased prices on any other items that you buy?

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Re: Prices are Rising

Post by ChristmasTrees »

Yes, it seems like every time I go food shopping the prices have gone up.
I am SO glad to have an Aldis.

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Re: Prices are Rising

Post by LogicsHere »

Not only have food prices risen, gas here has gone up ten cents a gallon. It's been at $2.99 for months where I go, but the other day was up to $3.09.

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Re: Prices are Rising

Post by Dgflorida »

When gas goes up, food goes up mostly because it has to be transported by gas powered trucks. The cost is passed along as usual. Gas goes up because it is traded on the world market and it is relatively unstable at the moment.

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Re: Prices are Rising

Post by Jackielou »

Oil prices are really strange right now, as prices for unrefined oil go up, the price for the refined product (gas) goes up as well. It is more the raw product that is traded than the refined.

Here in Canada we also have a carbon tax which has driven the price up a little bit more. Still I would much rather think about where and how much I drive (watch my carbon footprint) so all those that follow me will actually have an earth to look forward to living on.

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Re: Prices are Rising

Post by floridacatlover »

A simpler answer to gasoline price increases right now in the U.S. is refiners are switching from winter blend gas to summer blend. This happens every Spring and prices usually stabilize by mid-June.

Correct that it is oil that trades on the world market. Trump administration is closing the loopholes that have allowed some countries to buy oil from Iran. Whether they comply is a question. If they do, the supply of oil on the world market will likely tighten and oil prices will rise. Saudi has said this morning it won’t pump more oil.

Price of oil is of course related to the price of gas but there are many variables. Not all oil is suited to be refined for gasoline. This is why “light sweet crude” is seen as desirable. And of course as Jackie mentioned, the local taxes vary a lot. Mississippi low, California high and Canada has the new carbon tax.

Driving less is probably the best way to save or buying a Prius or other low-fuel vehicle. Americans love their trucks and SUVs, however. No trade policy will make U.S. vehicles attractive overseas in my opinion.

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