Daily Check-In, May 8, 2019

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Re: Daily Check-In, May 8, 2019

Post by rinty »

Jackie, I am glad I didn't offend you and if I were you, I would arrange to speak to your friend.

The Royal baby ain't royal ! Yay ! Its not " Lord" anything , its plain ole Archie Harrison..............love it, its as near as I'll get to Dwayne Jaxon ;) so I'll take it. Archie is a VERY common name for little boys over here, and I love that they have chosen Harrison for Harrys little boy. The picture is great (NOT ), all you can see is the top of the childs head, and hes got a hat on..........one trusts he is adorable.

I am bloody annoyed re work today. I give them AT LEAST a "free" hour a day and today got told I had to do XYZ. Really ???? Can I not have time to pee, maybe ???? IRRITATED. I left without broaching how I actually feel, I thought BEST NOT.......as when I'm mad.............I'm MAD ;)

Can't be bothered to cook, sensing an ON TOAST night. The washing is on, DH had an exhausting and wet day at the allotment and he can't be bothered with food either......He had leftovers of last nights spicy turkey that I'd made to go in pitta bread and then snacked on the very last of the lamb from Mondays roast, lets face it, he has eaten enough !

Later I'll hang the washing to dry.....still not bought a new tumble dryer ( part climate change/part haven't got around to it ) House is neat and tidy. DS paperwork is giving me THE EYE and I am steadfastly ignoring it......

I will go to bed early with a book......in this case " Daughters of Chivalry The Forgotten Children of Edward !st " I love me some Englsih history.

Look after yourselves, All. LittleMiss I can't stand that Mr Bs daughter, what a piece of work she is. Jackie praying for you. Have you read pope Francis's " Laudoto Si " ( I have probably spelt it wrong ) It is about lack of waste, caring for the environment, awareness of consumption. It is worth a read, its wonderful.

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Re: Daily Check-In, May 8, 2019

Post by BevMoore »

Good morning all,

The weather has been fantastic the past few weeks and it continues. No heating and no a/c. I am loving the low utility bills and spent part of what I have saved on an air fryer. I hope its easier to figure out how to use than my instant pot. Instant Pot sits in my pantry unused. I am really trying to not take on any outside work so I can actually learn how to use my appliances as well as clean and declutter.

I also bought a 24-bottle wine rack from my neighbor so I can store my wine properly. Trying to squeeze near the floor vent so the a/c will keep it cool. I am trying to gradually cut back on the wine so not sure now long I will need the rack. I am doing ok managing my diabetes but do enjoy a small glass of the fruit of the vine a few times a week.

>to be continued<


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Re: Daily Check-In, May 8, 2019

Post by BevMoore »

I am always afraid of losing a long post so would rather post several short ones. Speaking of a/c I had mine 15 year old unit rebuilt in hopes of getting another 15 years out of it. With a new 3 speed motor and thorough inspection and cleaning all around I am hoping for improved efficiency. What is scaring me is with the prolonged winter and spring we have had that could mean a prolonged summer on the other end cutting into fall so I want to take advantage of the savings while I can. Our electric company has instituted a time of day usage which means during peak hours (5 - 8 pm M-F) rates will double. I am sure a lot of us will be trying to see if we can tolerate going without a/c that long.

I do have work Monday and Tuesday next week. To be honest it has been so nice staying at home and NOT working. I am continuing to cut back in the hopes of what I save (because I will have more time to be frugal) will equal what I take home. I try to do everything myself but there are some jobs I can't, either because I can't physically do the job or I do not want to use power equipment fearing I could get injured.

DS has his graduation in about a week and a half so family will be traveling in for that. I hope the nice weather holds so I don't have to use the a/c. According to the long range forecast it will be in the 70's-80's. Hooray! I am trying to get the house company ready.

That's all for now. Take care,

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Re: Daily Check-In, May 8, 2019

Post by clemencia2us »

I thought i would come home from my morning excursion and go right to sleep

Nope - wide awake! :shock:

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Re: Daily Check-In, May 8, 2019

Post by gaylejackson2 »

Hello All,

I had a difficult time waking up this morning, though I slept well & hard, but I had slept hardly any the previous night due to Dh's coughing & constant rolling back & forth.

Yesterday I was off work to take ds11 to Dr for his annual well-child check-up, he passed. :D While I was upstairs with Ds11 & his Dr, Dh was downstairs in Urgent Care -- he had pneumonia, knew it,and was seeking drugs to get rid of it.

At home, yesterday, I started planting my veggie garden *Finally!* LOL, just 1 row of onions, but will get more onions planted today, plus hopefully make GF sandwich bread and/or muffins with the "brown squish" bananas (description from ds14 on Monday when I msg'd him asking how much fruit we had).

I'm also hoping to plant spinach in my front flower pots. I want to lay down ground-cover (like black plastic or heavy-duty plastic/canvas fabric) to cut down on the weeding this summer. After I plant onions, I'll sketch out where to put peppers & tomatoes, then rows of pole beans, corn, and what types of squash to plant. Dd6 has begged that we plant watermelons too, and I bought heirloom seeds for some (must get them started soon) for her to tend.

I've had 3 kids home sick from school 3 days this week, thankfully ds14 doesn't mind watching over dd6.. she mainly wraps in her blanket on the couch & watches "Spirit," and eats yogurt (to the point where I've told her that she needs to get ds14 to heat up food for her, so others in the family get a yogurt too).

Today I am Subbing in an 11th grade & 12th grade English SpEd class... they are really good, and with only 8-13 students per class, they are my favorite classes to sub in too. It's lunch-time right now, and I'll eat then go home (or go knit in library), as this teacher has 5th hour prep.

Tomorrow I am Subbing in a Graphics Arts class, 'twill be interesting to see how many students sneak out the backdoor of the lab after roll-call.

Dinner tonight will be?? Maybe leftovers, if there is enough (after last night's Chicken Veg soup, There SHOULD BE enough).

May you all have a good day. I'll read the posts later, or maybe tomorrow.

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Re: Daily Check-In, May 8, 2019

Post by jckitty »

Good evening all,

Beautiful weather again today, the weather dude is saying rain and possible storms tomorrow. All of my flower pots are planted and mess cleaned up. Next up is veggies in the barrels. I stuck to my word and didn't overfill the flowerpots wanting instant gratification this year. The plants I put in will grow and fill in nicely.

I went with a range of pink for everything this year, bits of white thrown in for contrast. Much cheaper this way.

I REALLY need to stay in and clean tomorrow...I am too picky with my housework to let it go this long. I love my home and I love it clean. I feel content when it is clean.

Did the grocery shop first thing this AM. It went pretty fast and I spend less if DD doesn't go with me.

Ritz cracker chicken, candied sweet potatoes, breaded tomatoes and pears with cottage cheese along with salad.

10# of chicken leg quarters for 4.49 at Aldi's today, so got those and bagged them for freezer. 5 meals for 4.49 is a good deal for me. I looked at turkey breast but decided against it, dad just does not care for turkey.

Hoping my rhubarb is big enough this weekend to make a strawberry rhubarb pie.

Need to mow again, blah... but it does look nice when done.
Have a great evening all,

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