daily check in May 15, 2019

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Re: daily check in May 15, 2019

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I left my pup at the vet. He is having surgery on Friday

It looks like he was bitten on the face by one of the other dogs.

I had been so busy with my brother's situation, that i didn't notice any damage until his eye was all red. One vet said that usually happens when there is trauma - being hit by a car or attacked. He has been bitten in the face before and had to have stitches. He is just a little pest and will get in their faces and just antagonize them.

Anyway they wanted me to treat the infection first before they did surgery, but i asked if i could board him and have them take care of that. I wasn't sure of what i would have to do today with the human people that needed looking after. I wanted him to have the proper care and figured a vet tech would know what to do as far as treating the wound. So he is at the vet and being looked after. I'll go see him tomorrow.

Going to be a pricey situation and i already had to pay for the whole thing upfront. Might be more costs involved but he needs it. He's a good pup.

The vet is a good one too. I trust her.

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Re: daily check in May 15, 2019

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Poor little pup. I hope he heals well.

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