downsizing as we get older.

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Re: downsizing as we get older.

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Other than downsizing to a nursing home, which I am NOT of course ready for, a one bedroom apartment which I have is small enough.

My apartment is approx 700 sq ft. I have been trying to get rid of a lot of things the last several years, but it's been a slow process. I'm still too attached to many of the things I have.

I'm getting better. I have a list of at least 20 more items I hope to donate shortly. Most of the clutter I have is books and it's difficult to part with them, but I started this year and got rid of almost 4 dozen of them.

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Re: downsizing as we get older.

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Just continue to take things slowly Logic. I try to take a donation to the thrift store at least once a month. It may be several bags or a half a bag but at least it is something out of my house.

Dg my house was very disorganized and it is still far from being organized. I try to designate a bit of time to work on things several times a week. I was planning to take some things to the thrift store today but my SC changed. I will try to go later this week. Sometimes I just work in five minute increments but things do get done. Today I took some travel size soaps to my friend and spent a few minutes on my grandchildrens clothes and my gift closets. The small amounts of time really make a difference.

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