Daily check in June 2, 2019

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Daily check in June 2, 2019

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Good morning all. Let's get started.

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Re: Daily check in June 2, 2019

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Good morning Frugal folks,

Back with a cup of coffee. It is hot and dry in Florida although some areas got a bit of rain. I was not one of them. So another day of watering. I am thinking of modifying my irrigation line to get a more even watering. Probably do that today. Nothing difficult, just replace a coupling with a T and add a new line. The first crop of figs is nearly ready. Got to keep them watered.

Yesterday, we ate the last of the salmon fillet. Salmon is so good, but usually out of my price range. However, this was on a decent sale, so I grabbed the moment. We got 2 dinners out of the small fillet. We are eating blueberries and strawberries with whipped cream for dessert. It is acceptable maintenance keto. I will try to have berries once a month for dessert for vitamins.

Spending time in the wheelchair has shown me the type of modifications I should consider for the kitchen. I am researching it and trying to put together a sensible kitchen plan. I have long wanted to toss the oven/stove combo. I don't use ovens. They heat up the house too much. I do like the separate stove top. I had that in the Houston house and loved it. The dials were on the side, so I never had to reach across hot pans to turn off the heat as is the norm with a stove/oven combo. The stand alone stovetop could be lowered to be easier for someone using a wheelchair. Our current dishwasher which I don't use could be replaced by a narrow one more suitable for 2 people. I would consider using it if it were energy efficient. Like everything in this former rental, it was old when it was installed. Cabinets are a problem and I am not thrilled with the handicapped alternatives. Thinking on that. Of course, the remodel is several years off. But since I hope to be around for another 20 years, I feel the remodel is justified.

Today, I will buy more eggs on a weekend sale at Winn-Dixie. Friday, I got the max eggs at Aldi's on sale. Eggs are a good hot weather food. Very versatile and easy on the tummy.

I had to buy a new skillet. The old one just wouldn't clean up properly. I may continue to work on it, but I will use the new one tonight. Boneless, skinless chicken breasts tonight. Butterfly style, a quick cook that lends itself well to many dinner variations. I have moved to frozen steam-able broccoli, cauliflower and Brussel sprouts. They are hot in 5 minutes, decent tasting and generate a lot less kitchen heat than the steamer would.

I made fish cakes the other evening from the $1 canned mackerel that is a hurricane go to food. A couple of cans will expire soon, so need to use them up. They turned out ok.

Today, I am grateful for a pain free knee. Have a good day all. Be safe.

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Re: Daily check in June 2, 2019

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Good morning fellow frugalites,

It seems that the new normal here will be hazy skies in the morning and then searingly (spellcheck says that is not a word, but I like it) hot in the afternoons. Sure hope the plumber shows up on Monday with an air conditioning unit. The electricians usually get here quite quickly so it would be running in no time.

I have the ladies from the Prayer Shawl Ministry coming here tomorrow, so I am getting a few of the chores usually listed for tomorrow done today. Including stripping the bed and changing the bed clothes. Laundry will be done as well.

This is going to be a hard on the bank book month. My small TV has hit the bucket... It is about 20 years old (perhaps a bit older) and now that it isn't working correctly (goes completely black after about 30 minutes of watching) will need replacing. I may be undergoing recovery from my android box for a bit. I just don't know how to hook it up to a new TV and will need to wait for youngest DS to arrive home for a visit. As Hubby says, "We better not move too far away from K." I just said if he moves we follow right behind him.

I will be as frugal as possible in order to make this month a little easier on the cheque book. It isn't that we can't afford things, it is just I would rather spend on something else (like travel, or yarn or fabric :lol: ). We have actually been underbudget most months of this year, and by a goodly amount as well.

Mass was a bit extended last night, but as it is the least attended went well. We did the prayer shawl blessing and it seemed to go over quite well. There was a bit of teasing by the ushers at first...things like "hand those out to those who are sleeping" things of that nature.

Saw an old friend of the family, was nice to get a hug from B and L. They are both wonderful people of my parents age group. Kind of like getting a hug from my Mom and Dad.

Frugal happenings today will be baking bread (keeping it in the bread machine though), doing a bit of baking this morning for tomorrow, laundry hung outside on the lines, using either the Instant Pot, or electric roaster to make supper (should keep the house from heating up too much), walking for exercise, all the usual frugal habits.

Supper tonight will be roast beef, mashed potatoes, and peas. There is a kale salad to finish up as well.

Today I am grateful that I can watch a few things on my tablet using the CTV go app, and the Global go app. I may have to get youngest DS to add and configure a few more apps.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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Re: Daily check in June 2, 2019

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TVs are relatively inexpensive now. Unless you want some huge monstrosity.

I had to order a new desktop computer yesterday. I prefer a desktop and my current one is starting to show its age. I know i've had it cleaned up at least twice. I figured better safe than sorry - order a new one now before this one dies.

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Re: Daily check in June 2, 2019

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Good morning. We have a lovely day ahead of us. Yesterday they had a big storm in St. Louis that ruined the outside festivities that were going on. The St. Louis Blue's hockey team is in the finals and they had all kinds of outdoor things going on but were told to evacuate and things were removed before the storm hit. For some reason we did not get the severe winds and hail here but thunder and lightening and not much wind or rain.

My SIL came home Friday by boat. The river is too dangerous and the creek at a higher elevation has flooded the back road so a friend of their's brought my SIL up the creek in his boat about a 20 min boat ride and then a neighbor met her there with a golf cart and brought her the rest of the way. About a mile by golf cart. She is home until Wed then she has to go back to her DD's house since her SIL is having surgery and she will watch the kids while they are at the hospital.

My brother has decided on which company to go with for my roof replacement. It is the most costly and more than what insurance is giving me. However he said he will pay the amount not covered by insurance.. I am so blessed that he helps me so much. I told him I will repay him but he said," no you will not." Anyway I will be glad when it is done. The one he chose has a lifetime guarantee and will withstand wind up to 135 mph which I need since that is what has caused all of the roof damage.

I am hoping after the the yard dries out I can get out and do some weeding.It is a jungle out there with all of the rain. I normally try to honor our Lord's day by not working but we only have today and tomorrow with decent weather and the the rain starts again on Tuesday and for the rest of the week. Have a good day.
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Re: Daily check in June 2, 2019

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Good morning all.

A cloudy spring day, with rain expected later; but the rest of the week forecasted to be fairly nice weather, temps between 69 and 80 with low humidity.

Major hullaballoo in Florida yesterday and all for nothing. My niece certainly knows how to push her mother's buttons and she did such a good job of it yesterday that her mother cancelled a trip that they had been planning for over a year and lost a ton of money because it was all prepaid, nonrefundable ticket and hotel. It's just too bad that my sister has no one else to vent to as it upsets me to see how badly Kris treats her mother and how Kris's "room mate" for lack of a better name treats Kris and her mom. Neither one of them has any respect, consideration or gratefulness for anything. It's sad.

Decided to make June a No Spend month for anything that has not been budgeted. That's going to be fun . . . LOL. Have never done one before, but going to give it a try.

Probably should go and do my walk while it's comfortable out. Once it starts raining it will be too late.

Managed to follow-through on the 1st day of my meal plan and now on to Day 2. Took a small piece of london broil out of the freezer for dinner today, along with a potato and some left over baked beans that will be tonight's fare.

Well going to run, have a great day everyone.

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