Daily Check-in June 14, 2019

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Daily Check-in June 14, 2019

Post by alliesmama4 »

Good morning. I have been up since 2:00 AM.. My body said.. time to get up you have have had your 2.5 hours of sleep..Bummer!
Not sure of the outside temp but is is chilly inside. I have my winter robe on and had to add a throw to my lap and legs. You would think it was still winter outside if you did not look at the calendar. We are almost half way through June. However I am sure we will be getting hot weather some time soon and then we will be miserable with all of the humidity and heat.We have a lot more bugs in my area due to the wet weather. We are not normally affected by the bugs like those who live closer to the river.

Teddi is still not himself. The vet called yesterday to see how he was doing and I decided to take him in for more testing today. I cannot afford everything she suggested but we are going to do a CBC that will give her a better idea if anything is going on that can be addressed. So far this week his vet bill will be $315.00. A big bite out of my emergency fund. However I cannot allow him to be unwell if he has something wrong that they can maybe correct and make him feel better. The allergy shot did seem to help so I need to try to work that in to my budget. Due to the crunch in the budget with his medical bills I have been working on menu ideas to use what I have on hand and to see how far I can stretch it. I have a little over $10.00 in the food budget for the rest of the month.. It is going to be fun and interesting to see how things work out.

Thinking and praying for Kitty and Owned.

Have a good and frugal day everyone.
Janet Alliesmama

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Re: Daily Check-in June 14, 2019

Post by LWolfT »

Good morning ...

Janet, I hope the vet can get a handle on what's happening with Teddi. Hope you can get some more sleep.

It's sunny and chilly here, too. Felt more like fall last night than summer!

Got quite a bit done yesterday, though it was a $$$ day. DH ordered new glasses, and we bought a grill. It's larger than what I'd orginally suggested, but the price is right on target. Now DH gets to put it together ...

Today, have some basic stuff to do around the house ... will continue on my quest to wash windows ...

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Re: Daily Check-in June 14, 2019

Post by floridacatlover »

Good morning all.

Janet, 2.5 hours of sleep is not enough. Hope you can take a nap today. I can’t remember how old Teddi is but I don’t think he is very old and I’m sorry he still is not himself. Does your vet have a payment plan for Teddi’s visits?

Yesterday I was able to do a good amount of trimming in the front of mom’s house because it was overcast. Not exactly cool but it was comfortable as I trimmed one ixora and completed trimming the one I had started a few days ago. Picked up the branches/clumps of leaves again that had blown into the yard from next door and I also trimmed the ligustrun which didn’t need much work.

I stopped at HD and decided to buy pink vinca instead of another blue salvia. I’ll plant those this morning and then clean out the leaves from under a small hedge in front of my house.

Nothing very great on sale at Aldi this week but they do have .99 strawberries so I’ll pick up some if they look good when I stop to buy my soy milk. First will be a stop at Dollar Tree to buy a baby card for my dentist who had her first child, a girl, five weeks early. I’m hoping I can buy a single bottle of water at DT because it will be cheaper than buying it at the ballpark tomorrow. They require the bottle be unopened if you carry it from outside the ballpark.

Have a good day.

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Re: Daily Check-in June 14, 2019

Post by Jackielou »

Good morning fellow frugalites,

We got some much needed rain here yesterday evening. Not as much as we really need, but at least enough to green up some brown spots in the hills across the valley. Now if we could get an all day rain very soon things could really improve.

I have a very late appointment to get my hair cut, but I guess I should not complain as today is grad here, and all those girls need their hair done as well. Hubby says we should buy burgers/junk food, but I think differently.

Frugally speaking the only spending will be on the cut (definitely needed) and since I will be using my allowance won't really be spending (count it as spent the day I get it) there will be nothing leaving the bank.

I will also be continuing on the declutter and use it up path. I really do want to simplify my life, but it is getting there that is the problem. Sometimes I stop and ask myself how the heck I managed to collect so much "stuff". Really other than a few things that have hit the donation bin over the past few years, most of my "stuff" I have loved at one point in my life, now some of that stuff makes me shudder. Still the emotional attachment to items that belonged to my Mom or Dad have a pull. I am working on that though.

Much of my day (well early portion) will be spent weeding the perennial bed. Seems like that is a never ending job again. With the drought that began last year, the one female Maple tree we have in the yard, put out loads of seed pods. So many seed pods that not all left the tree in the fall, and now with some of the winds we have been getting are falling to meet their brother and sister seeds. If they manage to fall into the gardens (and the newly planted front lawn) little trees begin to sprout. I seem to be pulling lots of them out of the ground every two days!!! Perhaps by the end of the growing season most will be gone, but a new crop will appear next spring.

I need to get some extra cleaning done as well today. I would like to defrost the fridge downstairs (wipe it out as well), clean the oven, and perhaps get the stove cleaned as well.

I will be heading out for my walk shortly and then getting down to work. Silly me forgot to take my pill this morning so will be taking it shortly (30 minutes after my morning coffee should work) and then heading for the outside.

I finished the binding on the last of the four quilts I started on a couple of months ago, now I can get started on a different sewing project. I am so amazed at some bloggers who can manage to sew so many things in a short time. I just can't do that anymore. If I am lucky I can manage an article of clothing every day or two, even a quilt in a week or so. These people sew 6 or 7 totes in a day or less.

Supper tonight will not be fast food. I will get a pasta salad together before I go to the stylist. Tonight our meal will be my favourite summer main dish salad. Tuna Pasta Salad will be served.

Today I am grateful that I remembered I need to take my pill before I ate or drank too much.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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Re: Daily Check-in June 14, 2019

Post by itspennyc »

I was awake for about 2 hours during the night. I am tired but not as tired as I expected to be.

I am going grocery shopping today instead of tomorrow. I have a moderate list.

I cut up and pitched all the balloons that had sunk to the floor. There is still one of my daughter’s birthday balloons up and one about half way up the door to the balcony. One of the Mother’s day balloons is the same height.

when I get back from shopping I need to start laundry. I need to wash dresses and and the white wash.

Sunday I will have to do towels. Monday will be my bedding.


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Re: Daily Check-in June 14, 2019

Post by clemencia2us »

Raptors won!

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