house heater and A/C

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Re: house heater and A/C

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they moved the installation date up from 7/27/2019 7/30/2019 to today and tomorrow !!!

They are here now.

not really funny, but since DH is claiming 2 of our three cars he had to move them to the street. the not funny part is that it's so hard for him to move the cars, to drive the cars, he has to take his leg braces off and put regular shoes on to drive, and of course reverse the process when the car is parked.

I did offer to drive the older car (1996) for him, but NO !!! he was so frustrated and whining (almost crying) with the effort that it took :( :| I have no idea, why on earth he is clinging to the older car ???

I do 99.9% of the driving in my car.

Earlier this month the battery was dead in the 1996 car because it's not being driven. DH did charge it up a few days ago so that it could be moved today.


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