July 14th Daily Check n

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July 14th Daily Check n

Post by rinty »


DS up at the crack of dawn so I have been pottering around making sure he is safe/the house is safe ;) ;)

He and DH have planned to sit in matching recliners later watching cricket........the worlds most boring game but they love it.

Logics, glad you had a nice day, sounds fun watching Christmas films in summer ! I do Christmas cross stitch every summer, its something I'd never think of doing in winter its always......its July, lets Christmas Craft !!! Also looking at making the next Craft Club session all about Christmas so planning that now too.

I got the sweetie cones done, they fill a LARGE plastic crate, also put my dinner lady class gifts in there, two Teacher gifts and a small thing I got for my immediate work collegue. As well as a good behaviour gift bag. Good grief. I split costs on the sweetie cones, I just made them up and collegue and I went halves....ies on the Teacher Gifts. We decided the teachers will get no end of bits and bobs from students so we got them Gift Cards.

While the menfolk watch sport I shall be either in the garden or Sorting Out Stuff ;) I have two bags for the charity shop here, mainly books.

Dinner is Halluomi salad from a supermarket magazine. LOVE grilled halloumi and this salad sounds amazing. Mouth watering . Dessert will be ice cream topped with the redcurrant compote /sauce DH ended up making. I hope we like it as we have 8 jars !!!!

DS is pottering again , he LOVED Jaws on the big screen..........cinema was packed :shock: Apparently it a cult film. I liked the " vintage " vibe it has now, the 1975 clothes, the Tab drinks, the fact that the people look "REAL". If they made it today the actors would be nipped/tucked/primped wouldn't they ? The ordinary ones wouldn't get cast these days.

LONG week ahead. Theres a fair bit of hassle and tetchiness which will be exhausting. I've decided my game plan is to just say NUTHIN' and plod on with whatever task I'm given however Stupid or Pointless they seem to be . Five days of extra hours too......think of the money, Rinty, think of the money.........

The Potluck will be good though ;)

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Re: July 14th Daily Check n

Post by Jackielou »

Good morning fellow frugalites,

The sun is shining and it is already at least 4 degrees warmer than this time yesterday morning.

Rinty, it sounds as if your day is planned to perfection!

My day will depend on how long our priest talks. In driving by the church yesterday (after the fruitless excursion to pick up the laptop, and finding the store in question closes at 3 on Saturday), I noticed a small white box outside the door we usually enter. If this is the air conditioning that is supposed to take care of the whole church, I think they are sadly mistaken. Unless there are more and bigger units located somewhere else, this unit will only keep a very small portion of our rather large 100 year old church cool. This could need some rethinking.

Once home I expect Hubby will make us some brunch, and I hope to get started on the mint jelly. The infusion was made last night, and today is sterilizing jars and lids, and finishing it off. I hope to get outside and pick the last (I have said that before) of the rhubarb, processing it as well.

Because it has been so hot, my pots and planters will need watering at some point today as well.

Lists must be made for the upcoming week, and my goals and extra cleaning lists looked at to see what is left to be accomplished. I think there is lots left on the goals list for sure.

Frugally speaking the same things that usually happen here will continue to happen. Most of the things I do are habit by now, and I so want to introduce another frugal idea. Once that becomes a habit I can introduce still another small idea I have had floating in my head for the last while.

Supper tonight is going to be some leftover ham made into a casserole. I just might use my electric roaster, setting it outside so the house does not get too warm. Serving it with the last of the asparagus. Dessert just might be a fruit salad to use up some of the fruit in the fridge.

Today I am grateful for list making. Seems strange, but without my lists I would be lost.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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Re: July 14th Daily Check n

Post by alliesmama4 »

Good morning. We have a lovely cool morning with rain expected later on.

Not much going on here. I will be cooking and enjoying the day of rest.

Teddi seems better each day so I hope he is on the mend for good.

Have a good and frugal day everyone.
Janet Alliesmama

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Re: July 14th Daily Check n

Post by LWolfT »

Good morning ...

Going to be another hot one today ... perhaps some rain tonight or tomorrow, depending on how quickly that tropical storms moves up.
Went out in the garden earlier this morning to pick green beans and peas. It was pleasant enough to have my second cup of coffee out on the porch and shell the peas.

Made the rounds of dealers yesterday to shop for a car for DH — not fun in 90+ temperatures, even with air-conditioned cars. (Vent: Car dealers should make sure their salespeople can answer basic questions before they let them near customers ...)

Anyway, DH has narrowed down his choices, and wants to compare costs, etc.

Today, need to run an errand, and have a few chores to take care of. Rinty, I had to laugh at your post about doing Christmas crafts in July ... I'm (still)working on a tree skirt.

And Florida, I've been remiss: Sounds like you've had a wonderful time on your trip. Did you visit any lighthouses?

Janet, glad Teddi is feeling better!

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Re: July 14th Daily Check n

Post by clemencia2us »

Good morning all

Another bright sunny warm day

We haven't had rain here. Maybe this week. We were so used to getting nice showers several times a week. Oh well - it is July

Slept like a log again.

Have my bi-weekly volunteer thing today at church. Will have to start getting ready soon. I usually also grab something to eat.

Hope all have a great day

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Re: July 14th Daily Check n

Post by jckitty »

Good late morning all,

I have been up, done with the outside chores...will be taking the chickens more water in a bit. It is so hot and humid, OMG I am so ready for cooler weather.
I cannot go out and do much in this heat.

We had a wonderful girls day yesterday, I found a grey granite ware colander at a random yard sale for 3 dollars! I love vintage granite ware. I also bought a tea towel with baby farm animals on it. Probably paid too much for it but it just "grabbed my heart". We ate in a café in the basement of a church turned into an antique/vintage mall. The food was good! I had a grilled turkey, bacon, avocado club and it was real turkey breast, not deli meat. It was fabulous with a garlic aioli.

I did not go on the float trip today, my lower back is pretty stiff and I didn't want to jack it up any further. I think the emptying of the fire ring might have something to do with the stiffness and pain.

Off to mess around doing piddly stuff in the house.
Have a great day all,


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