July 14th Daily Check n

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Re: July 14th Daily Check n

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I have been busy this morning. my daughter took me to Walmart where I bought a new bathroom scale. My old on is acting up. I had one of the dual purpose one weight and body fat level. It might be because the batteries are low.

I bought a simple scale that uses 9 volt batteries.

I also picked up replacement tooth brush heads, and some OTC meds.

When we got back to my apartment we visited for a while then she went home.


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Re: July 14th Daily Check n

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rinty wrote:
Sun Jul 14, 2019 4:11 am

DS up at the crack of dawn so I have been pottering around making sure he is safe/the house is safe ;) ;)

He and DH have planned to sit in matching recliners later watching cricket........the worlds most boring game but they love it.

Logics, glad you had a nice day, sounds fun watching Christmas films in summer ! I do Christmas cross stitch every summer, its something I'd never think of doing in winter its always......its July, lets Christmas Craft !!! Also looking at making the next Craft Club session all about Christmas so planning that now too.

I got the sweetie cones done, they fill a LARGE plastic crate, also put my dinner lady class gifts in there, two Teacher gifts and a small thing I got for my immediate work collegue. As well as a good behaviour gift bag. Good grief. I split costs on the sweetie cones, I just made them up and collegue and I went halves....ies on the Teacher Gifts. We decided the teachers will get no end of bits and bobs from students so we got them Gift Cards.

While the menfolk watch sport I shall be either in the garden or Sorting Out Stuff ;) I have two bags for the charity shop here, mainly books.

Dinner is Halluomi salad from a supermarket magazine. LOVE grilled halloumi and this salad sounds amazing. Mouth watering . Dessert will be ice cream topped with the redcurrant compote /sauce DH ended up making. I hope we like it as we have 8 jars !!!!

DS is pottering again , he LOVED Jaws on the big screen..........cinema was packed :shock: Apparently it a cult film. I liked the " vintage " vibe it has now, the 1975 clothes, the Tab drinks, the fact that the people look "REAL". If they made it today the actors would be nipped/tucked/primped wouldn't they ? The ordinary ones wouldn't get cast these days.

LONG week ahead. Theres a fair bit of hassle and tetchiness which will be exhausting. I've decided my game plan is to just say NUTHIN' and plod on with whatever task I'm given however Stupid or Pointless they seem to be . Five days of extra hours too......think of the money, Rinty, think of the money.........

The Potluck will be good though ;)
Your salad sounds good-I heard about that halloumi cheese and it is gaining popularity bc I never heard of it before and now I hear about it all the time. I see they grill or heat it up and does it taste like cheese or subsititute for like bread or what? What is so good about it-does it taste like cheese?

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Re: July 14th Daily Check n

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I am finally home today and able to sit down and read and write on here! We have been extremely busy esp since we have new puppy and birds -it is like a zoo around here-more so than just our usual family and pets!

We went to a sneaker convention for my son who made 700. last year. So he paid about 25.00 to go this year(I just dropped him off and hung around at this mall nearby that omg never seen such a huge mall with everything you can think of-I was exhausted walking it-but I did need a pair of light pants and shirt for our upcoming tournament in Vegas where one year we went it was like 116 degrees!). Ok not frugal at all-I know but I am getting desperate for clothes trying to live off a couple of clothing pieces this summer,so I broke down. I tried a pair of shorts-omgoodness-not being out in the sun with bare legs for sooo long-it was just too white and pale and looked awful and I know it will turn red from burning if I go in the sun! And my new puppy peed on my only good pair of Nike sandals which they don't even make anymore-ugh! Those are the shoes I lived in! Hard to wash bc fabric cushion type so smell sinks in!

Anyways, I don't say anything about these conventions anymore bc this time he brought a bit over 800.00 back home in one day! He brought a bunch of shoes and shirts to resale. And maybe bc it was in the Silicon Valley,these people have the money to blow. He saved his money (he is trying to save up for his own car at 14 yo-ok) and just bought a lanyard. He would not even spend money on lunch and waited til he got back home. There may be hope for this one after all-I keep telling him start to invest now and you can probably be a millionaire later on!

This past week we have been helping spread the word and prayers for this little 9-year-old boy who went to a tournament (basketball) in Florida but nearly drowned and is in the hospital and was on life support. I spread the news to pray with my prayer warriors and to get my friends to donate on his go fund me site. The day after we prayed for him asking for a miracle and the next day he got off life support and started speaking a little bit even but still a long road ahead. So working on that and son's school starts at the end of July-like what summer break!? Vegas next week for his tournament-got free hotel from my brother's points(he travels for business)!

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Re: July 14th Daily Check n

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Good afternoon all.

Janet, hope the good news about Teddi continues.

Kitty, your day yard sailing and at the vintage mall sounds like lots of fun.

LWolfT, good luck with the car search. Yes, I did visit two small lighthouses - Cap Lumiere in NB and Covehead Harbor Light in PEI National Park. Here is the second one.

https://www.pc.gc.ca/apps/dfhd/page_hl_ ... x?id=14994

Today I visited Hopewell Rocks Provincial Park on the Bay of Fundy. It is where the tide comes in and out quickly over a period of hours. When I was there it was almost low tide so I could walk on the ocean floor. (Not sure if it is actually an ocean.) The park ranger explained it has something to do with the pull of the sun and moon plus the fact that the water near Hopewell Rocks is narrow and shallow. I was never good in science.

It was a trek to get there and I wasn’t sure I’d go because thunderstorms were forecast but it turned out to be a good day. I drove back from PEI to Moncton and then down a twisty, hilly road about 35 km. (They need a bridge so you don’t have to go all the way back to Moncton!) But it worked out well. I bought a big cone of ice cream to “sustain” me on the way back to Moncton.

So I’m back at the hotel where I stayed the first two nights and will go home tomorrow morning. Canada has been wonderful. It’s been a good trip but I’m ready to go home and hope my little Pippi ate well while I was away. I again have a long layover in Toronto.

I’ll “see” you all on Tuesday.

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Re: July 14th Daily Check n

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My weather app says it is 102

Think this is the warmest day we have had so far

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Re: July 14th Daily Check n

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clemencia2us wrote:
Sun Jul 14, 2019 5:46 pm
My weather app says it is 102

Think this is the warmest day we have had so far
Now that is hot!!!

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