July 15, 2019 Daily Check-in

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Re: July 15, 2019 Daily Check-in

Post by icfrugal1 »

Good afternoon,

The A?R has been in since Fri, DH is HAPPY !!! Yeah !!

I met a friend for unch yesterday, we only see eachother once a year or so, she is in her 40's so very busy.

I brought her some homemade bread and cookies and lemons. she couldn't take the bread, I guess that sh and her DH are low carb, but she did take the cookies and lemons.


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Re: July 15, 2019 Daily Check-in

Post by clemencia2us »

I didn't go do laundry until almost 2. It seemed to take me longer for some reason.

I've put it all away and have just been relaxing.

Doing a lot of reading - all the news coming out about these new tweets.....what a world.

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Re: July 15, 2019 Daily Check-in

Post by jckitty »

Evening update:

What a strange afternoon I have had, meeting with the executor...wish I could say the brother was calming down....he is not. I refuse to fuss with him, have turned it over to God and the lawyer. I know my parents would be appalled.

Closets cleaned, kitchen cleaned and floors dusted. House in good shape, will probably wait a day or two before running the floor cleaner.
Supposedly we are to get 2 or 3 days of rain, we need rain but I hate the high humidity.
I guess weather wise I am hard to please LOL

I need a long soak in the tub,


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Re: July 15, 2019 Daily Check-in

Post by Jackielou »

Started to put things onto the new laptop. I am having trouble getting used to no mouse. Think I will be getting one asap.

I may wait to download more until youngest gets home. I keep hitting the wrong keys.

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