July 15, 2019 Daily Check-in

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Re: July 15, 2019 Daily Check-in

Post by clemencia2us »

Good morning all

What a lazy bee i am today. It is 11 and i am just getting up

I did get up at 8ish to take the pack out but came back to bed. I figured an hour or so - nope

Today is laundry day. I had been taking longer to do it these last few weeks, but i need to get back on schedule. I was getting lazy.

Will also do the usual sweeping and mopping

Hope all have a great day

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Re: July 15, 2019 Daily Check-in

Post by rinty »

Home from work utterly knackered, as were most of my collegues I imagine, as it was ........
"Lift that Barge, tote that Bale ".............ALL...............FREAKING..............DAY.

On two occasions, AFTER a great deal of work had been done, a person messed up all that had been done. :shock: Oh my WORD.

The Potluck was good though.

The children thought I had abandoned them.." Miss Rinty , do you still work in our class ??? "

Also work collegue handed me some bouncy balls ( the size of a large marble ) to add to the sweetie cones I have already made. We had a frank exchange of views as I pointed out that, although these balls are HELLA CUTE, if we put them in a Sweetie Cone the kids will think they are SWEETS..............hence CHOKING HAZARD.

She still gave them to me, I ain't redoing the cones.......IMPASSE ;)

Dinner is chicken and salad as it is JOLLY HOT.

The Cricket yesterday was actually interesting ! England even won !

DS got himself in a tizzy over wanting to spend the entire summer holiday with us, he is with us for several weeks, and we couldn't do more . Lots of tantrums, it did get fairly exhausting. He does not yet know ( as he couldn't process it if I told him ) that I've booked him holiday with his housemates in September which he will LOVE.

ANYWAY, got to pay a DS bill, make some stuff for work for tomorrow and scrub bathrooms as DS has been here and he is very " freehand " as we say when he uses the toilets. I took him back late or I'd have scrubbed them last night.

DH has made gooseberry jam, been to the allotment, brought me back the first yellow courgettes ( zucchini ) and has had too much sun.

Wish I was in a tent right now facing the sea ;)

No Spend day, a got a FREE lunch and the allotment is producing a lot of good organic veg.

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Re: July 15, 2019 Daily Check-in

Post by itspennyc »

I set a timer to put the chicken drumsticks into the oven. 2 will be lunch with a vegetable. The rest will go into the freezer in one meal size portions.

I have a lot of cleaning up to do today. Mostly cutting up the 2 balloons on the floor. Then cleaning up all the balloon ribbons. I am left with 3 balloons up, one of which was one my daughter’s birthday balloons. It was not stuck on the picture frame as I thought was possible. I have tied all the ribbons to my newest elephant, the 3 of them are close to the same height.

I have 3 balloon weights to return to daughter’s. She asked for them back.


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Re: July 15, 2019 Daily Check-in

Post by LWolfT »

Good afternoon ...
Another hot one ... forecast calls for rain tomorrow.

Got a surprise when I tried to feed the cats last night ... the bowls were full of ants. They came in near the patio door and marched straight for the dishes. They certainly weren't there earlier in the evening.

So food bowls moved, area cleaned up and blocked off,ant bait put down, and spraying done outside.)

Otherwise, a few errands ... including a stop at Costco to get gas. Just got off the phone with our insurance agent. Need to take care of a couple of chores. Dinner will be leftover casserole ... not in the mood to cook.

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Re: July 15, 2019 Daily Check-in

Post by jckitty »

Hello all from hot and sticky Indiana.

I had to make a trip to town this AM to pick up my new glasses and prescription eye drops. Home and getting stuff done.

Cleaned and sorted my closets, purged several items. I have needed to do this for awhile but didn't want to...glad it's done now. From the looks of things I only need a pair of shorts and maybe a pair of jean capris but...if I can't find any at yard sales I can do with out. I only wear shorts around home, I will NOT go out in public with them. Legs are so pale and I am uncomfortable around people when wearing shorts.

Steak thawing for supper, they are leftover from buying them for dad and I don't like to leave them in the freezer for too long. So steak, fries and salad for supper. Maybe steak and salad because it is so hot.

Not much else to report, I could use a nap later.
have a great afternoon all,

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Re: July 15, 2019 Daily Check-in

Post by Jackielou »


Picked up the laptop and now will need to set up a few things on it. Namely Facebook, the forum, and my blog. Some of the stuff will have to wait for youngest DS to come home as I really don't want to fool around with that (email, budget spread sheets, blog list though I might do that by transferring them to my blog as sites I am reading, and our favourites). I just don't trust that I will get all the necessary parts moved to make them work.

Last load of washing will be out as soon as I finish my lunch of leftovers, and then it will be on to vacuuming, and perhaps mopping floors if I have any energy left.

Talk to you all again later.


I also found a box of the buttons the boys got every year while playing hockey and attending scouts. I will need to do something with those. Got to go through them all first though.

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