What unusual frugal things do you do?

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What unusual frugal things do you do?

Post by itspennyc »

When I need to replace my shower curtain liner I always cut out the magnets.

After all why should I buy magnets when I already have some I no longer need. The shower curtain liner, I don't need, but I know I can use those magnets.


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Re: What unusual frugal things do you do?

Post by 2dogs+someCats »

Penny, that is a GREAT one! Those magnets are strong. Having a "why didn't I think of that" moment - so glad you shared that one.

I don't know how unusual these are, but here ya go: (though some probably go beyond frugal to CHEAP - I never said I wasn't cheap, lol).

1. I save and wash out peanut butter and other food jars to use for freezing homemade soup, etc. They make excellent freezer containers and the whole jar can come along with me to work to be heated for lunch.

2. I save the bags from inside cereal boxes to use to wrap sandwiches or left-overs. These are also handy for taking when I walk the dogs - for cleaning up after them.

3. I don't have a clothes dryer - so everything is hung up to dry.

4. I won't "spend money to make money." For example, when I dog-sit for my boss, I WALK the 2 miles round trip, 3 times a day - no matter the weather - so I benefit from the exercise and what she pays me is pure profit because I haven't used my car or any gas.

5. I save the string from the big bags of pet food that I buy. I tie the long pieces together and roll them into a ball - free ball of string.

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Re: What unusual frugal things do you do?

Post by floridacatlover »

I like the idea about the string.

Probably not that unusual, but I reuse bread bags (sturdy), bags from the free newspaper thrown on the lawn and even Rx bags (which do have holes but high enough up on the bag) for scooping cat litter.

Buy many items - tops, slippers, sheets and pillowcases and seasonal decor items - at rummage sales. The decorative floral wreath on my front door right now was $1. On my kitchen counter is a Royal Copenhagen Blue-and-white porcelain bell ($1) and a beige porcelain box ($2) where I keep my gadget charging cords.

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Re: What unusual frugal things do you do?

Post by MackerelCat »

Often a pretty blouse winds up at the thrift shop because a button is missing. I remove the top button and use it to replace the missing one, and then get a decrative button from my stash of saved buttons to replace the top one. It makes the blouse look even nicer.

I will also shorten too long sneaker laces by single-chain crocheting the lace in the center so that the crocheted part lies between the eyelets fathest away from the top. It's not noticeable and saves having to cut the lace to fit.

DH repairs broken mugs and plants tiny succulents in them. It is very cute.

Probably my best frugal weirdness was needing some soft, wide elastic to convert a regular full skirt into a maternity skirt. I used elastic from a pair of DH's old boxers. That was such a comfortable skirt.

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Re: What unusual frugal things do you do?

Post by Dgflorida »

These are wonderful ideas. Thanks for starting this post, itspenny

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Re: What unusual frugal things do you do?

Post by alliesmama4 »

Great ideas everyone.

1.When a sock can no longer be repaired I cut the top off and use it as a glass cozy for summer. Very annoying to have a drippy glass in the summer due to the cold drink and the summer heat.
2.When I use up a container of powder and it seems to be empty I pry the lid off and empty the contents in to a powder container and can usually get a couple more weeks use out of it.
3.I cut T-shirts and old clothes in to rags when they are no longer presentable to wear even around the house. The soft cloth T-shirts are cut in to squares to be used as cosmetic cloths to remove make up. All buttons and elastic from anything is cut off and saved. Also hooks from bras are saved.If the fabric has a pretty print I cut the seams off and save the fabric to make something else. When my nieces were little it came in handy for making Barbie Doll clothes. I had 5 nieces.
4. I save pickle juice to use when making potato salad. I like mixed hot pickled veggies but they cost a lot at the grocery store. So when I finish a jar of hot peppers I blanch my own veggies and add them to the juice.
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