What unusual frugal things do you do?

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Re: What unusual frugal things do you do?

Post by delighted99 »

Hmm.. what is considered unusual for people varies according to a lot of factors. I guess my friends that are of the millennial generation would it pretty unusual that I will stitch clothing up if it has tears. These days replacing an article of clothing does not break the bank but I enjoy restoring things. Even though I'm on vacation, I will find ways to make my own sandwiches and not dine out for lunchtime. (I got some great ideas here one or two summers ago.) This is unusual for me because in the past vacation meant doing no work whatsoever. :)

I will also use bar soap until it is practically non-existent and I will add a bit of water to shampoo bottles that are running low. Helps get the last bit out for use.
itspennyc wrote:
Sat Jul 27, 2019 11:11 am
When I need to replace my shower curtain liner I always cut out the magnets.

After all why should I buy magnets when I already have some I no longer need. The shower curtain liner, I don't need, but I know I can use those magnets.


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Re: What unusual frugal things do you do?

Post by gaylejackson2 »

I use scrap acrylic yarn to make saltines, first 2 rounds of a granny square. I also sort cotton yarn scraps by color and use to knit dishcloths or crochet hotpads.

I water down stinky (rather, extra-strongly scented) shampoo or body wash to use in my foaming soap dispenser—I use emptied shampoo bottles for mixing.

I occasionally put drops of lavender and tea tree oil essential oils at my hairline to control itchiness supposedly due to scalp psoriasis, rather than use expensive Rx stuff.

I make my own earrings rather than spending $10-25 for a single pair—for same price I can get A Lot of bits to make with.

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Re: What unusual frugal things do you do?

Post by ohjodi »

I don't know why I just thought of this....

....But for my entire working years, and school years, I would always use the restroom at work/school (and anywhere else) before I left for home, LOL This was to save on my own toilet paper at home! And this is something that my mom often had us do when we were kids, unbeknownst to me until I was a teenager. We were pretty poor, and as a family of five females, any squat elsewhere was a free squat! lol At least we weren't actually stealing rolls of toilet paper.

But now due to my somewhat advancing age and medications, "unpredictability" has caused me to much prefer using the bathroom at home!

Another weird thing I used to do is I had discovered at some point that the pads and tampons in the vending machine in the employee restroom were A LOT cheaper than buying a box off the shelf. They were just A DIME, and this was through 2007! So every so often I'd take several dimes and crank out the vending machine. I didn't want to shop a monthly supply all at once because I could empty the machine leaving nothing for the next girl....the cranking made a lot of noise and I didn't want to attract attention to my secret...I didn't want to use so much of my break time cranking tampons..........and the janitor was really weird so I didn't want a "monthly mystery of the empty tampon machine" to clutter up his psycho head.

At my next job, they were .25 cents each. Pffft. I should have checked the price before I took the job! lol

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Re: What unusual frugal things do you do?

Post by BevMoore »

I always use the facility before I leave home and before I leave work because for whatever reason the movement of the vehicle causes urine to build up fast. I hate it; does not make for good road trips.


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Re: What unusual frugal things do you do?

Post by clemencia2us »

OK - i will confess

I have had the same bottle of shampoo for almost a year......

I have long thick hair. I do not wash it every single day. Maybe twice a week.

I do brush it out a lot. So that helps.

I only shampoo the scalp area, so don't use a lot of shampoo and only one time. I do not rinse/repeat.

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Re: What unusual frugal things do you do?

Post by rinty »

Some really good ideas!

I like the Move The Button one ! :)

I do the pickle juice one for a carrot and chickpea salad we love.

Also agree wth Sheila, I won't spend money to save money. I am more than happy to walk to 2 nearby supermarkets at Yellow Sticker O'clock but I'd never drive there.

Unusual regarding Yellow Stickers is that I'm NOT the greedy guts who wipes out ALL of it. Some of the people I see doing this often will just snatch everything they see, staff have told me that they then get to the till and dump half , making sure they get the best deals.........but the stuff they reject now just gets binned cos staff haven't time to put it back on a shelf. I also hang back if theres a mum with kids, particularly at the bakery section. I will fill the freezer of 10p bread and rolls but make sure to leave the muffins/cake/pancakes for those who NEED them.

I Shop At Home and Do Instead of Buy a lot.

For example, this camping holiday with DH and I was VERY low key, walking through country lanes is FREE, a day at the beach is FREE and we had the best time, without vistinga Quince Farm and activity centre @ £17.50 each, you know ? ;)

I did cut the vouchers off the cardboard boxes brought in for Junk Modelling at school, does that count as unusual ? ;) They would have only gonein recycling and the ones who brought them in obs didn't want them !

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