Daily Check In 9/4/2015

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Daily Check In 9/4/2015

Post by jackie26us »

Good Morning,

I slept in a bit today--still up at 4:50 am. Man I slept hard though. Another day off from exercise. I don't feel as exhausted which is nice. Last night I only stayed an extra 45 minutes at work. Today I'll leave on time since I'm working the whole weekend.

Today is my birthday and we went out to Longhorn for dinner last night then went shopping. We were going to go out tonight but Friday nights are so busy so we decided to go last night instead. I didn't find what I wanted shopping although did pick up some new underwear lol. Way to live it up I know. Think I'll stop at Kmart near work and see if they have the pants I want in my size there.

Paid some bills this morning. DH's side job for the guy who's flipping the house is done now. He is looking for another house to flip and also has some work to be done at his own home. So he took DH's number and will call him. So DH got paid last night which was nice.

It's funny we are doing so much better money wise since he left the diner. We thought things might be tighter. Best decision he/we ever made.

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Re: Daily Check In 9/4/2015

Post by Vaeagen »

Good morning all,
Today I took off, not so much to make a 4 day week end but to work at my Church's festival. The Festival is tomorrow, so today is the final day of set up and all that. Tomorrow me and the kids will be working the festival all day. It should be pretty frugal today. Last night was not too frugal as dh wanted to go out to eat and we bought 2 way radios for the festival. We may just donate them and take them off on our taxes.
Ds got up, made his own lunch and drove himself to work. That never gets old or losses it specialness. Dd is also going to work today (she works p/t) so she will drop me off at church since my car went to work w/ds.

Hope everyone has a great Friday!


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Re: Daily Check In 9/4/2015

Post by AnneX »

Good Morning:

Happy Birthday, Jackie26. Glad you were able to fit a birthday dinner in with all the long hours you have been working.

yesterday I went to dancercise, lunch with classmates, dental appointment, hair cut and then to the library. last evening was just too hot to do anything but sit out on the balcony.

Today is slightly cooler than it has been and cooler than it is forecast to be on the weekend.

I wish I could stay home this morning and get some housework done but it's my volunteer shift at the hospital.

I woke up early so I did have some time to spend tidying up my bedroom.

i may get lunch at the hospital. They have a good salad bar.

Now i'm going to close the windows pull blinds, and set out.

Take care,

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Re: Daily Check In 9/4/2015

Post by littlemiss63 »

Good Morning Everyone,

Packed, dressed and will be leaving for Floridia in the next 30 minutes. It's been a hectic week and a busy one, so good that I stayed off the computer or I wouldn't be ready. Company was nice, but I couldn't enjoy it for thinking about all the things I needed to do.

I wanted to cut the grass before I left and got it done just before a big shower came down, so I was lucky on that. I've turned everything off that I can electricity wise and have my candles on timers so not leaving any lights on inside the house.

Will talk to you all when I return home and everyone behave themselves while I'm gone.

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Re: Daily Check In 9/4/2015

Post by Shelsmiles »

Good morning. Happy birthday Jackie26. Hope today is a good day.

FIL is here for a visit which is nice. He and DH will stay busy with projects and I have a couple of them I'd like done :). I have pulled all the tomato plants and cages as they were done. The bell peppers and jalapeños are still producing and the poblanos are still going nuts, I'm going to have more than I can use in a year. I have a couple of melons coming that will be ripe soon, the lettuce and kale are doing well and the spinach is just not doing anything. Bad seed maybe. DH wants me to pull the rest of the garden so he can till and build the other raised bed while his dad is here. I'm thinking they should build the raised bed and till later. :)

Hens laid 8 eggs yesterday. Better, but still not excellent. I put some herbs in the coop to help with bugs and I am hoping it works. Lemon balm and basil are supposed to keep the bugs down. We shall see. The pigs are getting big already and living the new pasture. They go back in the trees and sleep when it's hot.

Momma cat has finally brought her kittens out of hiding. Cute little buggers but it's time to get done cats spayed before we are overrun with cats. Both kitty's have forever homes with friends and momma cat and my Tess have appointments with the vet. I love kitty's but too much of a good thing is too much.

Football tonight. It's an away game and supposed to be in the 80's. Nice :). I am making something simple for dinner like maybe a crockpot chili.

Have a great day.

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Re: Daily Check In 9/4/2015

Post by dlrcpa »

Happy birthday to Jackie26! You and your DH are both hard workers and deserve a break!

Hot again today and maybe showers/storms tonight. We really need the rain. I am going to water the garden anyway. I will have to water shrubs in the yard if it does not rain.

2.5 hour baking session last evening yielded bread & rolls, zucchini bread, spoon bread and cookies. Dinner tonight is ham slice and veggies. I am not sure what days DH will be working this weekend. Weather is supposed to be good so I expect he will stay busy.

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