Daily Check In August 5th

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Daily Check In August 5th

Post by rinty »

Morning !

A getting started post !

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Re: Daily Check In August 5th

Post by rinty »


Childcare day and night so up extremely early :shock:

Thank you, grandchild, love you.

Yesterdays BBQ meant no cooking so lots on for today. DH took apart a chicken for me to Rubber Chicken with when I was dropping DGK at football/water play.

DH also gave me the courgettes /zucchini he forgot to give me yesterday. OMIGOSH how do those plants even do it, they produce so much. THIS year I struck nd said don't even plant green I prefer the yellow..............well, those little buggers are even MORE prolific. Courgette fritters for lunch, then.

Honestly we are at the got to give some of this stuff away stage, its like the allotment has staged a takeover.

Did DS "stuff " immediately after 9am. GOTCHA, as soon as their offices opened :D

More to do, but there is always more , it just breeds. Heres a follow up to a follow up to a follow up. DS had an apptment last week re his meds, no reduction :( but on the bright side, no INCREASE so he is seen as stable. I like that consultant and trust him . DS does too, he babbles away.............." and NO RED blood, thank you , please !" This guy has never taken blood from him so he thinks he is The Best Doctor In The World as opposed to the other evil ones who do.

Cinema today using vouchers if there is anything on we'd be willing to see......gardening as its gone beyond " Lush and Green " to OVERGROWN.

Spendwise I need to buy/post cards. I do have some on hand so I will shop at home first but I know I haven't any stamps. Toying with spending a tenner or so on stocking fillas as all the back to school stationary is out and it is CUTE. I like to have the 8 DGKs stockings done by September. Already have most of it. I have felt elf bags I reclaim back each Boxing Day.

Getting very Christmassy here as I cross stitch away. Yesterday made a cute scottie dog card with holly. Lwolf, hows the trre skirt comin' ! ;)

Sun now shining, it was overcast first thing. Off to enjoy summer !

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Re: Daily Check In August 5th

Post by Dgflorida »

Good morning frugal folks,

Rain is coming, they say. So I cancelled my morning walk with nervous neighbor. Frankly, I was tired and really didn't want to walk. Yesterday, I planned to paint my buffet table, in my future outdoor kitchen, but we got a Skype from military son and then a call from hubs brother. Then I couldn't paint because it was above 90F and the paint says don't paint above 90F. I did go out in the yard and get the weeds I pulled out into trashcans. It took 2 large ones. I then got about 2 more trashcans full of weeds pulled before the mosquitoes chased me in. I will leave them dry out a bit and get them in cans late today. Rain is supposed to stop by then.

Today is supposed to be a rainy morning. I have a few tidy house things to do and I may paint. I have everything set up on the enclosed porch, so it should be fine if the temperature stays down.

Hubs tried to force the pin holding the sliding in last night. I heard him cursing and banging and went out to see what was the problem. If you are familiar with the pin in a sliding door. The 2 doors must be aligned to get the pin through. Well, hub's banging bent the side of the hole in the second door and so I had to fix the door hole to get it in. Hubs bellowed that "we" will just drill another hole. I said the We is me and I don't need another chore. After working outside in the heat, I was too tired to even be mad. Just solved the problem and went to bed.

Today, I am grateful for the severals days with no rain that allowed the yard to dry out some. Have a good day everyone.

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Re: Daily Check In August 5th

Post by Jackielou »

Good morning fellow frugalites

Rinty I envy you your grandchildren. I have to share and live vicariously through other peoples grandchildren. Don't really think that I will be lucky enough to get any of my own.

I did my version of Whack a Mole this morning, and keeping my fingers crossed things seem to be slowing down (just when I say that however things will bounce right back up there in the stratosphere. Oh well it is what it is.

Lots of work to do today, so there will be no spending. I still need my morning walk however so that will take place as early this morning as possible (getting a few chores done before I head out the door though).

I am still having a few problems typing on this computer. I seem to hit the mouse thingy quite often or brush over it with my arm or sleeve. This causes all sorts of weird things to happen. Guess my typing posture is going to have to improve in order to keep the weird and strangely cool things from happening (don't like when I lose a post or when strange things happen to my keyboard).

After my walk I will be starting to make my lavender oil. Should be interesting and fun for the most part. This coming year will be my year of making my own cleaners, facial items, and who knows what else. Many a time I wish that we had sheep near us so I could try a few of the things that Gayle does, like spinning and dying my own yarn. But since we don't I will be content doing what I can.

The usual frugal practices for my Monday chore list will be taking place. I might even get a bit more done in the sewing/craft room. Heck it would be nice to be totally set up in there, but as I said before Hubby wants to do some reinforcing on the one area and since my embroidery machine is very heavy I totally agree with this. Hope he gets it done today though as I would like to finish up in there over the next few days.

Supper tonight will be meatballs in mushroom sauce, salad, and noodles. I plan on making more meatballs so that I can freeze some for later.

Today I am grateful that my lovely Hubby is willing to recycle things like the desk and make it even better suited to the task at hand.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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Re: Daily Check In August 5th

Post by itspennyc »

I have a white wash in the dryer and the sheets are in the washer. Only 2 loads today.

I have a partial towel load to fold, the bath towels have already been folded and put away.

There is so much to do, I just don’t want to do it. But I am going to have to tackle at least some of it.


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Re: Daily Check In August 5th

Post by clemencia2us »

I forced myself to get up early today

Set my alarm for 7 and hit the trail by 8. Only did four miles. It was already warm out there. 81 degrees when i started. But like i said - i like to sweat - :mrgreen:

I feel great now. All relaxed and feel like i am getting there. Sheesh - think my porky belly even went down a bit. Summer is almost over - time to quit the ice cream, margaritas and beer! LOL

Get my Christmas body ready.

Have a great day all

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