Daily check in August 12, 2019

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Re: Daily check in August 12, 2019

Post by Jackielou »

Well it has stopped drizzling, and now it's raining pretty steadily. I love to hear the sound of rain on the roof and hitting the puddles.

Supper is started and I am thinking of making a chocolate pudding for our dessert the next couple of nights. It seems like we never eat dessert right at supper but a bit after, so it will give the pudding time to set. Heck it is pretty cool so I might even get a cake made for the rest of the week.

Off to set the table and fold the laundry and perhaps do a bit more work in the sewing/craft room closet.

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Re: Daily check in August 12, 2019

Post by Mrscreative »

BevMoore wrote:
Mon Aug 12, 2019 5:43 pm
Good afternoon,

Work shift is finished and I am sitting under fans. Tomorrow will be a meeting and thats it.

I am one if the few that has great medical insurance and extremely grateful. DS not so much so I do have to help him out on occasion. I think he has finally figured out the best thing you can do is take care of yourself regardless of medical coverage. Much cheaper than paying out high co-pays and deductibles.Get a moderate amount of exercise and focus on eating a whole food plant based plan. A small amount of animal protein each day is fine but in moderation. Take care of small problems before they become big problems.

Listen to your body Lose weight (yes I am working on that). If you already have a health condition like diabetes follow the instructions you are given. Avoid unhealthy food and alcohol (yes I have cut WAY back on my beloved red wine).

It doesn't matter if you have the best or worst medical coverage if you don't take care of yourself. You will feel crappy either way if you neglect your health. I know I am probably preaching to the choir here but the thing to remember is the best insurance in the world won't cure what ails you. You have to do that yourself. And that I am working on because I want to continue to have a good quality of life for a long time.

I totally agree with you Bev and I get distressed by people who don’t take care of themselves and except the hospital and doctor to fix them.

In my own case none of these surgeries were really preventable except for the tubal ligation. I carry a genetic condition that requires frequent colonoscopies. I am generally never sick and only go to the doctor for routine physicals and immunization for the flu shot. I only take medication for hypothyroidism. Again something you can’t control with diet and exercise.

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Re: Daily check in August 12, 2019

Post by BevMoore »

I hope to eventually go off of or at least reduce my medications to the bare minimum. Its scary the control Big Pharma has. My fear is they will raise the cost of medications to the point even insurance can't cover it. I do not want to have to be dependent on something like that; it would feel like its a part of my life I would have no control over and that scares me.


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Re: Daily check in August 12, 2019

Post by ohjodi »

Dgflorida wrote:
Mon Aug 12, 2019 3:08 pm
And my handyman recently finally got SSI. I think she could have applied for SSI given the condition of her spine,
SSI is not the same as Social Security Disability.

SSI is Supplemental Security Income, which is for people who did not work enough in their lives to earn enough credits and pay taxes to qualify for Social Security Disability (SSDI). SSI is paid for through a General Fund, not connected to the Social Security funds. A person who is declared disabled and granted SSI income can get state Medicaid for their health care.

SSDI, as I mentioned, is paid into through the person's payroll taxes, and they must work a certain number of years and hours to qualify. Once declared disabled, after two years the person also becomes eligible for Medicare, which was also paid into with their payroll taxes. If their income is low enough, they might also qualify for state Medicaid (as supplemental to Medicare).

It's important to know the difference. A person might apply for one, and get denied, when they should have applied for the other, and possibly get approved.

SSI is more of a "welfare" program, and many people have a negative perception of people who receive SSI. State Medicaid is in the same vein......it is thought of as a welfare program.

SSDI, Social Security Disability, is an entitlement, not welfare. The people who get it earned it and paid for it. The same is true for Medicare.....it was earned and paid for.

I get Social Security Disability, and Medicare. All earned an paid for by me. But I also get Medicaid, supplemental to the Medicare. I do actually pay $108 per month for my Medicaid because my SSDI income is $108 above poverty.

While I am completely for programs that help people that need it, I'm embarrassed to say that I bristle at the stigma of "being on welfare" when people mistakenly think I'm getting SSI.......like when all three of my parents told everyone they knew that I was "getting SSI". And I hate that many people also think that SSDI and Medicare are welfare.

The confusion helps no one.

(And I also have to add that people also confuse Unemployment Compensation with welfare, which prevents many people who are entitled to it from claiming it. )

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Re: Daily check in August 12, 2019

Post by Quilter51 »

This is a gentle reminder that before the ACA or Obomacare, MOST people who had insurance had it through their employers and the rest had nothing or what they could cobble together. There is still a double standard of health care, and MOST people who have health care through their employes have much, much , much, much better care and usually much, much, much cheaper care (yes, you can give me an anecdotal exception) than everyone else.

Which is why in my opinion no matter what else gets done here, either ALL employers (even those of part time employees) need to provide health care or else we need to take it ALL away from employers and make every single person go on the exchange. Until we do that we will have a two tiered situation. And for the record if you are on the exchange you are on obamacare, whether you pay fully, get subsidies and whatever.

My experience isthat there are three levels and I am admittedly on the very top. Those who have federal, state, teacher or large corporation health care are on a tier wayyyy above the rest of the world. Then there are those who have had cobbled employee health care-they provide viagra but not maternal care, may be just office visits and not hospitilaations and what they cover changes every single year and goes up every simple year. and finally of course there are all those employees who work less than forty hour (often not by choice, my son makes a good management salary but works 35 house instead of beign salaried simply because of medical care) and the unemploed. Look at any statistic, anywhere you want, and the care of the top is at least five times better than the tier at the bottom.

and in my experiene the folks who are on the tier on the top are the ones who complain the most about all those other tiers. because heaven forbit I might have to wait an extra month for an elective procedure or wait a day for a non urgent appointment just so someone else can have health care.

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Re: Daily check in August 12, 2019

Post by MackerelCat »

I have spent countless hours this spring and summer helping a homeless man with no income and no health insurance try to get the care he needs. I've used every frugal trick I can think of to help keep him properly nourished, clothed, clean, and feeling that he matters. But this I cannot change: He's homeless because he got sick and we live in a state that did not extend Medicaid to cover people like him. Because he's sick, he can't work and purchase health insurance.

Our health care system is broken by partisan bickering -- the term Obamacare is offensive -- and by corporate greed. Those who have health insurance should be grateful and aware of those who are dying for the lack of it.

How a country treats its most vulnerable citizens is a measure of its level of civilization. When I hold up that yardstick, I despair.

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