Daily Check-in August 18, 2019

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Re: Daily Check-in August 18, 2019

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colonialgirl wrote:
Sun Aug 18, 2019 8:49 pm
Hello All -
Janet we should have got on the computer and chatted. I was up all night as well. My problem is temporary though as the steroid eye drops are disruptive to my sleep. I hyper react to steroids and recognize the symptoms of what is going on. I have temporarily increased my anxiety meds to cope. I have 3 more weeks on them - so I will hope with this greatly reduced dose in my eyes I will not have a manic episode.

Not much going on here today. Broke our cooking at home goal - but for a good reason. I didn't realize the State Fair was ending and we always have state fair food at least one time. So dinner tonight is corndogs, Tom Thumb donuts and bacon on a stick from the pork producers tent. Horrible I know- but so tasty. We seldom have fried foods, so this is a once per year indulgence.

We just by accident came across a house that we are going to go see. It is a ranch style and honestly the two story thing is becoming harder all the time. I don't see too many houses that meet my particular tastes. I don't like new houses because I don't like open concept and modern decor and the ones that are older usually have more work needed that we feel capable of doing at this point in our lives. Plus most things I like are beyond my budget - champagne tastes and a beer pocket book my mama used to say. But this one hits all of the marks - so we will see what goes on. It is in town - but a beautiful 1960s neighborhood without drive through streets & with big trees and different from the Mc Mansions subdivisions that are the usual around here. Should something happen to hubs (God forbid) I would be in town and could have grocery or food delivery should I need it, could afford to have the smaller yard mowed, etc. So lots of considerations - convenience being one of the biggest. I would be 1 mile from the grocery store instead of 15 miles.

Well - corndogs are here and as much as I love chatting with you my cyber friends, I DO have my priorities straight. Have a great evening!


Edited to add - Rinty - umm boy Marmite. I will be there right after I finish my liver, boiled okra and cookies flavored with nuclear waste. ; )
CG, like the sound of the sensible house especially the pretty neighbourhood. Go on, send me a PM and I will post you a sample package of MARMITE flavoured goodies. I will convert you yet. You will end up on Amazon CRAVING the stuff.

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Re: Daily Check-in August 18, 2019

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