Daily Check In August 20th

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Re: Daily Check In August 20th

Post by Jackielou »

Good morning fellow frugalites,

Wishing Gayle a safe journey.

Rinty loved the story of your friend and the children, true friendship that. I do hope your DH's.

I slept very well this morning, in fact slept in by half an hour. Since today is packed with chores and meetings I will make my morning walk very short. I need to get things completed today in order to be able to do what I want tomorrow.

Hubby has an eye appointment early this morning, so I will wake him up shortly, probably before I even head out the door.

One of the committee chairs at the church has asked me if I want to lead bible study this fall, and coffee with her this morning is one of the reasons my day became so packed. I need some questions answered and some of her reasons for choosing me. Then I need to decide if I feel I should do this. If I say yes I would need to do the afternoon session not the evening one.

Then tonight I have the special Parish Council meeting with supper (I will pull food out of the freezer for Hubby to have). Lord only knows how long that will last. Still discerning what exactly my volunteer work should be in the parish, and still trying to figure out a way to get off the council...Perhaps I should say remove myself with grace and dignity from the council and the many (probably close to 25) years I have served in one committee or another should in fact be more than enough.

I glanced at the beans as I walked back from my friends yesterday, and yep they need picking once again. So I to add harvest and process beans to my list of tasks to be done today.

One great thing about this being a jam packed day is that I don't have time to spend cash. That makes this the 15th no spend day and only having 5 allowable spend days so far this month. Made a bit of an error yesterday in my calculations. Dang it.

Well off to dress, get coffee started in the pot, take my walk, and then start on the daily chore list.

Today I am grateful for the lovely harvest of beans and zucchini we have received. Really I am.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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Re: Daily Check In August 20th

Post by jckitty »

Good morning all,

Gayle, hugs and prayers for your journey.

Up and busy, 1 load of laundry on the lines. Done in the laundry dept. so will be doing floors here shortly.

DD bathed both dogs last evening, hers was itching...summer dermatitis and she found 2 fleas on him. Nothing on my scottie but he needed bathed anyway. I have sprayed both of them and now they aren't happy with me either LOL

I feel like doing nothing outside today, so hot and humid...storms possible this afternoon.

Chinese food tonight, with the girls. I am looking forward to it.

Colonial Girl, I understand moving out of a home you love...My parents went from a 3 story Victorian farm house (13 rooms counting those in the basement) to a 2 bedroom ranch in 1996. They were apprehensive but after they moved ,they were so happy. Less to take care of, and they got rid of so much stuff before the move. They often said, they missed the location but not anything else. It was a really good move for them.
Mom's knees gave out and she could not do stairs.

Off to get started again.

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Re: Daily Check In August 20th

Post by LogicsHere »

Good morning all.

Temps in the high 80s, but with a little less humidity. It was brutal yesterday; 2 mins outside and you were dripping.

Chores done for the day, yeah!

Tried a new recipe yesterday a spicy mustard chicken. Cooked it in my air fryer so it took less time than in the oven plus did not really add to temperature in the room. Had 1 large breast that I cut in half and I was able to fit both pieces in my small air fryer. I've got a couple more pieces of chicken . . . I'm planning on making them into chicken parm and on Thursday I'll go buy a fresh supply of chicken which I mentioned yesterday is on sale for $1.59/lb.

Since I don't mind eating the same thing a few times in a row, the remaining piece is large enough that I can make a sandwich from it for lunch and still have a piece large enough for dinner, along with a potato and an ear of corn.

Well, guess I should go for now. Have a wonderful day.

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Re: Daily Check In August 20th

Post by Mrscreative »

Good morning everyone,

It's pouring rain out and expected to last all day. We actually need the rain and at least I won't have to water the garden. Dh and I were going to go for a run before the rain started but he dawdled too much and it was raining too heavy to go. But I still got my exercise while dressed in my gym attire and ran up and down the two flights of stairs ten times. That's like climbing 20 stories and it's good to change it up from time to time. You can certainly feel the impact of this exercise. Afterwards headed down to the basement and did some light barbell work.

I made a nutritional smoothie this morning using up the remaining salad greens and pineapple core. That way nothing went to waste. I also made some cole slaw which we can have for lunch.

Dh is off to his dental appointment, getting a couple of fillings looked at. He wanted to get this done before our trip. I have an appointment next week for a routine cleaning.

I had intended to run some errands today but due to the heavy rain have decided to just stick around home and get caught up on things here.

Gayle wishing you the best for today. And Rinty thanks for my laugh of the day!


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Re: Daily Check In August 20th

Post by LWolfT »

Good almost noon ...

Warm and muggy ... had a bit of rain early this morning, storms forecast for tonight.

Gayle, safe travels ...
Good thoughts to Rinty's DH and to Maggie on health issues.

Out and about earlier for various errands. Made up another batch of cucumber salad. Have to get something in the mail and write a check ... (we paid bills last night, after taking a deep breath ... expensive month ... next month will be expensive, too.)

Dinner will be pasta ... am pulling out frozen tomatoes to make a rustic sauce (and to make room for more tomatoes).

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Re: Daily Check In August 20th

Post by rinty »

Good early evening !

Cooking DS meal ( kiddie food ) WE shall have Yellow Sticker , its marinated beef in teriyaki sauce and stir fry veg with noodles from M & S . :) LUXURY Yellow sticker food ! I went in there for a bra in their Summer Sale, 50% and got some yellow stickers as well.

We got back from visiting friends just now, DS is in the garden picking raspberries shouting OUCH but continueing to pick them bless him. He is keeping a running total............" Is 4 ! Is 17 ! Is 23 etc "...........just gone to check on him. FInal total was 54. Very pleased with himself.

" Breakfast ! Yes, you can !"

Our friends shared lunch prep, we took along French bread and food we knew DS would eat and we took them veggies ;) Also took pickled beetroot, it was a funny variety, the one that has alternate white and red rings, very pretty in salad but turned a Rather Pretty PInk as a pickle..............tasted lovely though.

DH came and as they are friends he was able to put his foot up and chill without feeling like a prat.........

Nice drive, 75 miles each way but little traffic. LOvely to catch up in person.

Jackie, I think that Bible study class is a REALLY good idea. Church gets waylaid by STUFF and we forget what its all about. I am a real fan of scripture study and love a good discussion. Its aback to basics thing. I think it would help you no end. As to everything else you do, yes, step away.

Maggie said it best once, I remember. Something like NO, thanks is a full answer, you don't need to justify or explain, step away.

DD taking DS out tomorrow. DH home resting, hopeful these meds were early enough to help. I need to garden/do schoolwork prep.............that's what NEEDS doing.

What I most prob WILL do ;) ...........is make a raspberry trifle ( om nom, nom ), shred paperwork and deal with carers ( always good for a laugh, NOT ) I was asked about my personality type once at work and got a shocked response when I shot back immediately with " Bitter and Twisted Old Bag " .........apparently being a a parent of a " special child " makes you a saint.............not from where I am sitting, luv ;)

Its a warm day and a balmy pleasant evening. Later I will go do the shopping, mainly stuff for DS, cleaning products and eggs. ( veggie frittata is my fall back meal right now )

Colonial Girl, I mean it re the MARMITE, I shall pick up a packet of marmite and cheese flatbread biscuits which are TO DIE FOR. Send me a PM ;) They are very light so postage would be minimal.............I have thought this out !

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