Daily Check In August 20th

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Re: Daily Check In August 20th

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Jackie, after THAT many years I would think you should be able to say simply "I've done my time and it's time for someone else to step up, I'll stay until such and such a date". As for the bible study, say yes it it calls you but it's also okay in my opinion to take of a season from volunteering in any way. Allow other church members to become involved. In the episcopal church the council is elected and they can only serve for a maximum number of years before stepping down (and then they can serve again at another time)

These days I am doing lots of outreach volunteering but nothng on a day to day week to week basis after all those years of doing food weekly and doing other things. I do intenive volunteering and such during certain seasons like for the christmas bazaar and the weeks a year when we have homeless styaing in the church. But I dont serve on the council or read, or usher or any of those things although this year I may consider making communion bread.

Yeserday I accompanied my son to one of those suit places (mens wearhouse) when he went to look at suits to wear for the wedding and onward. Obviously hes a grown man who can pick out his clothes but figured he could use a little moral support if all the suits were six hundred dollars and he needed to walk out after being measured (hes gone from a size 40 waist to a size 32 in less than two years and suit pants fit differently). Turns out they had custom suits special for a little over 200 bucks so we grabbed that. But then found out the white dress shirt was a hundred dollars! That is def going back and I'll give him my thirty percent of coupon to get one at Penney's. Fortunately my dress cost all of sixty bucks although I still need jewerly and we are trying to decide between a hotel suite and abnb for four days (Ill be staying with my daughter for two weeks prior)

These days I am embracing the philosophy that nothing needs to get done today except for somehow feeding ourselves and the dogs and letting the dogs out. What doesnt get cleaned today will be cleaned eventually and all that. I do however need to see whats in the freezer so I can plan some meals a few days ahead. And I need to at least walk around the house since the rec center is closed for maintenance for a week.

Today I am going to experiement with art lancape quilting. While Im still doing traditional quilts I'm experiementing with art quilts and painting fabric and all that cool stuff. As for knitting, its a good thing that this first project is an around the house sweater because itmay not fit and again I need to tear down some rows. After this im back to scarves and shawls and washcloths for awhile.

And now i shall grab my book and sit out in the sun on the swing while the dogs play for an hour......

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Re: Daily Check In August 20th

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Afternoon all
Up and at them early today - well early for me. Had a pedicure this morning and sadly had to drive through a typhoon to get there. My gosh we haven't had a rain like this in forever. We have intense thunderstorms - but this is an all day hard rain. I am sure there will be flood warnings again.

We postponed the viewing on the house until Thursday. I want to be able to walk around and look at the yard and with todays weather I would need water wings.

So since my afternoon freed up, I am going to work in the kitchen. Thinking that spaghetti sounds like a winner for supper. Well off to accomplish something - I hope.

Good day to all!

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Re: Daily Check In August 20th

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Well I said yes to helping lead a small group for the study. It isn't really a bible study, more a way to get people to pray and since it is the method I use (scripture, meditation, prayer and listening for God's plan) I feel I can't screw it up too much.

Did the Council meeting tonight and noticed a great many were missing. Wonder if the priest will give them the same soft lecture he gave me in June about missing meetings.

I hope to accomplish more tomorrow than I did today. Pretty much a washout for getting projects finished, and for getting garden produce processed.

Hubby, however had a great day for getting projects done. He got the old wall air conditioner out, the hole fixed on both the outside and inside. He even managed to get two layers of dry wall mud onto the inside with a sanding in between. Good thing he saved those bits of siding from when he did the house many years ago. Sure are coming in handy now.

Tomorrow I just have one short meeting at the bank with our financial advisor and then the day is pretty much mine.

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