Daily check-in August 23, 2019

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Daily check-in August 23, 2019

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To get us stated. Where is everyone?
Janet Alliesmama

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Re: Daily check-in August 23, 2019

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I thought it is really late and wonder where all of the early people who post?

My cell phone died yesterday and since it was next to useless where I live I am going to go in to town and check in to getting a better one.. I need something that works better in a rural area. I use to have Cricket and it worked well but my brother insisted that I be put on his son's friends and family plan and he paid for it. However since my nephew has moved to TN he dropped that plan. Tracfone does not work well in my rural area. I hope it will not cost an arm and a leg since I need one for safety driving long distances in a rural area. While in town will do a little cherry picking at the local grocery store. Not much else planned.

Have a good and frugal day everyone.
Janet Alliesmama

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Re: Daily check-in August 23, 2019

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Good morning fellow frugalites,

Just taken my morning pill and waiting to get a cup of coffee in three minutes. In fact in the length of time it took me to get my fingers to type properly I can go and start one in my Keurig. Back really quickly.

Back, coffee in hand, wrapped in a shawl and in my happy place.

The sky is overcast today, well really cloudy at any rate. I will need to get out for my daily walk very soon if I want to get it in. I should as I didn't walk as far as usual yesterday and can feel it in my bones today.

Then it will be home to get the usual Friday household tasks completed and be able to move onto the fun stuff like sewing!! Yep I finished the 4" square knitted blanket last night and will be moving right on into the sewing room. I hope to get a few items completed in there over the next few days. I just love being able to cross items off my own personal project/goal list. I might not get totally finished the list this month, but it seems by cutting down to one project at a time, I am managing to get more done. Must remember this is a busy time of year as well with harvesting and preserving/freezing.

I don't know if I will get into the garden today. I do know there are more beans to pick and I am hopeful that can wait until tomorrow. I have those two zucchini eying me every day asking in their almost inaudible voices "What is the matter with me, don't waste me, use me". So I guess at some point today I will take a big breath and get out my food processor. A bit of shredding is in order.

This will be another no spend day which should bring me to 6 allowable spend days and 17 no spend days. Love no spend days as they seem to engage my more inventive or artistic moments.

Supper tonight will be a tuna casserole. It was supposed to be tuna melts and soup, but we already had soup this week and since it seems like it might be a chillier day, the casserole sounds better. Also this will enable me to use up bits and pieces from the crisper as well.

Today I am grateful for Hubby as he puts up with my eccentricities and downright moodiness some days, and still manages to like and love me.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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Re: Daily check-in August 23, 2019

Post by Dgflorida »

Good morning Janet and all,

A busy morning in the neighborhood. Spinal deterioration neighbor who hates her insurance called all the neighbors to come look at her dragon fruit flower. It was quite a convention. The flowers bloomed all night and are closing now. I even sent hubs down to look. The neighbors have noted that he has not been walking, so this gets me out of trouble with them.

My walking neighbor, formally known as nervous neighbor, has been getting bills from the toll system every 2 months. She has to call and get the bills corrected because their optical reader can't tell the difference between a D and an O. She has decided to get a new car tag to stop the harassment. The toll people are awful and make so many mistakes.

I am now almost 100% after the Wednesday eye injection that made me feel so sick. Lawn guy is supposed to come today and I may try to plant that tree later after he leaves. Got the hole dug last week and my knee was unhappy for couple of days. I couldn't do the daily walk.

Normal frugal activities here. Did my free walk, recycled sink water and egg shells. Found out that I can recycle plastic bags and foam egg cartons. Even though I use cloth bags, sometimes the cashiers already have my purchase in plastic. Home Depot and now Walmart market are going to self checkouts, so that will help me avoid plastic bags. I will combine trips today grocery, car gas and recycling. House is set at 83F as is recommended by the DOE. I have selected energy star appliances for my new kitchen. It is the right thing to do for the environment.

Today, I am grateful that my spinal deterioration neighbor loves her beautiful flowers. Have a good day all.

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Re: Daily check-in August 23, 2019

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Good morning all.

Gloomy day here right now. Rained earlier and we're expecting cloudy weather all day, but the temperature has dropped and the humidity will be later this evening. Then we've got 3 to 5 very pleasant days ahead . . . temps mid 70s to low 80, and low humidity.

Main chore for today was supposed to be mopping all my wood floors but with all the dampness in the air,I'm going to hold off until tomorrow. Plus it being so cloudy, even with lights on in my apartment it's still quite difficult to see.

Got the first packet of material from one of my senior groups. There are at least 2 out of the 4 trips that she will be organizing that I plan on going on. The first is in Sept and will be celebrating the Feast of San Genarro. I at first thought it was going to be down in Little Italy in NY, but that's OK. The second is in November just before I go to Florida. It's a Wednesday matinee at our local dinner theater featuring An American in Paris. She also has a trip planned to a local art museum but I still haven't acquired much of a taste for it yet and the last a trip to see Twas the Night Before done by Cirque tu Soleil. I will be in Florida for that one. Actually I'm not crazy about acrobatics and things you have to interpret but I did find a preview of the show and it looks like it's going to be quite different than their usual performance. That one I might have enjoyed.

Have to run out to the bank today for cash for the next 2 weeks and to pick up some lottery tickets. I also need to get a couple gallons of water. Our town water is awful and can smell and feel like bleach being poured over your skin.

I've checked out the local grocery flyers and there are a few decent sales this week as well. Today I will revise my meal plan and schedule my shopping trips.

Can't believe that it's almost 10:00 already. Had no problem getting to sleep but woke up in the middle of the night and was awake for hours. Must have fallen back to sleep around 3:30 and when I finally did wake up it was after 7:00.

Oh well.

Going to finish dressing and myself out the door. Have a wonderful day.

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Re: Daily check-in August 23, 2019

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Last night I finished another Platypus . That was the third one I knit. I am still trying to decide on Gifts for Christmas. I have finished the few projects I have decided on. I make a list of names and put a project next each person as I decide on it. Since I have 2 January Birthdays they are on this list too. Since they are mailed at the same time.

Yesterday morning I requested carpet cleaning. I can get it once every year with a new lease. Now I have a few things to put away. That morning I will move the chairs to my table. I hope to get everything else off the floor before then.

I don’t feel up to doing it but I made the appointment to force me to do it.


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