Give up electricity?

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Re: Give up electricity?

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2dogs+someCats wrote:
Sat Aug 31, 2019 11:26 am
I have been without refrigeration before for months when there was an electrical problem in my old trailer that I couldn't afford to fix. Admittedly this is easier to deal with in a New York winter - ice and snow in coolers was the solution at the time. There are propane gas refrigerators but I don't like that option.

I already don't have fans in hot weather. My house is such that it stays relatively cool all year (read: freezing in winter!). I will admit to purchasing a box fan this year - we had an awful heat wave and I got it for my dogs - set it in front of a big pan of ice and the dogs got the "cool breeze". I only used it a few hours a day for 3 days - they heat wave broke and the fan went out in the garage to use for the next heat wave.

I already don't use lights during the day - even if it's dark and raining - other than I enjoy lighting a few candles.

Crazy or not, I really feel that is a challenge I would undertake if not for how scary other heat sources are to me.
Wow. Definitely not a choice I would make to go without electricity. But you will be more prepared than me (and most others) if the grid is hacked a la Ted Koppel’s book from a few years ago. Kudos. (I’m sitting with the lights on near my sofa and in the kitchen this Sunday morning.)

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Re: Give up electricity?

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I think we have the same temperatures preferences. I agree- there is some obscene use of AC going on in places.
clemencia2us wrote:
Tue Aug 27, 2019 10:52 pm
Delighted - our AC was out until July. I refused to get it fixed. To me it was not that bad. But i got tired of hearing the COD complain. A person that wants it about 85 degrees during winter! I don't understand that. If you want it that hot during the winter, that temp should be okay in summer? Right - lol

Well i finally gave in and called the AC people. Had to get a new outside unit thing. It has been very efficient. Yesterday was 104. That should be our highest temp for the season.

Now i guess i am lucky that the heat doesn't get to me. Probably due to my thyroid issues. Normal body temp is 97. We had a meeting today at a place where the AC was suppossedly not working. I was fine. Everyone was sweating bullets. They normally keep it at 68 degrees! That is insane!! I carry a light jacket when i go in there. I hear other people that want their AC set at 65 or 68. I would freeze. WE have ours at 76. I would have it at 80, but have to compromise.

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