Cataract surgery....

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Cataract surgery....

Post by ohjodi »

Has anyone here had cataract surgery? How did it work out for you? Was there discomfort or pain after the surgery, and for how long? I'm really hoping I don't end up with chronic eye pain.....although I've read that this is very rare.

I'm having my right eye done on Tuesday. Then two weeks later, the left eye.

I'm a little anxious about it.

I won't be able to get new glasses until eight weeks from now, because you have to keep using prednisone eye drops for six weeks. The Dr will set the lenses so my near vision is clearer than my distance. The Dr actually asked if I wanted clearer distance OR near, and I'm amazed that they can do that. When I said I wanted clearer near vision, both the Dr and his assistant asked "Are you sure? You'll need glasses for driving." And I thought, "So?" I don't want to mess with reading glasses. And my thought is if I'm ever without my glasses, like a tornado or fire or they get lost, I have to be able to READ, for pete's sake, lol

So if anyone has any experience with this, I'd love to hear your thoughts! Thanks!

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Re: Cataract surgery....

Post by Carleen »

My parents had cataract surgery and both of them did very well. They were elderly at that time. No problems at all.

Hubby had his done last year and he is very, very pleased. Again, no problems. I have not had any need for the surgery, though.
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Re: Cataract surgery....

Post by MackerelCat »

I had it done about two years ago. It corrected my severe nearsightness, but not the astigmatism and farsightedness, so now I wear glasses for reading and working on the computer. I can drive without glasses, but bought some sunreaders - reading sunglasses - so I can see directions on my phone.

It went well and there were no problems recovering from the surgery. The only thing that bugs me is there are no contact lenses that adequately correct farsightedness, so I will be wearing glasses from now on.

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Re: Cataract surgery....

Post by floridacatlover »

Jodi, Several people here have had it done including most recently ColonialGirl. I don’t think she had any problems.

I only have a small cataract but for some reason cataract surgery is delicate for people like me with severe glaucoma. So hopefully I won’t need the surgery for awhile. But I’ve thought about it and would be like you and would rather wear distance glasses than reading glasses. My good friend had the type of lenses that correct for both distance and reading. They were $$ and not covered by insurance. She likes them but it took time to get used to them. I think they are called Crystal Lens.

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Re: Cataract surgery....

Post by colonialgirl »

Hi Jodi -
First of all - no pain. My 2nd surgery was about 2 weeks ago. Some people complained of itching but I had none. For about 4 hours after the surgery my eye felt slightly irritated - like when somebody gives you an Indian burn on your arm in grade school - but very slight.

I can't give you any insight on the distance vs close up choice. I paid extra and got the corrective lenses so I no longer have to wear glasses at all. It is wonderful.

My eyes are a little dry - so I use eye drops several times per day. That seems to be improving over time. The worst part is the time between when they do the first eye and the 2nd. I ended up having hubs take the lens out of my glasses on my surgical eye. It takes a little while for your eyes to adjust working together after that two weeks is over but just a couple of days.

Let me know if you have any questions - I'll try to help any way. can.

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Re: Cataract surgery....

Post by clemencia2us »

My brother just had it this week

Brother in law a few months ago. All are doing well

Several other people i know have had it. Haven't heard of any complaints. They love it. They can see!

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