Daily Check In Sept. 5, 2015

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Re: Daily Check In Sept. 5, 2015

Post by ChristmasTrees »

A very very sad day for me. One of my dearest friends of almost 40 years died this morning...after a long ongoing battle with cancer.
She was truly an angel on earth, and I will miss her so much.

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Re: Daily Check In Sept. 5, 2015

Post by MackerelCat »

Christmastrees, I am so sorry about your friend. One of mine, who I'd known since 1974, died a couple of weeks ago. It leaves such a big hole in one's heart. {{{hugs}}}

Patty, that's great about your consignment shop finds, and 11Cats, way to go on the decluttering! I finally got DS to clean out his closet the other day and took a big bag of stuff to the Salvation Army yesterday.

I have been doing laundry today and helped the guys with a little yard work. My role in the yard is to pull up things and cut bad stuff down. I washed my hands and arms with Fels Naptha soap afterward, just in case any the poison ivy touched me.

Also made a loaf of rye bread today, which turned out great. And this morning I got to sit in the big chair in our bedroom, which is usually occupied by a cat, enjoy a cup of coffee, and read through an old crafting book. DH and I rearranged some furniture and moved a bookcase into our bedroom yesterday. It's wonderful to have my books shelved instead of stacked in a pile by the nightstand.

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Re: Daily Check In Sept. 5, 2015

Post by Jackielou »

So very sorry for your loss Christmas Trees.

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Re: Daily Check In Sept. 5, 2015

Post by Chickypoo »

Good evening everyone. I haven't done a daily check-in in years. But here I am again! :D

DH and I worked in the kitchen today cleaning it up a bit. It's difficult for either of us to stand in one place for any length of time -- my knees and his back -- but we did manage to clean. Of course, some of mine was done while sitting on a stool but it's better than nothing.

DH has been retired part-time / full-time/ and now back to part-time for 2 years now, my work hours have increased to full time, so he has been in charge of the house. PHEW! I feel like I'm a stranger in my own kitchen lately. Since he's gone back to driving OTR 3 days per week, I announced that I'm taking my kitchen back. I can't find anything, and he moved stuff to cabinets that are way over my 5'2" head.

We then went to a neighboring town to help a co-worker of Miss Priss' dad fill out some paperwork for a divorce. I haven't been in that town in probably close to 10 years (no need to go there), but while there I found a Roses Dept Store. Haven't been in one of those in years either. To Miss Priss' delight, I found her a really cute jumper for $7, plus a shrug to go over it for $4.

This evening we have our 2 youngest DGS's -- 6 and 5 y/o -- for the night. They can't figure out why Mamaw and Papaw make them hit the bed at 8 and watch a movie. They haven't figured out yet that we're old(er) and tire much easier than 5 and 6 y/o's do. But when your alarm goes off at 4 a.m. Mon thru Fri, you're doing pretty good to make it to 8 p.m.!

I think it's great to be back on a forum again, much more personal than Facebook, and as I said earlier I'm with my own kind -- those who want to save $$ anyway they can.

Have a great evening everyone!

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Re: Daily Check In Sept. 5, 2015

Post by BeckyO »

Late check-in
Evening Y'All,
I read too late again last night, so slept a good portion of today. The weather is reporting on the rain gusher we had. That helped me sleep sooo good : ) That helped with the drought we were said to be in. The sun is shining Under the black clouds in the sky.

Dinner (breakfast) is smelling good. I'm still culling clothing. Will paint and/or read the rest of today. Have a good evening.

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Re: Daily Check In Sept. 5, 2015

Post by mbrudnic »

Good evening everyone, Hubby and I pulled out of the driveway at 6:30 AM, we decided to take a short detour to Niagara Falls. We spent about an hour walking around. and getting different views of the falls. We Were about 15 minutes from our hotel when DS texted that they made the finals. So we will head back home first thing tomorrow without him. We went and had a nice dinner and are now relaxing in the hotel.


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