Daily Check In Sept. 5, 2015

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Re: Daily Check In Sept. 5, 2015

Post by AnneX »

Good Afternoon;usy

I've been a fairly busy bee this morning. Cleaned bathroom, washed bathroom and kitchen floors, did a quick vacuum. put away a load of laundry and did two more loads, took out recycling. watered plants on balcony and the pot at our building's front door.

it is now getting too warm for physical labour so I will shower and dress and take the subway to the reference library where I will sit for an hour or so and browse through some art books. Hope their air conditioner is working. Then i may borrow a book or a DVD or 2 from their circulating collection.

later I will go to Shoppers drug mart where is 20X-the-points day and to the grocery store. i have made lists for both.

i'm just starting to hear planes roaring overhead. it is the air show this weekend at the Canadian National Exhibition. i would not want to be down there at the lakefront sitting in the blazing midday sun looking up at the sky (but that's just me).

Take care,

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Re: Daily Check In Sept. 5, 2015

Post by BevMoore »

Good morning,
Yesterday and today have been the perfect autumn days but that will change very soon. For us summer is not over yet :( On the plus side rumor has it that not only are we due for a big el nino but it could start as early as next month! I sure hope so. To me October has always been the harbinger of fall but the past few years it has been just another summer month and the trees here don't change until November.

So since it is Saturday, the weather is nice and it is a 3 day weekend for me I drug out the fall decorations from the shed. I will be going through each tub and either using it or losing it. By that I mean if it isn't used it will go in the pile for the TOPS yard sale booth at the fall festival the first of next month. I hope to go through everything including the Christmas stuff. A fall yard sale is when holiday decorations are most likely to sell so I want to take advantage of that.

I also found out that since I am eligible for Medicare come January my daughter and I will be terminated from our current plan. I will still have parts of my Medicare covered by CalPers but my daughter needs to figure out her insurance. I have been warning her of this all year and I just sent her a long message telling her I received my notice of termination. So I really need to hop back on the frugal bandwagon just in case I end up paying more for medical care. In the meantime she and I need to get all our tests, checkups, etc. done before the end of the year. Wow 2015 has flown by!

The biggest area I will tighten up will be food. I have already cut back my produce deliveries. Next up will be surveying the pantry and freezers to see what needs to be used up soon . I don't need to do any major grocery shopping for at least a month or two!

Mom has cellulitis again so I will be treating that this weekend. This is like the third time this year. I have a feeling this sill always be an issue with her so we just have to stay on top of it.

Well I am off to tackle that first tote!


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Re: Daily Check In Sept. 5, 2015

Post by rinty »

Hey Annex I remember going to the Exhibition when I was a child : )

DH has signed us up in our borough to take in a refugee if it comes to it. He didn't tell me til he had already done it. I am proud of him.

Another Grandchildren day. They stripped all the tomatoes and dug up the last of the plants. I made a big preserving pan of stewed toms with herbs and garlic, again from our own garden. I froze it in batches.

Hope everyone is well and happy.

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Re: Daily Check In Sept. 5, 2015

Post by Jackielou »

Three cheers for your DH and yourself!!!


Since 3 this morning we have now gotten 4 inches of rain and it is still coming down. Hmmm, very little rain all summer and now this.

Off to do some more baking.

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Re: Daily Check In Sept. 5, 2015

Post by 11cats2beagles »

Greetings All! Well, no camping this weekend as planned because work calls for S.O. - completely unplanned but one of the shops has a crisis he has to tend to. I'm really fine with this...getting SO MUCH done around here and it feels great!

So far have cleaned out 5 cupboards and 5 drawers...purge, purge, purge! Brought in a nice, sturdy plastic shelf unit given to us by SO's aunt & uncle...it is perfect upstairs in our "extra room" (our bedroom is two rooms connected) with pretty baskets & bins on it...now holding socks, hair accessories, off-season clothing, etc. Boy did we need that storage solution!!

Have the kiddo's clothing sorted as well. Hauled off a trash bag and two boxes of clothing and miscellaneous household items to the Salvation Army donation center...love that! Kiddo #1 needs a few things for school...we are going for that this evening. S.O. took both kids for hair cuts the other day.

Break over...more organizing beacons! Enjoy the long weekend everyone!

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Re: Daily Check In Sept. 5, 2015

Post by chocolite »

Afternoon, y'all. It is a bright and sunny day here in the Memphis area. A bit warm for my taste, but cooler weather in on the way, according to the weather folks.

I went to get my hair cut this morning and stopped at a consignment shop I like, which is out of my way normally, but it's right down the street from my hair salon. I found a brand new pair of shoes (mary jane type with a 2" inch heel and a strap across) for $9 and change. They will be great for work. And I found a new black tunic that will look great with a colorful scarf to brighten it up. So I was happy with my finds.

I have pork chops marinating for tonight's supper. Maybe baked sweet potatoes and broccoli to go with. We are cleaning house, including the guest room, b/c my sister is coming on Monday. She will spend one night, then I'll take her to the airport Tuesday. She's going to her high school class reunion and will be spending some extra time there, in her old stomping grounds. I'm glad. Hope she has a wonderful trip.

Not too much else worthy of mention at this time. Hope everyone has a great Saturday!

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