Sept 8, 2019 Daily Check-in

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Sept 8, 2019 Daily Check-in

Post by gaylejackson2 »

Nothing more annoying than having your eyes pop open at 1am, and you can't get back to sleep despite doing all your favorite techniques. I gave up, and come out to my living room to poke at my phone & perhaps knit awhile. At least I slept 2-3 hours first.

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Re: Sept 8, 2019 Daily Check-in

Post by Dgflorida »

Good morning Gayle and all,

So sorry you are sleeping poorly, Gayle. Sounds like a nap is in your future.

It has been a good weekend so far. And I hope today will be great as well. Although I overdid it on Friday, got dehydrated in the heat and had a rough night getting rehydrated and electrolytes re-balanced, Saturday went better. I stopped more often, drank water and popped salt tablets(doctor's orders). Edema in my feet and legs did not happen and I slept well. In addition, I got a lot done to recovering the section of the yard that had gotten out of control. Two trashcans of weeds so far and hopefully a third one today. Knee is holding up well as long as I give it 2 ultrasound treatments a day and wrap it at night.

This morning, I will shop the Winn-Dixie specials and replenish my freezer with beef. I will also buy fresh salmon on sale for dinner tonight along with fresh broccoli and cheese. Add to this a $5 off digital coupon. A frugal win.

Normal energy and water saving activities around the house. Continuing efforts to reduce clutter both inside and outside the house.

Today, I am grateful that I woke up without pain. Have a good day everyone.

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Re: Sept 8, 2019 Daily Check-in

Post by rinty »

Me too actually, Gayle. Wide awake re worrying about something re the kids :shock: . Eventually got up read. Did fall back to sleep at 5 ish and had nightmares.

This morning had a DGK overnight so treated them to mcds breakfast ( ON A SUNDAY !!!) Normally I never shop etc on a Sunday but felt it was deserved.

Gayle, you asked about church yesterday. As it stands, DH and I aren't active. Is Jesus the Christ, do I believe scripture ? Heartily, but we've been let down a fair bit by people so I'm done right now. I am conscious that I and DH fulfilled very demanding callings ( service ) for many years with all that we had going on, yet others offered nothing to our adult children when there was a very real need.

I'm a frank, honest soul so there it is.

Beautiful sunny day. DGK has now gone home, I've been out to post some letters as well as several cards to a young lad whose mother posted something in a national newspaper. he suffers from EB a terrible skin disorder that actually fuses fingers, knees etc together. His mum says she'd like to deluge him with birthday cards for his birthday on September 15th. His name is Rhys Williams if anyone would like to google it, it was in METRO newspaper.

Washed two festering cushions innards that were hidden in a cupboard at work.....I am making two covers for them for our book corner ( that we were asked to create from NUTHIN on Tuesday :shock: I have some dalmation fleece and there MUST be something else child friendly knocking around in my craft room/bombsite.


" Countdown to Christmas ! Only 3 Prime Ministers to go !!!!

Ah, we British, eh ?

Picked a lb each of toms and raspberries this morning. DH wants to go dig in the allotment for an hour. I get to iron ;)

Dinner is roast chicken, our potatoes, our carrots, our beans and our corn on the cob. Booyah. Also our herbs in the stuffing. No yorkshires, its just us. Jelly and fruit for pudding. Though I did unearth a small pot of natural yoghurt at the back of the fridge......that means Pear Spice Muffins ( or in this case, whatever fruit I have on hand............apples OR raspberries ) Never tried it with raspberries ? Might be worth a go ........

The work TO DO list is LOOOONNG , as is the childcare this week so if I don't post its not to do with anything other than setting up a practical weekly routine having started work again.

Libby, you are marvellous, you seem to be coping really well. Gayle, I love you to bits, wish I was in YOUR ward.

And all the rest of you ! Snowangel, so sorry to read your DH had health issues ?

Have a lovely week guys and enough the last of the summer sunshine when it comes.

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Re: Sept 8, 2019 Daily Check-in

Post by alliesmama4 »

Good morning everyone. I had started a Sept 8 th check in but deleted it once I realized one had been started. We have a nice light rain and it is still dark. More like a Fall morning except we are going to go up in to the high 90's..Bummer.

Gayle sorry to hear you could not sleep. I know the feeling well but I do not have a husband and house full of children. I do hope you are able to get some down time later on.

Rinty always amazed at what you are doing.. I do not know how you do as much as you do in your house let alone work outside the home and then dealing with the concerns and problems with your DS. Glad you enjoy doing so many things with your DH and your DGK's.

Not much else planned since it is Sunday a day of rest in our family. I will be puttering in the kitchen and that is just about it.

Have a good and frugal day everyone.
Janet Alliesmama

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Re: Sept 8, 2019 Daily Check-in

Post by LogicsHere »

Good morning all.

Up early this morning, around 5A because I went to bed earlier last night. I can't believe that I'm feeling a bit sleepy already.

Temperature-wise it's supposed to be a nice 74 degrees, but partly cloudy . . . I can deal with that . . . much better than the heat in Florida these past several months.

Decided to balance my bank statement which I hate doing because they always seem to have a different balance than I do. But I'm glad that I did because I discovered that I missed a deposit . . . thought my balance was lower than it should have been.

Not much planned for today, but it will be a busy week. Have activities every day except Friday; makes for the month passing even quicker.

I have to admit that since I cut back on my newspaper to the 1 day a week, I really haven't noticed much of a change. It's obvious that I didn't read much of them other than the ads anyway. I only wish Gannett wouldn't force us into paying for a full online access as I rarely use it except for the USA Today supplements. Guess I'll need to fit reading the online paper daily so I feel like I'm getting my money's worth . . . LOL.

Got my maintenance increase notice and it will be going up $8 a month which isn't bad. However, Medicare Part B is expected to go up $8.80 to $144.30. Predictions for COLA are 1.7% right now. With the effect of the tariffs, it's also a possibility they, too will affect the COLA for 2020. Higher costs, higher COLA . . . good news but bad news at the same time.

Will be finishing off the last part of the roast I have in my freezer today. I've done well the last few weeks finishing and replacing with fresh. Will finish up my plan for the week this afternoon. I always have salad preparations to buy, not sure what fill-ins I will need as yet.

Well going for now. Have a great day.

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Re: Sept 8, 2019 Daily Check-in

Post by Mrscreative »

Good morning everyone,

Woke up very early- around 5:00 am. Just got up and enjoyed some time to myself. Mostly reading and playing on my phone.

No plans to do anything today aside from preparing meals. It is after all the day of rest.


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