Daily Check In September 11, 2019

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Re: Daily Check In September 11, 2019

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I had hung up repeatedly but to no avail. Even keyed in the number not to call again. They just wouldn’t stop until I wasted a paid person’s time.

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Re: Daily Check In September 11, 2019

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Hello all,
I most definitely remember 9/11.... I remember just wanting to be with family so much. I had my Tea room at the time and all of the customers just wanted to talk and be together...I will never understand how it happened and the meanness behind all of it.

I have been up , good sleep with some strange dreams. Laundry going, chickens fed and extra water as the heat is with us again...I also cleaned and re did their laying boxes with fresh bedding.
I have made the appointment for the septic cleaning and next I need to make arrangements to get on the list for leaf blowing/clean up, I will be hiring it done again this year. It was so worth it last year. I like the idea of doing everything for myself but I will tell you, so worth it!!!

I will be peeling and slicing apples today,

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Re: Daily Check In September 11, 2019

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Good Morning Everyone,

I am enjoying another fall feeling day in Tennessee. Honestly, it has been the wildest year in weather that I've ever experienced. Rained all Spring & Summer and now the cooler weather has arrived in late August. I'll take it tho. My yard is greener than it's ever been this year, can't complain about that. I decided to buy Mums locally from a man that buys them by the pallet load from the Amish and I'm picking them up tonight. Got me 2 yellows and two burnt orange ones.
I don't have time to make the trip over there.

I am dancing on air, had a 7:15 appointment yesterday morning with my cardiologist yesterday as the Dr's in Columbus wanted me to see all my doctors when I got home. They saw something iffy on one of the tests they did on my heart while I was there. Dr. Reddy says that it's an artery that is blocked, but at my age and with this kidney failure he see's no need to do anything. It's possible a stent could be placed there. They were talking by-pass surgery in Columbus and I knew I wasn't going to have that at 79 years old. I remember what DH went through when he had his and he was 13 years younger than I am now. I will see a Dr. Jefferson on the 23rd of October just to make sure that a stent would alleviate the issue to be on the safe side.

I am going to make a quiche and some blueberry muffins when I finish with this post for next week when Mr. B will be here. I like to have as much of my cooking done when he gets here so we can do fun things instead of fixing meals. Can't wait for him to get here. How I love that man, he was by my side every minute that he could be when I was in the hospital. I hate that I had to put him through that, but what a comfort to have him there. I also was very concerned that my insurance might not pay like it should since I was out of my HMO when it happened. I have to pay a deductible of $300 per day for the first 5 days that I am in the hospital and then Medicare and my secondary insurance pays everything else normally. Got my bill yesterday and both insurances have paid my $86,000.00 bill in full except that $1500.00. I was very happy to say the least. I have had a very very good week so far.

I was on my way to work when I heard on my radio that the towers had been hit. I will never forget the feeling of unbelief. I went to work, and we did have a TV in the office so I could see what happened. We were all glued to it, our boss was in Pennsylvania on a business trip and he told us to go home if we didn't feel like working. We felt we were just as safe there as we'd be home, but we didn't know if that was a one-time thing or if they would be hitting other cities, even ours. It impacted many lives personally and it will never stop. My heart bleeds for them.

Well ladies and gents, hope everyone has a fabulous day and enjoy every minute of it, I'm going to.
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Re: Daily Check In September 11, 2019

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Mrscreative wrote:
Wed Sep 11, 2019 10:49 am
I checked back and it’s not there now !
I deleted a spammer account this morning, along with several posts. Some of the posts appeared legitimate on the surface, but upon further investigation, I discovered that they contained text that was copied and pasted from other websites, including wikipedia. A couple of the posts had replies by you guys, which I also deleted, since the responses were no longer relevant.


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Re: Daily Check In September 11, 2019

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Hello friends,

Monday I went out to Salt Lake City Utah to get my MRI. That was definitely an interesting experience. I ended up with my entire left side feeling icy cold, and I could feel every single one of my fillings and crowns in my mouth, as well as all the scars where I had had foot surgery.

We got home about mid afternoon yesterday, and I went downstairs to get a stack of flannel, and my sewing machine, so I could switch up some baby burp cloths. When I got to my laundry room I discovered standing water about a quarter of an inch deep. I promptly texted my friend asking if she would pick up my girls from school school for me explaining why I needed her to do so. Then I got to work removing everything from the laundry room. After about an hour my boys came home from high school, and I got them to help me as well as my 11-year-old. Event hour after that hubby came home from work, then we proceeded to empty the laundry room discovering that the water was from the washing machine, which was my guess, and thankfully it wasn’t from the waterline again, like the flood from 1 1/2 years ago. At that point I went on my church Facebook page and requested fans from people & asking them to bring them. Well we had 45 men show up as well as of about 10 window and box fans standing fans, and between them and my husband and my teenagers they pulled up the carpet in natures bedroom the whole carpet below the stairs and anywhere else that was needed. A lot of hard work. At that point I was utterly exhausted and I was not moving. The men also hauled out our washing machine, which indeed had broken and had apparently been slowly draining water out for over 24 hours, not just a few hours that our oldest son had mentioned.

Today I got to go buy us a new washing machine, I also went grocery shopping, went to the bank,,. One of the families that had lent us their fans had asked for one back, because their water heater had broken during the night and they also had a flood. Another family brought us more fans this morning, the husband told me that their water sure had gone out this morning, but that their water heater is outside of the house. No damage was done.

Oh and I also received a voicemail about three hours ago saying that the results from the genetic tests are back. I called them back and the assistant says when can I call you. I originally said tomorrow, and I said no wait how about 4 PM today. I wouldn’t be able to sleep otherwise, I would be worried too much.

One good thing is that while I was at the grocery store, I found a cart full of markdown can vegetables. I bought 20 cans of sweet corn at $.25 each. I also got a 6 pound can of green beans for $1.50. Three packages of lined paper for $.90 each, and a couple other things for $.90 each. I bought more stuff than I had planned on, but I ended up with some good additions to my Food storage.

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Re: Daily Check In September 11, 2019

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Wow Gayle. You had quite a day. I am glad you got help from your church. Prayers for good test results.

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