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Daily Check in Sept 16, 2019

Posted: Mon Sep 16, 2019 7:49 am
by mbrudnic
Good Morning! No early-birds today.

Re: Daily Check in Sept 16, 2019

Posted: Mon Sep 16, 2019 7:56 am
by mbrudnic
Hi folks,

Another warm day here in SW Ohio. No real excitement going on in my life. I went out shopping with Mom yesterday. She was looking for some picture frames. Michael's had them on sale and we found some nice ones.

DS2 texted me to see if I would order him new contact lenses. With any luck then will come in before I go to see him on Friday for his birthday.

Such excitement.
Have a great day,

Re: Daily Check in Sept 16, 2019

Posted: Mon Sep 16, 2019 8:22 am
by Jackielou
mbrudnic wrote:
Mon Sep 16, 2019 7:49 am
Good Morning! No early-birds today.
I almost got on the computer at 1:30 am, but decided that would be like falling down the rabbit hole and I really needed some sleep.

Re: Daily Check in Sept 16, 2019

Posted: Mon Sep 16, 2019 8:43 am
by Dgflorida
Good morning all,

Another lovely Florida day. The sky is clear and the weather pretty nice. We had overnight rains which the garden needed. I was approved for a fly baby FB group and they are quite an inspiration. My neighbor with the "shall not name" medical insurance came over at dusk last night. This time she carried leftovers from their fresh fish dinner. I thanked her and then asked her how she was feeling. She is having problems with her medical insurance and she began to give me details, but it started to rain. I said I would visit her this afternoon. She needs to vent. Old dance partner is scheduled for several tests this morning after complaining of a headache and dizziness. I said I would call him this afternoon and see how it went. Looks like a day to listen and be supportive. My walking partner neighbor is sad. Her grand daughter lost her baby yesterday, a miscarriage. She didn't feel like walking this morning. My military son doesn't want to give up his truck when he goes overseas in 6 months. We volunteered to keep it here. He was relieved.

Today will be a short task day since I need to spend the afternoon providing support for friends and neighbors. I made pot roast yesterday on the porch in the slow cooker yesterday, so we have leftovers to eat. I always cook up a mess of dry beans with the roast. I always seem to think there will be enough beans to freeze a pint. But they are so tasty, there never is. This morning, I will call the kitchen designer and go in and pay my money for the new kitchen. I will also do my regular morning chores. I had hoped to go to the big Walmart today, but that will have to wait. Today is listen and support day.

Today, I am grateful for running water. Turning on the faucet and getting good water is a wonderful invention. Thoughts and prayers for those who are feeling poorly today.

Re: Daily Check in Sept 16, 2019

Posted: Mon Sep 16, 2019 8:49 am
by Jackielou
Good morning fellow frugalites,

It is supposed to be another beautiful day today, so hopefully I can get a bit of work done and then head outside for a nice walk before it gets too warm.

Frugally today should and will be another no spend day. This will bring my total to I think to 10 no spend days and 6 allowable spend. I think I better start making ticks on the calendar as I am getting confused.

Laundry will be hung on the lines outside, and washed in the most frugal way possible. My household cleaning tasks will keep right on using up those cleaners I stocked up on what seems like years ago now. Meals will be made with what is on hand in cupboard, fridge and freezer. Herbs will be dehydrated, and if I find a bit of time I will do some baking. It will reach almost 100 F here today, so the air conditioning will be on any ways.

I also need to write up a bit of a report for the parish council meeting. I hope to get that dropped off early as well as a few things that need to be put with the prayer shawls. (Clean up my sewing/craft room a bit more).

I started pinning the denim quilt squares together last night. Got quite a few of them finished before I stopped. No knitting done, but lots of embroidery was done on the second tea towel during the afternoon. I just learned that one of our nieces is having a baby in February and I am going to look for the right blocks to add to some embroidered baby type quilt squares. I could be in the hospital having my surgery when she has the baby, so I will get this completed (all but name) well before then.

After my usual long list of Monday chores are completed (and I have helped Hubby remove more of the living room carpet) I will work on my fun stuff. Hope to have the second tea towel completed today, two rows knit on the temperature blanket, and of course some more of those stashed denim squares pinned together for the next quilt top (from the looks of my 4" fabric squares stash I could more than likely make another 7 quilts before making a big dent. Guess what people will be getting as gifts for awhile). Hubby is going to have a bit of a fit when he sees me madly sewing upteen number of quilts over the next year or so.

Hubby is probably going to remove the remainder of the carpeting in the living room today. I also think we should remove a few items of furniture as well (not that there is that much still in there). That will be my extra cleaning task for today. I can do the light stuff on my own, but the heavier stuff needs the two of us and a place where I can grab hold with my weakened wrist. No flat surface moving for me any more.

Supper this evening is going to be Salmon cakes, salad, rice (or perhaps leftover roasted potatoes cut up and fried with some onion) and some canned peaches for dessert (must remember to empty the can into a pretty bowl at some point today, don't think sticking the can with spoon on the table would make it look appetizing). The salmon cakes could change as well. I will still use salmon up, but as I have some phyllo pastry in the fridge that needs using things could get a bit fancier.

Today I am grateful for another day I can walk outside in the morning and see the magnificent yellows of the trees colour change.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

Re: Daily Check in Sept 16, 2019

Posted: Mon Sep 16, 2019 8:50 am
by clemencia2us
I'm up and about

Trying to establish a new pattern of getting up early.

It is nice out today. Sunny and cool

On my second cup of coffee - tastes great

Everyone have a great day