Daily Check-In October 10/19

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Re: Daily Check-In October 10/19

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Yes Rinty

Don't understand why she would run off under official cover.

If it was an accident - doubt she would serve time

I'm thinking she was impaired in some way.

Read that this has happened several times over the years. US military people driving under the influence at night - going the wrong way! And fast. One was traveling 70.

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Re: Daily Check-In October 10/19

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jckitty wrote:
Thu Oct 10, 2019 10:47 am
Good late morning all,

New fan/light combo installed and working fine, house cleaned afterwards and above stairs fixture also installed. I feel like I am bleeding cash this month but it had to be done.

Creative, glad you had a great trip...what is this Neo ? stuff you speak of?

Thanks all for the thoughts of my deceased friend. I am still processing it.

I cannot stay away from the news coming out of the WH....he is unhinged, and making this country look so bad and uncaring...I just want to scream he does NOT speak for me.

I think steak for supper tonight, I don't want them to linger in the freezer, bought them before dad passed.
It is cool but sunny, slowly getting yard ornaments put away, next up is store the outdoor furniture.

Off to get busy again.
Yes - every day things get weirder! I wouldn't be surprised if he does shoot someone so he can "prove" he was right when he said that nothing would happen to him!

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Re: Daily Check-In October 10/19

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rinty wrote:
Thu Oct 10, 2019 1:17 pm
Hey All,

No posts from Gayle ? Thinking about you, Gayle !

Knackered. We had said we'd go the theatre this week but just flat out too tired. I am covering two jobs due to sickness, not cos I am wonderwoman but because there isn't anyone else.

DH has cooked all week, nuthin' exciting but he did make some of his lovely fried chicken yesterday and that hit the spot. Too tired to chew tonight frankly ;) so I have said I am settling for pate on toast followed by yoghurt.

Its beenr aining for WEEEKKKSS it seems so I can't line dry anything.

Took the lazy way out and did card making for Craft Club, I appreciate there are SOME skills needed for card making but it is basically Cutting and Sticking, c'mon ;) They loved it so a WIN.

SO glad tomorrow is Friday. The kids are desparate to see us this weekend ( bless ) so its gammon and mashed homegrown potatoes for all with homegrown sweetcorn on the side with brownie for pudding and a date slice. POSSIBLY even having some grandbabies overnight on Saturday.

Possibly ;)

Tonight I will do a delicates wash that I can hang to dry inside and chug through some DS "stuff".

Then a warm drink and off to bed early with a library book.

Livin' on the edge, here

I DID do a bit of Seasonal Overdecorating as DH puts it and did the mantel and ALL of the dresser in the kitchen. I called them Seasonal Vignettes just to annoy him ;)

Go Big or Go Home.

I switch out my vintage china teacups, jugs etc to autumnal colours and patterns. I like having a fruit tea ect in a china tea cup rather than big clunky mug.

The news story that is getting to me right now is that of Anne Sacoolas. How can someone have absolutely NO moral compass ?
Tuesday I ran around on adrenaline leftover from Monday's rages, and Wednesday I crashed in a sense from lack of energy. Plus I had plenty of visitors who kept me from having too much spare time.

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Re: Daily Check-In October 10/19

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by gaylejackson2 » Thu Oct 10, 2019 2:13 pm

Hello friends,

Thank you all!!😊😍

Tuesday, my friend took me out to do a few errands. I wanted to get some fabric and embroidery floss, and 11 x 14 picture frame to use to make a gift for my nephew who is getting married next month. Yesterday I traced out what I wanted and started embroidering in the afternoon. Doing this is somewhat calmed my anxiety over not being able to knit. My hubby thinks it’s foolish, as do some others, but nearing is the thing I have done for many years, and crocheting before that, to help me calm down, and to feel happy. Without it, I feel very lonely and anxious and sad, and even angry!!

Tonight we will leave and go out to Salt Lake City, to be able to rest up a little bit before our, or my brother, cancer appointment in the morning. My girls will go to the same family that cared for them during my surgery, and the boys will stay home. Dinner will be brought by
some lovely ladies.

It has turned very cold here. A cold front came through yesterday, and is still lingering in the mountains. I saw snowflakes flying past my window two hours ago at 11 AM. Hubby just called me to ask if he thought if I thought we should take my expedition out instead of his Thunderbird. I said yes emphatically! It is good in snow & ice, and I feel safer in it than his old Thunderbird.

See you all later. My sandwich & apple await me, along with the embroidering I’ve started for my sanity & dn’s wedding gift!


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Re: Daily Check-In October 10/19

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Hello troops -
Had a doctors appt today- luckily the mark on my leg is just that - a mark on my leg. My dermatologist was young, blond and looked like a contestant on American idol. I am used to my docs all being younger than me - wasn't ready that looked like a runway model. Very sweet gorgeous girl.

Gayle - the only thing that brought me back to life after my mama died was doing embroidery. It was the only time my mind was ever at peace from the grief and despair. Keep stitching.

Rinty - I understand the principal behind diplomatic immunity. But scum uses it to shirk responsibility. I am with Clem - she was likely impaired in some way. Certainly she is entitled in all ways. But "the law doesn't apply to me". seems to be a religion among the wealthy and privileged in our country. A belief I dearly hope gets smashed to bits.

Kitty - I hear you on your amazement at what is going on. Our administration is a giant boil of corruption with no bottom. I just sit slack jawed with surprise & horror daily.

Saturday night there is a neighborhood Weiner roast. I have to take a covered dish but can think of nothing good. Any ideas? I am tired of taking Texas potatoes or deviled eggs or baked beans. Wish I could think of something good and different. Thought about a batch of chili since it will be cold weather. But the logistics of eating a soup makes it seem like not such a good idea. I will also make something sweet. Thinking about Pecan Tassies. Those are always a hit.

My beloved Cardinals are in the championship game so that is making me happy. Well off to do absolutely nothing. Have a great evening all!

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Re: Daily Check-In October 10/19

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Having lived in both the New York metro area and the Washington DC metro areas.

In both of them there were often foreign diplomats who committed crimes here and got away with the crime because of diplomatic immunity.

So this happens both ways.


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