Daily Check In October 12th

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Re: Daily Check In October 12th

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Mrscreative wrote:
Sat Oct 12, 2019 11:12 am
Good morning everyone,

Woke up to some snow but it has mostly melted on the ground. This motivated me to finish up switching my clothes over. All my cute summery clothes I wore on the cruise have sadly been stored away until next season. And on with the bulky, chunky sweaters and fleece pants. Still have garden cleanup to do but was amazed to see all the kale and parsley that had grown. Even more amazed to see yet two more zucchinis and dd had already picked and used one! We had relatively mild weather when we were gone.

Rinty I am amazed by your yellow sticker bargains! I found the cost of living in London to be extremely expensive. We did discover the Embankment Grocery (situated on Albert Embankment, the same area as our hotel) and were able to pick up some breakfast pastries and fruit from there. We washed that down with the hotel's instant coffee in our room. The grocery was more like a convenience store but still much less expensive than eating out every day. I will say this - our hotel was in a good location and at least on the better side of the Thames River to get to Gatwick Airport using ground transportation. The Airport Pick up service worked out excellent both ways and offerred a flat rate of 63 pounds including both dh and myself and our luggage. I had no idea Gatwick was so far away from our hotel. We did pick up some yellow stickered yogurt from the Embankment Grocery though! Our hotel room didn't have a microwave and charged 20 pounds non refundable for the privilege of using the bar fridge (no thanks!!) We got around that simply by picking up our food daily and eating it immediately. We also discovered the Cafe Madeira on Albert Embankment offered decent supper options which cost a lot less if you ate in an area usually reserved for breakfast and lunch. Sure it lacked table cloths but the owner was very accommodating towards us and our dinner cost 19 pounds as opposed to about 50 pounds for our first meal. This was following our 10 mile walk! At this point we were famished!

I thought of you often Rinty those few days I was in London. Although we booked 3 nights, we didn't arrive the first night until about 7 pm and left the final day at 7 am. So we really had only two full days and spent almost a full day trying to connect with db-in-law. Heartbreaking we were there and so close but so far away. And talk about emotionally draining! I was really saddened not to make it to my ancestral home which is located in Streatham, We were warned by both hotel staff and also by our airport shuttle driver that this was a dangerous part of London where we would be a definite minority. So dh wouldn't allow me to go and I agreed best not to be mugged or worse. I did cross over the Lambeth bridge several times that I remember my Grandmother telling me about and paid special tribute to her there. Also marveled at Westminister Square and Big Ben. It appears that my great grandparents moved around to several boroughs as my Grandmother was born in Lambeth, her older brother a different borough and they left for Canada from Streatham. Also did a google search of the district which confirmed what we had been told. The second day it was impossible to catch a cab to central London. But on the positive side we enjoyed an incredible walking tour which was included in the HopOn Hop Off bus package and had very close access to the changing of the guards from some strategic viewing positions. It was after that that our nightmare began on the bus as dh was tired from walking and wanted to take the bus to get "closer" to our hotel! My goodness, we have made so many memories we'll be talking about them for years to come! Even though nothing at all worked out to plan in London (didn't even get to Picadilly Circus or inside a decent souvenir shop) we still had a good time! I also feel better after having given our hotel a one star rating! And requesting a partial refund of our deluxe bus tour.

I went to my Retirement Explorers group yesterday and we shared our favourite Thanksgiving recipes and treats. I pulled a zucchini loaf from the freezer as it was what I had on hand. Just no energy to make Rinty's Dutch apple cake with lemon sauce recipe! Didn't have all the necessary ingredients either! There's always another time. I also replenished my library books.

Floridacatlover, I'll see about posting more Instagram photos over the next little while. I just finished posting on Facebook after returning home. My free wifi access overseas was pretty limited and mostly confined to keeping in touch with both dd's and ensuring our bank accounts were all in order, as well as my AC Conversion pre loaded debit card.

On the positive side - we have quite a few Euros and pounds left on my card. We'll convert them to American dollars as no sense converting to Canadian and then to American. You lose money with every conversion.

Still feeling a bit loopy but the congestion has subsided. I'm finding the jet lag more severe returning. But we did go 26 hours without any sleep and that 8 hour layover in Toronto was like h*ll! It also took almost 2 hours to drive to Gatwick from our hotel.

Later on will review all the flyers and make a shopping list based on items on sale. Both dh and I really enjoyed the cruise portion of our trip and it's certainly the way to go and still see a lot of Europe - too old to be packing up and moving on from hotel to hotel every day! Dh is actually open to another cruise but think it will be at least 18 months before we consider. We still haven't recovered from this trip!


Creative, I’m glad that you and your DH made so many memories on your trip even with the disappointments in London. I’ll look forward to seeing more Instagram photos. I was only using my phone for most of my trip to RI so did not look at all you posted so far. That is great that the auto pick-up service to/from Gatwick worked so well. Yes, it is quite a distance.

My hotel in London was very near Buckingham Palace. It had a microwave and refrigerator and I bought cereal, milk, fruit and a few sandwiches from the Waitrose grocery store around the corner. I would definitely stay there again and would have recommended it to you but knew you wanted to stay in the Lambeth area.

On Wednesday my good friend and her DH fly to London. It is supposed to be a crazy week in Parliament so I wonder if the city will be gridlock. They are staying near the Tower of London so a bit away from the core tourist area.

Welcome home.

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Re: Daily Check In October 12th

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ChristmasTrees wrote:
Sat Oct 12, 2019 11:29 am
Hello all. DH had an outpatient surgery yesterday so we are taking things easy for the next few days. I say we...because if I don't take it easy....he won't either. He is good...feeling better today than yesterday.
So...just puttering around the house getting smal things done.
I’m glad that your DH is feeling good and that his surgery is over. Good idea to both take it easy.

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Re: Daily Check In October 12th

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Hello all.

Happy Thanksgiving to Jackie, Creative and all Canadians.

I’m relaxing today, still catching up from my trip. My cousins are 75 and 73 but they are full of energy so my trip wore me out in a good way. They are involved in lots of activities and are out and about a lot.

Yesterday I had to get a new tire. The day before I saw a screw in my tire when I was parked at Publix. Pretty sure it was from the off-site airport parking that uses remote lots. The screw was too close to the edge to repair. I’m just glad that I didn’t get a flat driving home from the airport on the highway.

I cut mom’s back yard. It probably could have gone another few days or even longer but I’m glad I got it done. Three inches in the rain gauge from when I was away.

Have a good day.

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Re: Daily Check In October 12th

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Hello friends,

I slept hard, thank you Melatonin and the dratted drain being removed! I did wake at 4am but did go back to sleep until 8:34am when dd6 rattled my door, saying “Mom?” As Rinty said, It was a lovely lie-in. I got close to 10 hours of sleep!!😊💛

You poor folks, I think I rant too much here, but journal-writing is less fun for me as every time I look at my cancer journal, I remember how hubby decided it was okay for Him to read my private thoughts & feelings, and I feel violated all over again.
However last night I gave it another go, yet I did not feel any better, and finally closed it and threw it in the corner against my dresser. Dresser won & journal corner was bent.
Hubby got up & left the bedroom to go watch TV for hours, it's his stress compensator. He was frustrated with me, I was frustrated with us both.
Stupid me, I was soo grumpy that I chose not to take ANY pain meds last night. I sure hurt when I awoke this morning. I took a full oxy, plus all the usual others.

This morning, I talked to him rather frankly. I told him things I haven't before, that YES I AM NEGATIVE, but it's not meant towards him, but towards STUPID CANCER—how its a GIANT BULLY that I cannot see or feel or hear, but that I know its there, and just because the actual physical presence has been removed, that does not mean that I am all fixed. No that Bully is still making it's presence felt, and I have not yet come to the terms of it all YET!! Then I asked for patience while I worked out everything, and told him that it Might Take Awhile!

It’s nearly 11am. I sat down about 20-30 mins ago, after I arranged everything to my satisfaction. I spent Way Too Long upright, ignoring my aching back. Now I’m feeling utterly exhausted, almost to sleepiness, my neck hurts too which seems strange to me.

We have one more dinner coming tonight, hopefully this girl is as careful as all the others have been. I did send her a text message asking her to msg me pictures of her ingredients list before she starts cooking. Hopefully she isn't offended by this.

I’m off to reread all my cards, update my gifts/visits/dinners list, and maybe start writing thank you notes—though have noticed I have no more tiny envelopes to go with my leftover wedding thank you cards. I’ll also embroider awhile on dnephew’s wedding gift.

Today I’m thankful we have sunshine to go with the morning’s icy-cold temps.

Dh said it was 22*F at 8am when he & ds16 went to go pick up Dh’s work truck. Temps are at 38*F now & due to rise to 57*F—if so, I may go out & sit in sun, wrapped in a blanket or my winter coat.

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Re: Daily Check In October 12th

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floridacatlover wrote:
Sat Oct 12, 2019 12:48 pm
I’m glad that your DH is feeling good and that his surgery is over. Good idea to both take it easy.
thank you!

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Re: Daily Check In October 12th

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Gayke, not yelling at you, but PLS no matter how tired you are take your pills, in my case I needed to stop the pain before it started. :D

Getting the oil changed and tires rotated for tomorrow, I'll be on the road for over 6 hours for my cousins memorial.

He and his wife were/are very involved in their community, so I think that it will be a very full memorial.

My younger sister will drive there and back with me. She wants o drink, :roll: hopefully no insulting anyone, we have a lot of Irish in us and so drinking is a normal thing. I don't drink so there we are. (we for the most part are not talking drunk 8-) )


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