Daily Check In October 12th

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Re: Daily Check In October 12th

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Thank you, everyone. I will not stick around even one second past 4:30 p.m. on Thursday. I do want a part-time job that I can leave there when the office door closes for the day.

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Re: Daily Check In October 12th

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MackerelCat wrote:
Sat Oct 12, 2019 9:02 pm
Gayle, Rinty is right: request more help. You had enough surgery for a dozen people and can't use your arms enough to cook. (((HUGS)))

I have had a lovely day. Bought groceries, ordered dog food, chopped down the hedge of weeds in the back yard that grew up when DH did not feel like seeing to things. The yard and floors lately look like we need hired help!

Also emailed in my resignation to work. The stress and overwork have caught up with me, plus the absence of a fulltime pastor meant anyone could walk in and give me work to do and then yell at me about it. There is a problem with old churches that stop growing in that they turn into country clubs with a little Jesus on the side when convenient, and that is what was happening.

So I am taking a little break of a few months and will look for a part-time job. It felt like a great weight came off my shoulders today.
Mackie good for you. I know you have been the back bone of the church since you started there. You will be missed that is for sure. You are right about what happens in churches. My Aunt's church was so contentious the older ladies and the younger ladies had to split in order to have their own ladies counsels. The older one did not like what the younger ladies wanted to do and the priest had the final say so. So sad. Glad you are taking some time off to take care of yourself and get better with your health. I know money will be tight but I found once I could no longer work I manged to be more frugal since I had the time and energy to do so.. Good luck.
Janet Alliesmama

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