Daily Check in Oct 13, 2019

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Re: Daily Check in Oct 13, 2019

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Good evening everyone ,

I’m going to have what Janet’s going to have for breakfast tomorrow. Thanks for the best laugh of the day ever! Those stone cut oats of mine do take hours to cook, 😂!

No fancy spread for dinner this evening as I’m still not well. The cold has progressed to an annoying, hacking cough. But still a lot to be grateful for. Leftover spare ribs for dd and Dh, mushroom and veggie stir fry and rice, oven roasted potatoes , steamed broccoli and cauliflower and Stovetop stuffing. No judgment please!

Took out two last remaining pieces of the carrot cake with cream cheese icing for Dh and dd. I managed nicely with a piece of store bought pumpkin pie heated. Am sipping apple spice tea and going to watch some mindless tv - 90 Day Fiancé! Hopefully will be able to sleep through the night tonight. Am slowly feeling better!


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Re: Daily Check in Oct 13, 2019

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Thanksgiving supper done, the DS's did the dishes, and I got to relax (well sort of).

Now I am going to sit and knit for awhile.

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Re: Daily Check in Oct 13, 2019

Post by alliesmama4 »

rinty wrote:
Sun Oct 13, 2019 3:48 pm
Hey Mackie, Come to England for some rain, its been chucking it down for around 3 weeks straight............

Nearly bedtime here. Nice day all round. Dinner was LOVELY, and we sent home desserts and still have some for us for the week ahead, date slice and brownie. I doubled the date slice recipe as both DDs are fans.

Little bit of every else left, bit of cauli cheese, a few roasties and a bit of gammon.

Menu for the week ahead is............

Oatmeal or Weetabix for breakfast. Quiche and salad for lunches til we run out of DH Yellow Sticker bargains ;)

Dinners..........Monday, lentil and bacon homemade soup from the liquor of boiling the gammon............YUM.

Tuesday ..........Frittata, using all own veg, new pots, French beans, onions, shallots etc

Wednesday..........vegetable stew and cheese dumplings from an old Margurite Patten wartime cookbook. I used to make it a lot whenthe kids were little, the DDs especially love it.

Thursday............pasta dish........poss sardine and tomato.......sounds vile but actually a MEditeranean recipe and VERY nice.

DGKs have been stars, its been art, art , art all weekend. Today the 12 yr old asked me to work with him, he picked a topic and we both worked on it, ( my craft room means YES I do have good quality sketch pads and watercolour pencils ;) ) His sisters...........6 and 3 wanted in on this, so I sketched out a picture and they coloured it in very seriously ( no scribblin' , G'ma !)

ANYWAY, this week is a relief re work as my collegue is now back after 9 days off so WHOOT it will seem like a holiday only doing my job.

Wednesday will be trying. its poor DS MRI scan, all good thoughts and prayers welcomed as I don't see how this is going to work and bless him, he'll be so stressed out by the idea of it never mind anything else.

So , hope everyone is well and happy this week coming as I can't see me having time to pop in and post, I need to make up my time off as I 'll be at the hospital all day .

Love to all, thoughts to Littlemiss, dialysis is a bugger, you make me think of my DM.
Rinty good luck with your DS. I will keep you both in my thoughts and prayers.
Your menu sounds so yummy..
You are a great Grandmother with all of the crafting things you have done and get the grand children interested in.
Janet Alliesmama

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