another article on what we waste money on.

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another article on what we waste money on.

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For the most part I don't think that most of us either ever did or no longer do these things.


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Re: another artical on what we waste money on.

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I do some of them, but I consciously do so.if that makes sense? I own an SUV, always have always will. And while I dont to the magic kingdom I have reached that point in life when I'm sleeping in the good hotel and having wine and appetizers and dessert at the restaurant.

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Re: another article on what we waste money on.

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I agree IC. We don't do the money wasters for the most part. I do take a vacation twice a year or so. But I have come to realize that as a full time caregiver, I need to get free from the responsibilities or I lose positive energy.

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Re: another artical on what we waste money on.

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I have always been frugal, mostly by necessity.

For years we were a one car family. I was mostly a full time Mom. So that if I needed the car I drove my husband to work and picked him up.

We waited to buy our first car until we could afford to buy one. My husband was stationed in Germany. I rode the bus everywhere I needed to go. At the time my German rental apartment had about a one cubic foot refrigerator. I could freeze either 8 mini ice cubes or 2 sticks of butter. My husband brought a quart of milk home every night. Before his days off he would bring home 2. There was no room for a half gallon container.

The Army ran a bus 3 times a week to the PX and commissary I was on that bus 3 times a week. With a toddler, I couldn't afford the nursery many times. 2 of the times involved eating lunch out. I would buy my self a dinner and use the roll plate for my son's meal. I gave him some of mine. Most of the other women who brought small children bought themselves a burger and fries, giving the toddler a few fries.

Later when I worked downtown, I rode the bus to work, I had to walk several blocks or change buses.

When I bought my sewing machine while we were stationed in Germany the second time. I chose the least expensive machine that had the features I wanted.


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