Daily Check In October 16, 2019

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Re: Daily Check In October 16, 2019

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Good Evening Friends. Well, I have figured out when the Library is QUIET - at 7:00 p.m. on a rainy Wednesday evening - YESSSSS - Quiet!! :-)

Enjoying every minute of my "stay-cation" - lots of walks with the dogs, some serious crafting going on (I don't spend much of anything on supplies, I craft from "junk"), lots of cooking from scratch and puttering about the house - loving it! Enjoying some good books and movies and lots of naps too. I am NOT going to want to go back to work - but I know once I do it will seem good - so a win-win.

Loving the fall weather - sun, rain, all of it. Just a quick check in friends and I'm off to walk home - have my warm jacket and good umbrella and will enjoy. Take care.

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Re: Daily Check In October 16, 2019

Post by floridacatlover »

MackerelCat wrote:
Wed Oct 16, 2019 3:32 pm
FloridaCat, Boscov's is where I mentioned buying petite clothing. I order online, and there's no sales tax since they have no stores in Tennessee.

Amazon lately has carried Lee petite twill slacks, which I wear every day to work, for about $31 a pair. They wear like iron and are neat and comfortable, so that's where I've been buying slacks.

I am taking a coffee break at work, having spent a lot of time cleaning up computer files and naming everything so whoever comes after me can find stuff. I also wrote up a bare bones "how to" document, but won't go into great detail because I can't teach someone how to use four or five computer programs by writing it all out.
Mackie, I’m glad that I remembered correctly about your good luck with petites at Boscov’s. It was a nice store and I’ll now look more at their website. In RI there is no tax on clothing so I was lucky there.

I also like Lee pants and have bought from the Lee website but will check out Amazon. Good price and maybe free shipping.

I’m glad that you are leaving your job and will take a break. They took advantage of your work ethic in my opinion. Hope you can relax and de-stress.

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Re: Daily Check In October 16, 2019

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Mrscreative wrote:
Wed Oct 16, 2019 4:19 pm
Update - groceries bought and put away this morning. Made myself a leafy salad for lunch along with a French toast bagel and old cheddar. I was craving something sweet! I ended up having to chop up the veggies for the salad - sweet peppers, mini cukes and green onions. Dh did end up going golfing and took a bagel with peanut butter and jam for lunch along with some fruit. So all meals came from home. Dinner will be a roast bought on special for dd and dh. I think I'll just have some boxed soup for dinner. I just lack the motivation to cook, not feeling well at all.

Floridacatlover - dn has started chemotherapy and has had a remarkable positive attitude. The whole family recently got together for lunch and I must say she looks fantastic. But I know that she is still gravely ill and her prognosis remains poor. Dsis-in-law (the one who told dh and I that we were selfish) also made it to the luncheon even though it meant her dogs had to be left alone for most of the day. She hadn't crossed the border over to Singapore since 2014 so clearly has been holing herself up in the house where she cared for d-mother-in-law (now deceased) for so many years. We were glad she finally made the effort but I don't think all the dnephews and dnieces would have had it any other way.

I picked up the photos I got developed from my camera this morning and am really happy with the results. I also placed two orders of unlimited prints with Shutterfly this afternoon. They're usually pretty prompt in coming. You can only order 200 photos at a time. So I have some more orders to get ready yet.

This afternoon I raked up two environmental bags full of leaves. I also trimmed the lillies down. I still have a ton of work to do in the garden but a little bit each day helps. That's my philosophy for all household chores.

Have a wonderful evening everyone!
I’m glad that things are going as well as they are for your DN and that she has a positive attitude. Very, very sad.

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Re: Daily Check In October 16, 2019

Post by clemencia2us »

What a day . Nothing went as planned

I never got to vent and i am very tired.

As Penny posted - we had thunderstorms last night. Lots of lightning and loud thunder. My youngest biggest pup is so afraid. She shivered and shook all night. I kept trying to hug her and comfort her. We might have fallen asleep at 6 or so. Got up at 7

Looking forward to breakfast and chat with the others about the weekend activities. Well there were two others there - guys - that were eating also. My sibling insisted we all sit together. I'm thinking - maybe they have things to discuss privately. Nope. Railroaded us all together. Two or three of us didns't want to - but you cant say no. So i was stuck at the end of the table across from people i didn't know. The others were at the other end chatting away. Wah.

I tried to sleep this afternoon. Nope. Have to get a stray pup ready to go to the vet tomorrow. Another story.

And this evening's activity was going to be delayed. I thought oh - 30-45 minutes or so. Nope an hour later - host has still not left the big city. She should have just canceled. I can see her going ga-ga over shopping and eating. So guess i wil stay here and read.

Tomorrow should be a better day

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Re: Daily Check In October 16, 2019

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I just watched the season three finale of a Homeland. Downer to say the least.

I put in two Rx at Publix today and will pick them up tomorrow. For one I used my part D. For the other (generic form of Xanax) the cost with part D would be $45. High for a generic I thought. So I asked the pharmacist if Medicare recipients were allowed to use GoodRx and not put it through Medicare. She said Yes. (Researching myself online I was pretty sure that was the case but wanted to doublecheck.) So the cost will be $16 instead, close to what I was paying through the Blue Cross ACA. I don’t take the Xanax regularly but like to keep it on hand to calm me down in these very troubled times.

Our “ cold front” will not arrive until Friday. Then it will only bring the high down to 82 F. I’m so sick of this muggy weather.

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Re: Daily Check In October 16, 2019

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rinty wrote:
Wed Oct 16, 2019 3:57 pm
Well thanks for the explanation of how some of your food banks work. IMO that leaves them open to a lot of abuse and opportunism and I wouldn't be donating to any of them . One food bank organisation here had a little advertising campaign with comments from and about their users.

One woman was fed up with the food provided and wanted restaurant vouchers instead and another was how they supported someone who went " home" 4 months of the year and had to "wait for my benefits " when he returned. Hence they provided all his needs.

I am not making this up. And no , I no longer support that organisation either. Theres plenty of actual need in this country and they get my hard earned cash.

We have plenty of people in need here as well. We also have people who fall through the cracks because of ten dollars here and there in income. People who for whatever reason are afraid of the " system". Sometimes with reason. Often with reason. People who.dont live near towns but way out in the country. And people who are ashamed to be seen asking for help. And of course our governments handle this differently in terms of funding and attitude I expect. After all part of Bush's the firsts campaign was that churches take over feeding the poor and needy and relieve the government of that responsibility. A thousand lights and all that.

So we have a different system in many if not most churches. Especially the Episcopals and others similar. Help without question or judgement. Like Christ would do and so on and so forth and so on

I will say that when my husband walked out and left me with an infant a lifetime ago the latter Day Saints and the Adventists were the most kind and helpful to me.

We allow homeless families to sleep in my very wealthy suburban church as well.... as I say, different system from the government on down

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