Do you believe the DNA/spit test ancestry products?

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Re: Do you believe the DNA/spit test ancestry products?

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As more DNA test are done and the pool gets larger the results will become more refined. This is a good thing.

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Re: Do you believe the DNA/spit test ancestry products?

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The first DNA test my eldest took was the National Geographic Genome Project. That was a cheek swab and not spit. That one showed the way my family migrated from Africa to modern times. I found that one extremely interesting as a branch of the family at one time left the main and traveled through Asia and China.

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Re: Do you believe the DNA/spit test ancestry products?

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My mom was a “go by the books” kind of genealogist. From her research, that I was reading when I was 19, she had figured out that she, therefore me, was related to most of the kings and queens of England and Switzerland from the 1100s to the 1600s, in someway or another. The only one whose name I remember was Arthur, you know Arthur of the round table and his good buddy Merlin. Mom said she wasn’t sure, but she kind of felt like that was mythical not real, but that she was definitely going to ask around when she got to heaven. 😁
I love, and it is my go to resource for family history. Through I’ve learned I’m related to 4 of the men who came to US on the Mayflower, not just the 2 previously known.

I’ve been digging in Dh’s side too, one of his paternal grandmothers was a Cherokee Princess (family lore says the “last one”), dfil definitely looked it.

I’ve also helped with the transcribing, its almost easy once you get the hang of it.
The head genealogists for are stringent—each piece of a record must be transcribed by 3 different people, then the those 3 are looked are looked at by 2-3 more people before the record gets sent to the top people who approve the transcription, and add it to the general information pool. (My paraphrased description as I cannot remember the official descriptions.)

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