Oct 27, 2019 Daily check-in

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Oct 27, 2019 Daily check-in

Post by gaylejackson2 »

Dh woke me up when he closed the window, which made me realize that my knees were up and my body was aching. I’m out in the kitchen to eat yogurt to coat my stomach before I take my big does each of Tylenol & Advil.

Our wifi is acting soo sluggish thatI may switch over to cellular for remainder of night. I suspect our modem is the problem, but I don't want to have to buy a new one just now. Or it could be the wind. I just restarted the modem.

Yesterday, I exhausted my body my walking around two stores, then helping ds16 reorganize more stuff in the basement for 3 hours until I hurt SO BAD that I wanted to cry, But we got All of the clothes sorted through (kept about 1/3), and that was the most of the chore. I went upstairs at 2:30pm and laud on my bed w/ feet elevated until bedtime.

Dh bought bookcase kits yesterday so big boys put those together, and have hopefully started loafing books from boxes into them. My girls kept bringing books to ask if I wanted them.

The wind is blowing, and its supposed to snow tomorrow (today), then snow again on Tuesday & Wednesday. Cold temps are coming too, Sunday-Friday the daytime highs will be 31*F through 22*F with nighttime lows being 20*F to 2*F. BRRRR!!! Dh & big boys “swept” the chimney (wood-stove pipe) yesterday. Now we just need to reclean off the woodstove, clean non-wood out of woodbox, and refill said woodbox, then we’ll be ready for these cold days & nights. 🥶🥶🥶 I’m cold just thinking about it... also because I cannot stand the thought of jeans near my abdominal scar or swollen belly... I may have to buy mens thick sweatpants to wear until my body heals good again.

I’m off to take my meds, and hopefully get warm again enough to sleep more. At least the otc pain relievers will help my aching hip.

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Re: Oct 27, 2019 Daily check-in

Post by Dgflorida »

My thoughts and prayers to you, Gayle. I hope you begin to heal quickly and have less pain.

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Re: Oct 27, 2019 Daily check-in

Post by Dgflorida »

Good Sunday morning all,

The sun is not yet up. After one day of fall weather, summertime has mostly returned here. Heat index values hover around 100F at the height of the afternoon making it hard to work outside for any length of time. And summer rains are back most days. Still, the sun is winter weak, so most days, the ac does not kick on saving $$$$. And thanks to regular rains, no watering from the well, saving money. My rain barrels are covering the watering. But the winter birds are here and eating up the bugs, so few mosquitoes to deal with.

Today is grocery store day. Winn Dixie has good bargains this weekend on things I want. I need more bleach(half price) to finish cleaning the patios. And beef and onions on sale. Also turkey breasts, but I really have enough right now and whole turkey sales are only 3 weeks away. I have my $10 gift card for Publix and I will use it to buy a whole turkey in 3 weeks. Of course, my kitchen will not be finished yet, so it will have to go into the freezer whole.

Today, I will finish making room in the living room for my new cabinets which are due to arrive tomorrow. I don't know how much room they will take, but I estimate not that much since I am only doing the lower area and there will only be 3 actual cabinets since the area under the sink and stove will be open for the wheelchair. Small house, small kitchen. Well, tomorrow will be educational.

Today, I am grateful for my garden. Watching things grow makes me happy. They say planting things means you still believe in the future. Have a good day everyone.

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Re: Oct 27, 2019 Daily check-in

Post by Mrscreative »

Good morning everyone,

Gayle I am so sorry that your healing process is taking so long and that you’re still in so much pain. Healing prayers are sent your way.

We still haven’t had much feedback regarding Dniece but continue to be hopeful and positive. We received some photos of her from a recent family luncheon and she looks fantastic. At least she’s no longer in pain. She hasn’t yet started chemo therapy. I thought she had. I guess they’re seeing how she responds to this medication first. The sis-in-law who thought Dh and I were being so selfish going on our cruise is at least being rational now. We had a telephone conversation upon our return home.

This morning I plan to go jogging with Dh. Just 2.1 miles. Hopefully I can finish no matter how slow. It’s been so long since I last run but I finally feel well. Getting our 6 month gym membership soon. Pretty frosty out there in the early morning with a layer of frost on the sidewalks.

Yesterday I went to our farmers market and picked up some local cheese and the local veggies still available- Black Russian kale, spaghetti squash and butternut squash. Also some greenhouse mini cukes and grape tomatoes. I ran into so many people I know so it was lots of fun! Then I picked up the remainder of my groceries from Superstore, accumulating more Optimum Points of course. Also stopped at Bulk Barn for more walnuts and cocoa nibs and used the 20% off coupon.

It’s supposed to be a very nice day today so will take advantage of that and spend some time outdoors. Dh and I are thinking of going for a hike this afternoon.


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Re: Oct 27, 2019 Daily check-in

Post by LWolfT »

Good morning ...

Looks like the rain is finally moving off. It rained buckets yesterday. It also looks like it will be a fairly mild week; temps won't go below freezing until Friday now. (That's good, because I want to overwinter some flowers, and need to find a place for them.)

Off to a college basketball game last night. Fortunately, the rain let up so we didn't drown walking to and from the car. (Parking is a challenge in the area; we usually end up parking several blocks away.)

Today, need to get milk and a few other things we're getting low on. Need to deal with mount washmore and dishmore, too

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Re: Oct 27, 2019 Daily check-in

Post by LogicsHere »

Good morning all.

Quiet day planned for today . . . it's been raining since early morning and not forecasted to end until around 6P tonight.

Did my meal planning for the month of November and the few days in December before I leave for Florida. Right now I'm trying to straighten my computer area . . . it's not as bad as it sometimes can get,but I'm trying to find a better way of organizing it.

Started by Plan B for exercise now that the weather has changed and walking on a regular basis is becoming difficult. I bought a small cd/radio combo and will put in my Ultimate Dance Party cd and dance around the apartment.

Thinking about breakfast . . . toast and a fried egg sounds good about now. I will be having a frozen entree that I already have in the freezer and a salad for tonight.

Well going to get started on clearing off my dining room table and see if I can come up with an efficient system. Right now, table top always seems cluttered . . . would like to be able to keep it relatively clean from "things".

Have a wonderful day.

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